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  1. Difficult I ordered the hub and the organik in the speakers the hub came about three weeks before Organik and using with Katalyst speakers the difference was extraordinary hearing so much more of the music instruments I hadn’t heard before in pieces i thought I knew very well when the organik boards arrived for the 350 there was a further improvement but not to the same level Listen to the speakers and organik with 2016 Kilmax not the same improvement as with the hub awaiting the return of the latest spec Klimac from Linn to make final evaluation
  2. I thought the hub was more of an improvement than the organik 75% to 25% whatever that means but hope you can get the jist
  3. Had a listen to two identical turntables one with Karousel and the other with circus he then had his upgraded and also had dynamic upgrade both he felt made significant improvements on his turntable
  4. Just listened with new KDSM and organik 350s I haven’t heard this record before (only on my old kds) its a revelation
  5. Jon at rip caster is using rel with Linn systems and rates having integrated well with Linn get the impression svs is more for cinema but I haven’t heard
  6. I have emailed them currently no way to know there was a review of this in latest absolute sounds From Steve Hofmann site Bruce Springsteen All analog Springsteen albums. Bruce Springsteen Album Collection Vol. 1 1973 to 1984 Boxset (5 of the albums) Bruce Springsteen Unplugged Springsteen "The Promise" box set title cut, Racing in the Streets demo. Live At The Capitol Theater 1978 Live 2/8/77 Auditorium Theater Rochester, NewYork 1977 Albany Nassau Coliseum, Agora Theatre, meadowlands on Nugs.net Chapter and Verse Others Neil Young archive vol2 live at the riverboat Neil Young Archives vol 1 (1963-1972) Tim Buckley Live at the Folklore Cebter Woody Guthrie "The Livewire" Doc Watson Sugar Hill Anthology Doc Watson Never The Same Way Once Joan Baez "the Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" LP Country Joe and the Fish "Feel Like I'm Fixin To Dis" LP Allman Bros Fillmore East Feb 1970 (all Formats) (Owsley Foundation Release not the original GD release) Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady Before We Were Them (Hot Tuna Santa Rosa 6/28/69) Doors Waiting For The Sun 50th Anniversary Doors Soft Parade 50th Anniversary Aretha Franklin Atlantic Singles Mono Erroll Garner Concert By The Sea Eroll Garner Musician Dire Straits Love Over Gold New Riders Of The Purple Sage Dawn of The New Riders of The Purple Sage Boxset Association And Then Along Comes (2017 version not 2005 version) on HD Tracks Association Renaissance on HD Tracks Jerry Garcia Let It Rock 11/17, 18/75 Marcel Dupre The Mercury Living Presence Recordings Queen Hammersmith, Budapest, Knebworth concert DVDs. Rolling Stones Charlie Is My Darling Sountrack Grateful Dead All studio albums (except Built To Last) on HD Tracks All GD 45 RPM 50th anniversary single releases (except possibly vol 1 and vol 2) All 50th Anniversary CD releases (studio material only) to date (Grateful Dead, Anthem Of The Sun Aomoxoa) Working Mans Dead 5oth Anniversary CD Release (studio and live material) Planned release in July 2020 Daves Picks 30 1/2/70 (possibly the 1/3/70 bonus disc as well) Europe '72: The Complete Recordings– and subsequent compilation and single shows Sunshine Daydream Winterland 1973: The Complete Recordings Pacific Northwest 73-74 The Complete Recordings CD Boxset (as well the Portland 5/19/1974 show on vinyl) Giants Stadium 1987,1989,1991 CD Boxset (as well as Saint Of Circumstance Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 6/17/1991 on Vinyl) June 1976 CD Boxset Live At The Cow Palace New Years Eve 1976 (CD and Vinyl) May 1977 CD Boxset May 1977 Get Shown The Light CD Boxset (as well as Cornell 5/8/1977 on Vinyl) Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings July 78: The Complete Recordings CD Boxset Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978 CD Boxset Giants Stadium 1987,1989,1991 CD Boxset (as well as Saint Of Circumstance Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 6/17/1991 on Vinyl) 30 Trips Around the Sun: The Definitive Live Story 1965–1995 – partially, for the non-cassette and non-DAT tape shows – and subsequent compilation partially Fillmore East 2/27/69 Vinyl Fillmore East 2/28/69 Vinyl Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA 11/10/1967 Vinyl Steal Your Face Vinyl (2018 Remaster) Capitol Theater Passaic, NJ 4/25/77 Vinyl Smiling On A Cloudy Day
  7. This is very interesting Qobuz has a number of streamed Albums that have been mastered using this technique and very fine they sound too essentially this technique removes flutter and wow a high signal audio is mixed onto the tape and then Plangent then analyses the variation and corrects for these such as caused by stretching of the tape this was done for Greatful dead American beauty 50th anniversary edition much clearer than the previous remaster
  8. Have Melco and been very pleased and was an improvement on a NAS
  9. Would be interesting to hear benefits of upgrading 350s with Organik whilst using akurate hub so hurry up and upgrade Nikola
  10. I am sorry but the manual says the optical connects to the network player
  11. Yes have the switch S100 currently run a optical cable into Melco from the internet then from Melco to NGDSM with a cord cable
  12. Now Chris Rea Daytona had to jump out of the way thought the car was going to hit me
  13. Enjoying latest Hi-Fi news and listening to the tracks the reviewers use to assess new equipment Eric Satie Socrate Hannigans voice is sublime
  14. Is it possible to allocate a pin to turn HDMI off
  15. I thought the same tried optical Ethernet from my Melco switch and the normal Ethernet into the new KDSM and the normal was noticeably better the whole thing gets more and more confusing was hoping to sell off my chord cable so bias towards optical but no such luck
  16. Such great news hope you didn’t have to pay in the end as I believe the problem occurred before the end of warranty unfortunately such a lovely day here if it is the same over your side of the pond you probably want to be out and about enjoy
  17. Yes I did for a while into my Hugo for headphone listening and also for songkorder recordings but this is no longer necessary
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