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  1. Never trust an atom. They make up everything.
  2. My wife would most certainly agree Tony. 😬
  3. My wife would most certainly agree Tony. 😬
  4. I hired a Russian chauffeur the other day. His name was Pikup Andropov.
  5. Just serving my apprenticeship, Master.
  6. Stereo types. I suppose that sums up all of us on here.
  7. The last time i opened my wallet David Attenborough made a film about the wildlife that flew out. He filmed several species previously thought extinct.
  8. Well I’ve just bought a flat cap, a tin of mint and mushy peas, a subscription to whippet racing news, and if I knew what an ecky was I’d thump it. I’m getting there.
  9. Dammit, I knew I’d stoop to Maverick level one day.
  10. I just found out they won't be making 12 inch rulers any longer.
  11. Hi Jonty Mine are 40cm by 30cm, I got them from a local kitchen shop for £16 from memory. 30 x30 would fit, just not look as nice. I have original Swingbases as Paul K hadn’t started making them when I bought mine - and they were on offer from Elite if bought at the same time as the speakers. Still a crazy amount of money though for four metal towers, some wire and a couple of ball bearings.
  12. Hi Jonty, I can’t see it making a difference. Obviously you don’t need them if you have a hard floor. It’s only a very small difference in height, can’t see that making a difference either. It’s just that the Swingbase don’t work properly when directly on carpet.
  13. Sorry to hear that as my wife likes them - they are smaller than the Spendors I had previously which met with her approval. Sound is several leagues higher so size doesn’t always matter😬