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  1. I dunno. Listening to chopping boards is a little eccentric -even for me, though SWMBO might disagree.
  2. Yeh, my two black marble chopping boards cost£16 and look great.
  3. That’s a bit scary. Think I’ll keep my W8 - they get better with time anyway.
  4. Not sure they can swim the Channel either Bazzer. Just changed my flight to a random weekend in September so that I didn’t lose the whole cost.
  5. Friday curry people, I will cancel the booking. Now the fight with my airline begins! see you all eventually I hope.
  6. Thank you, but I’d suggest a trip to Specsavers is on the cards.
  7. Hi Julian, i was 11 when it was released and I’m now a pensioner.
  8. Blimey, I think the last time I saw Cliff singing was taking my Mum to see Summer Holiday!
  9. I’m packed and ready for the plane on Friday. Only gear though is a couple of valves for the bring and buy!
  10. That’s fine Tony. If Ken is coming that’s six people but I can always book more places.
  11. Table for six booked for 8pm. Colin/Greybeard - will Ken the Butcher be coming with you this year?
  12. Great Tony, will book a table for six in case we pick up any waifs and strays or loose women. 8pm OK with you and the Cornish contingent? It’s possible I will be in the bar at Yew Lodge prior to this, so see you there. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  13. Hello chaps, I can’t make the Sunday night curry as my flight leaves on Sunday but I will be arriving on Friday, the airline have brought my flight forward so will be there by lunchtime I hope. I know a few of us have gone to the curry house on the Friday too. Anyone want to repeat that? Alternatively there is a pub that serves food - Red Lion from memory. I am staying at the Yew Lodge again. Richard
  14. I’m beginning to understand what is going on but I can hear a difference. I first hit the phase button on the remote by accident and had no idea what I’d done but could hear that one way it seemed easier to listen to. Hard to explain - not particularly better but more “correct/natural” - less fatiguing perhaps. Can I put my question another way. Why did Dan Wright design a phase switch into the pre-amp in the first place? What is it supposed to do? The manual does not give much of a clue. Thanks chaps for taking the time to reply. Richard