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  1. Still listening to this. Addictive for a track I wrote, played, produced, mixed and mastered.
  2. Mono is great. Music nowadays would be so much better if we stayed with mono. Mono requires far better arrangements, where in stereo you can just pan things out.
  3. Proud to share my newly released track with you all. It's going on Spotify, Tidal, etc. later in the week so please let me know if you have any feedback
  4. With the amount of effort that goes to Amit contributions I often wonder if he even has time to listen to... music that is, not pink noise and sine waves.
  5. All sound advice. Pun intended. But are you sure divorce and full acoustic treatment wouldn't be better?
  6. Next up, awaiting a release of a long play. I've been obsessing over this song since I first heard it a couple of days ago. Silk Sonic with Leave the Door Open. If the rest of the album is as good as this single I can't see a better album coming out soon. Absolute masterclass in composition and production. It's cheesy, it's smokey, it's hot. It's what we all needed a little bit of 70's. Love it!!!!!!! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adLGHcj_fmA&ab_channel=BrunoMars
  7. One from earlier this year that I missed. Back from late January. New release from Steven Wilson "The Future Bites". Must admit I prefer his previous album but this is still very good.
  8. So it came out and is as good as expected. Early candidate for an album of the year. What did you think?
  9. Something completely different. My new release if you fancy a little Jazz. Please share your thoughts on sound quality
  10. Proud to share my new track with all of you. Working on this helped me recover from Covid.
  11. That is correct, your memory is spot on. It was a treated bedroom and Ras filled in some more gaps there already in his reply. Including my listening levels At my place they were setup in a 6ft triangle and sounded glorious. Admittedly fully treated room with carefully controlled reverberation down to 150Hz. Can't say I've heard another floor stander which can sound this cohesive at such small listening distance. Also worth noting this was on a suspended floor using isolation platforms that did wonders to the sound. If only I had the funds I'd jump on chance of having them again.
  12. These used to be mine. I miss them a lot. Insane overall fidelity, bass definition and coherence even at small listening distances. GLWTS @ramsden
  13. Cost of repairs and environmental impact, aside. Anything that tackles throw away culture is very welcome. It trickled down to other parts of life so that people don't even consider anymore that things can be fixed. Be it objects, relationships, or personality traits.
  14. Sorry, I didn't make my point very well. Yes, it would improve the sound quality on a record like "Death Magnetic" because that record was ruined by the very thing we're discussing. My point was in relation to compression when applied to a whole mix was that easing off is not necessarily a given that the sound quality would improve. It could impact a number of things. These things are interlinked and it's hard to judge mastering not knowing what it sounded like before. All needs to be taken in context. At the end of the day it's hard to blame mastering engineers or anyone else other than the client for this. Be it producer, label exec or an artist. In case of Death Magnetic I can see it being choice of no other than Rick Rubin. He's a legend so if he tells you to push your maximizer until it clips you do it. Btw, if anyone is interested to listen to unmastered material my SoundCloud is full of it. Link in the signature. All mixes done by me, be it of my own songs or other artists. You can even find different versions of the same mix. And to add to that my most recent release is the quietest
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