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  1. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm impressed how things progressed. I've used 2x4HD and then went up to DRC-DA8. That was a few years back. The new, at least to me, SHD looks a very interesting unit.
  2. I have a mate who's looking for a pre. If Dan wouldn't mind.
  3. Thanks for that. Enjoyed it. Not as strong as his other albums but still decent. What were your thoughts?
  4. Flor de Cana 4 year old over here and earlier Captain Morgans
  5. Over here feels like at sea. So much rum... and everything is rocking Thanks for that. No copyright issues, as once recorded, publishing my own work. Will probably publish to most services via someone like DistroKid. But happy to listen to feedback
  6. Yes, it will. I got mine from ideal AV but bought 2x4HD direct. Considering what they charge it really won't be that much extra.
  7. insider9


    Key is not to care what comes out
  8. insider9


    Done it myself last week.
  9. What glasses do you guys use? I moved recently and realised I've not packed my tumblers stuck in a house and needed a quick delivery. Prime Now came to rescue and got stemless sniffer glasses. Rather lovely drinking from them.
  10. How much experience putting system together have you got? Have you meddled with components for long? It is a big amount of money for what seems a little return. It may be that you have a preference to a certain kind of sound. It doesn't necessarily mean yours is worse. Experiment and listen to as much as you can then spend money.
  11. She would do just fine in a three way
  12. Same as Brystonian I used anything mono I fancy at the time. Lots of records particularly Jazz.
  13. Funny you should say that we have a cleaner called Helen at our HQ. She's classically trained musician and plays double bass. Lovely person and her cleaning job is a small part of her income.
  14. I'm sorry but it may not be a common view. All roles in a business/society are equally important. It's lovely to have a dig at managers but they have a role to play as much as any other position. As long as all roles are aligned to achieve a specific goal we're good. You can't have effective businesses without managers as much you can't have effective businesses without other roles. If this crisis will teach us anything is that we are all important. Yes, NHS are risking their lives to help other. Just as much as bus and taxi drivers taking them to work and farmers making food to feed us all and delivery drivers dropping off our food shopping. Remuneration is entirely different matter which I don't want to go into.
  15. We're still being lied to but that should not be a surprise
  16. No, it was just wishful thinking 😂
  17. Like it but it looks like a face not a fanny 😑
  18. Over 3 days to go... cant wait that long 😂