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  1. Great speaker stands and they look like Atacama and are very heavy
  2. I believe I have I narrowed it down to Mark Levinson, Pass Labs INT60, Audionet WATT and potentially the Analog Domain. I will just see what deals are available and would be interested if anyone has auditioned any of these against each other. Thanks again and it is very much appreciated
  3. Thank you again and I have already been looking at the integrated amplifiers from Audionet and also the Ypsilon Phaethon. Great views on both makes and if bought second hand quite reasonable. The Analog Domain also appears to compare very favourably being very quiet and powerful with great detail.
  4. I have been hugely impressed with the Vinnie Rossi and it has more than lived up to its reputation and thought about getting a second one. I like detail, transparency and the soundstage the amplifier creates. I have just noticed an Analog Domain amplifier in classifieds and it has wonderful reviews and seems to offer the power and the transparency coupled with detail. The Focal Utopia Diablo 3 is at 89db. Thanks again for al o your suggestions nd I have been reading around Accuphase, Luxman, Hegel etc and all are very impressive.
  5. Anyone try the Gryphon Diablo 300 against the Pass Labs? The Gryphon has a good reputation and excellent reviews.
  6. I now use Accuphase. I seriously suggest you audition perhaps an E280, 380, or even one of the class A versions Thanks for the recommendation and will consider the Accuphase, VTL and the Pass Labs. What is amazing is I have tried several other dealers and they have not replied to emails or got back to me, so their loss and at the moment Elite’s gain (they always return my calls and have been helpful in telling me what not to get as much as what to try). The office system runs for hours at a time, so running hot is not so much of an issue as it is well ventilated and it is for my desktop l
  7. Thanks for the feedback and this is not my main system, but for my office. I suffer from tinnitus, so I listen to music which really helps alleviate the ringing. The Sonneteer Orton has been excellent and I am going to demo the Mark Levinson and have previously had the Audia Flight which was very impressive FLS10. The speakers are the Focal Utopia 111 Diablo. I have considered the Pass Labs and the reproduction copies being sold in classifieds and understand they can run quite hot, but have a wonderful reputation. Elite have been very good and offered excellent trade in deals, which makes life
  8. I am thinking of upgrading and replacing my Sonneteer Orton mark 4 amplifier with either the Mark Levinson integrated (digital) or the Audia Flight FLS9. Near field listening and wide range of music via Tidal. Anyone demoed both? I had the Audia Flight 10 and was very impressed and have read some great reviews of the Mark Levinson. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. I like my Kef LS50 and use them in a similar size room and beef them up with a PV1 subwoofer. I would also consider the Triangle range, very transparent and I am also a fan of the Kensai Audiosmile speakers with super tweeters which should work well with your system.
  10. PM sent and I have now also sent you an email offering the full amount
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