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  1. I am currently blind testing several speaker cables and my own 12AWG with banana plugs has done surprisingly well. Given some of the cables cost hundreds and mine was a few quid.......I would recommend going for a relatively thick cable. Good luck
  2. Had the Gato 150 Anniversary and it is a great amplifier, especially at this price point. GLWTS
  3. Afternoon of blind listening by my daughters independently was very interesting. My own 12AWG cables fitted with banana plugs did reasonably well, but the consensus was the other cables offered slightly better clarity/definition. Is it worth the difference? Not for some people and questionable for me. I think really good pure copper 12AWG or better with really good bananas is probably enough for most people and systems.
  4. I agree and that is why I get my daughters to discern the difference. My DIY cables cost only a few pounds 12AWG copper and banana plugs against cables costing much more, as I said is the difference worth the money is a question for the individual, but there is definitely a difference.
  5. I have been trying various different speaker cables from my own made 12AWG to Analysis Plus to HiDiamond to Swiss cables and there is a difference (I blind test with my two children). I have just been recommended to LessLoss cables and has anyone tried them ? Whether the difference is worth the money is down to your subjective opinion. Thanks
  6. How old are the cables and for how long were they used before they were furloughed? Thanks
  7. I emailed Audia Flight and they replied in two hours, so I am impressed with their service. I would recommend emailing them using their webpage details.
  8. I have the FLS10 and have been very impressed so far. It has replaced my Gato150, which is a very good amp for the money. The FLS offers greater depth and more detail, but the 150 gives it a close run. Thanks for the recommendation......
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice and definitely need to try before I buy, so next time you are on your way to Wimbledon please let me know, as I am just in Fulham. Thanks again
  10. I have been wondering whether it is worth getting a power conditioner or spend a little bit more for a regenerator? Does anyone use either and any thoughts? My system is Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary speakers with Gato150 integrated and a Mytek Brooklyn bridge DAC streamer and Tidal Hi res source. Any input would be welcome (I live in SW London and everything is fed off a standard extension cord straight from the mains). Thanks
  11. I run Gato 150 into Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversay and the Gato is fed by the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and Tidal. Great soundstage and holographic with a good source.
  12. Wow, that is incredibly kind and thank you I would be delighted to take you up on the offer. I will pay the £80 asked. Thank you both very much
  13. B@ll@cks, this is exactly what I have been looking for.....but I am based in London.....Damn and double damn.......