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  1. Thought of using one, but no space at the moment. You may need to adjust on price https://www.richersounds.com/rel-t5i-black.html
  2. I had one of these Mytek Brooklyn DACS and it is a great piece of kit, so GLWTS
  3. Is this still available and I have the Ares with power upgrade, so is there a noticeable difference (I stream Tidal)? Thanks James
  4. There is more 'air' to the 150 and nuance. Given the price and an appropriate DAC you should expect greater detail.
  5. I liked the 150 and would have no hesitation recommending it. The reason I kept the 400 was for ease of use, as it is used in the kitchen/dining room and I did not want a large box count. If you ask me the the difference in sound is down to 'purity', as the 150 sounded even more transparent (I then went to an Audia Flight, which is fantastic) and I ran a test between the two disregarding the internal DAC (but this is subjective and down to my ears (no blind test)). Both are great amplifiers, so I hope this helps.
  6. I had asked for the Aqua La Scala but they sent me the Formula instead…..then when I had the La Scala could not live with the difference, so moved back to the Formula….incredible DAC and works well in my system (originally with the Vinnie Rossi and now with the Analog Domain Isis) and Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary. GREAT DACs!
  7. I think it really depends upon the recording and then the speakers they are paired with. I am using Tidal and the built in DAC with HiDiamond speaker cables running to Wilson Benesch Discovery speakers and most importantly of course room acoustics. Really need a detailed multivariate analysis…..but in reality trial and error. In fairness this is my third system placed in the kitchen dining area where the acoustics are harsh due to hard coverings, so it is unfair. In summary i like it very much and when placed on my main system (Aqua Formula DAC and Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary) in my living room there is a very different sound…
  8. I have the Verity Parsifal Anniversary- stunning speakers. GLWTS
  9. Great speakers and I am impressed with my Focal Utopias, if only I had space….GLWTS
  10. Aikidoka


    These must be wonderful speakers, as I had the Manfred edition Codex which were sublime. GLWTS
  11. I have a pair of these and waited several years to find them and they are worth the wait. GLWTS
  12. Had the 250 and now run the 400s and these Gato amplifiers are superb. GLWTS
  13. I have one and it is superb and at a great price. GLWTS
  14. If you are doing a bake off I would be interested in hearing my Formula against the others (Mola Mola etc). Best
  15. It would be great to compare Formula v Mola Mola v Holo Audio May v Lapi GG…..I can supply the Formula….
  16. I have just upgraded from the La Scala to the Formula and it is a very worthy upgrade, superb resolution and soundstage. In actual fact the integrated DAC in the Vinnie Rossi I would put ahead of the La Scala Optologic. Initially, I was sceptical on the difference a DAC can make and now I am convinced, whether the price upgrade is worth the greater resolution and soundstage is down to personal circumstances. I just know the Formula HD with the Analog Domain and Verity AE Parsifal works incredibly well for me and you are welcome to come and listen whenever in SW6. Good luck James
  17. Have a bump on me, great amplifier at a great price and I had one then moved to the 400s. GLWTS
  18. Thanks for the message and in actual fact I put the Vinnie Rossi up against the Analog Domain Isis 2 and within a short space of time I immediately put the Analog Domain into the main system. I have the Vinnie Rossi in my second system, because it is a fantastic amplifier and the DAC held its own (I have since upgraded to the Aqua Formula, which has far greater resolution and staging). With the Vinnie Rossi I agree the preamplifier is wonderful and the DAC is excellent and I did not try tube rolling. In my second system it is on for several hours and the tubes can do their magic. Whenever you are down this way you are welcome to listen to both amplifiers to see the difference.
  19. Aikidoka


    Is anyone listening to DSD and where do you find it? I have Tidal and have just watched the PSaudio lecture on DSD, which is interesting. Thanks for any insight
  20. For those who want a review of this wonderful amplifier https://www.monoandstereo.com/2016/04/gryphon-diablo-300-integrated-amplifier.html
  21. Hell, I was looking for one of these with the DAC, but just bought the Analog Domain Isis 2 and would love to hear these two in comparison. Good luck with the sale.
  22. The Isis 2 won the Editors award https://www.monoandstereo.com/p/awards.html and the review is here https://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/04/analog-domain-m75d-mkii-integrated.html A review of the Mark 1 is here https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/analog-domain-the-isis-m75d-integrated-amplifier/ Just in case anyone else is ever interested ...
  23. The reviews are great and does it come with remote? https://www.tonepublications.com/review/the-dcs-bartok-dac/ Thanks
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