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  1. My current system is the best. Have never taken a backward or sideways step.
  2. Tidal had become uncompetitive and I believe their top tier still is. There is no shortage of 24Bit 96-192kHz albums on Qobuz at lower cost.
  3. I am sceptical as to what the £20 tier will offer over the £10 16 Bit 44kHz tier. MQA seems to be smoke and mirrors. Might consider adding the £10 tier to my Qobuz subscription to fill in some gaps.
  4. Fits me in part. Age is four years out, listening time about right since I have been retired. Have two sources but only stream now as I find it the superior source and don't have a CD player. Amplification is AB.
  5. The difference between 44 kHz 16 Bit and YT/MP3/Spotify on my main system is night and day. I can also detect that CD quality is slightly better on a Bluetooth speaker and low cost ear buds.
  6. This to a large extent mirrors my experience. I bought my first system as a uni student in 1979. This was the decade of classic rock and many other students who were into the same music did likewise. There was far less in the way of technological entertainment alternatives in those days. There was a joke going round about hifi systems being likened to penes extensions as status symbols. When we down sized house six years ago a detached was a major consideration as I knew it would significantly increase my enjoyment of music in the home. It certainly has and since retiring four years ago I have had a lot more time to listen. It is only since being in a detached house with no volume restrictions that I have considered it worthwhile to invest in what can be considered high end equipment. The components have been carefully chosen based on advice from people whose opinions I respect on forums prior to home trials. I have gone down the streaming path as I dont think it can be bettered for SQ as well as VFM. My Qobuz subscription is pittance to what I used to spend on CDs and SQ is excellent, better than my ripped CDs on most occasions because of superior remastering.
  7. I think it is quite significant that a third of the 215 respondents have digital only set ups. I see it as a reflection of SQ advances as well as convenience and cost.
  8. The situation has been accurately summed up. Times have changed and technology has advanced. The cold fact is that convenience is far, far more important to young people today than SQ and there is very little interest in listening to an album in full. The only glint of light I can see is the popularity of headphones, some of quality. They are two channel and in time some of the young people who have bought decent sets might wish to replicate the experience through a pair of speakers.
  9. Through a decent DAC and streamer You Tube and Spotify do not compare with Qobuz or Tidal for SQ.
  10. I stream all the time and don't think it can be beaten for SQ. However, my streaming source is far from cheap. That said, it is not costly compared to a top quality TT, arm, cartridge, phono stage, not to mention the cost of vinyl, unlimited choice of music and convenience of controlling everything from my phone. High res streaming is an emerging science and there have been a lot of developments in recent years which I believe I have kept pace with while achieving VFM. As has been said the master is all important and some of the recent ones are very good. Qobuz is usually superior to my ripped CDs. The result of this census reflects that of the age profile one. I suspect most invested heavily in vinyl in the 80s and have kept on the same path, while finding streaming more convenient.
  11. This is something I have noticed on the Chord users Facebook group. Some very expensive systems which do not include amps and speakers.
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