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  1. The Who, Nick Mason, Fish and Magnum. Nick Mason is the first rescheduling in October which is too soon. I would not want to be in any crouds until there is a vaccine.
  2. That is the one I have. I would not have considered more than eight ports.
  3. His reviews need to be taken with a latge pinch of salt and in respect of the digital path I believe they are irrelevant because what is happening cannot be measured by his equipment. I go on the evedence of my ears and the Cisco 2960G has made a significant difference. For the £56 I paid it was a steal.
  4. I picked up a Cisco 2960G 8 port switch for £56 inc pp on eBay and could not be more pleased. It has brought about a significant improvement in terms of seperation and overall musicality. A very cheap significant upgrade.
  5. I sold mine to second hand shops. I found one away from the centre of town who paid me more than those in town. The most well known one was the most stingy and sold on for the highest prices.
  6. Each to their own and what ever floats your boat, but I sometimes wonder if those committed to vinyl have ever heard a quality streaming set up.
  7. Streaming took over for me five years ago. I have kept my TT and records although I do not play much vinyl. Sold my CD player and CDs which were taking up a lot of space. For me the move to hi res streaming was a no brainer.
  8. I had the email and took up the offer. My 120 day Black Friday Tidal subscription expires next month and I will cancel. Would have anyway because I think Qobuz has a slight edge on SQ although the catalogue is not quite as good. Will be interesting to see what Tidal comes up with in response. Amaon is a non starter for me because it is not compatable with other apps. Spotify Premium is less attractive because you do not have to pay much more for far better SQ. Will they be tempted to introduce lossless.
  9. Thanks Bazzer for the heads up. At £1.99 it was a no brainer, especially as there are gaps in the Qobuz catalogue, notably the earMusic label. I left Tidal 18 months ago and all of my favourites are still in place. Although SQ is very good, Qobuz has the edge to my ears. I first thought this was because BubbleUp could not accaee Tidal Masters, but the situation was the same when I compared 44 kHz 16 Bit against 44kHz 16 Bit. I find Tidal to be more forward with less well defined bass. I will not be quitting Qobuz and will not continue with Tidal after the 120 days.
  10. To my ears and on my system there is a big difference and that is all that matters.
  11. The final pargraph is spot on and reflects the marketing behind the Chord Mscaler. The article first came to my attention on the Chord Facebook page. As an Mscaler owner I am convinced that frequencies well above the limits of human hearing contribute to our enjoyment of music. However, I think this varies between different individuals and is dependent on the transparacy of the rest of the system. The Mscaler certainly took my system to another level, through these ears. The expansion of the sound stage was obvious, but there is more which is not so easy to put into words. It is probably best described as emotion. It is my. belief that so many prefer vinyl, along with all of its well documented short comings, because of the 44kHz cap on digital. Once this is lifted it is a different ball game and to my ears the higher the sample rate the better.
  12. An extension will be granted if an election or referendum is confirmed.
  13. UFO - Strangers in the night