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  1. I have the Topping E30. It sounds significantly better when ran through the NVA P20 pre amp than in pre amp mode. The difference is even greater with a quality power supply.
  2. ziggy

    USB Cables

    The only way I can effectively evaluate equipment is when connected to my system, in my listening room in a relaxed atmosphere with familiar music. This rules out quick fire a to b comparisons and blind testing which I see of little relevance. Initial impressions are important, but time is required to establish if an improvement is an improvement or a difference.
  3. I have had the Qutest for nearly four years and it is my end game DAC. On its own it is a good DAC, but it is capable of a lot more. I added the Mscaler nearly three years ago and this took it to a completely different level, as the small print in the Qutest manual says. The dual BNC input allows the maximum 765kHz upsampling. Power supplies also bring about significant improvements. I found the Sbooster to be a lot better than the MCRU. This is through my NVA amps speakers and analogue cables. When I auditioned the Mscaler through a Qutest at a dealer through a less transparant system I could not detect much difference.
  4. Can't see it happening. To be competitive Spotify would not be able to charge more than for their premium package and on the kit most of their subscribers use there would be hardly any difference.
  5. Should have included Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. His outstanding album.
  6. Physical Graffiti is my favourite album of all time. Big fan of Quadrephinia, The Wall and Lamb as well.
  7. Not surprised. If a product is any good and sensibly priced there is no need to resort to such sales tactics.
  8. We can hear a lot more than can be measured. A lot of what is posted on ASR is a joke, eg at vastly different price points the Mscaler and Audioquest Jitterbug. I have both and through a good enough set up the improvements are obvious. ASR measurements are also to a large extent meanigless in respect of speakers because of the all important effects of the room and furnishing. No measurement charts are provided for my NVA Cubes but they sound great in what I consider to be a fairly typical environment. Don't give a feck about how they measure.
  9. Another thumbs up for NVA. My amps speakers and cables are NVA in the second system as well as the first. Also have the BMU. Excellent sound, value for money and customer service. Was very pleased to see the company continue after the passing of Richard Dunn. Had the pre amp and mono blocks upgraded to the latest specifications at reasonable cost. Source components on the main system are also British, Chord Qutest and Mscaler. Through a transparant system the Mscaler is an exceptional piece of kit. The main system is enhanced by another British item, the Network Acoustics Eno ethernet filter. Again excellent customer service and communication.
  10. The only way to assess equipment is in your own system and listening room, playing music you are familiar with. Reviews are one persons opinion, very often clouded by agendas.
  11. This has gone on so long I can't see Spotify bringing in a CD quality tier. They will be aware that the vast majority of their subscribers would not be able to detect a difference on the devices they listen on. Their selling point is the interface and catalogue. Furthermore, with other platforms lowering prices a CD quality tier would need to be no more expensive than their premium tier.
  12. You will not have far to come and are welcome to have a listen when things are safer.
  13. NVA Cubes work well for me. They absolutely blew away 3.5K Spendor floor standers I have heard.
  14. ziggy

    Qobuz alert

    Has anyone else received a PM from someone who has just joined WAM trying to sell a cheap Qobuz package?
  15. I am another who ditched Tidal for Qobuz. This was some years ago after initially starting witjh Spotify. I found Qobuz sounded better and was put off by the smoke and mirrors surrounding MQA. The constant tecommendations of crap on Tidal were also off putting. The Qobuz catalogue has improved and gaps are filled by ripped CDs. All my listening is streamed and I have discovered many bands to my liking which I was not aware of, restoring my faith in modern music.
  16. My current system is the best. Have never taken a backward or sideways step.
  17. Tidal had become uncompetitive and I believe their top tier still is. There is no shortage of 24Bit 96-192kHz albums on Qobuz at lower cost.
  18. I am sceptical as to what the £20 tier will offer over the £10 16 Bit 44kHz tier. MQA seems to be smoke and mirrors. Might consider adding the £10 tier to my Qobuz subscription to fill in some gaps.
  19. Fits me in part. Age is four years out, listening time about right since I have been retired. Have two sources but only stream now as I find it the superior source and don't have a CD player. Amplification is AB.
  20. The difference between 44 kHz 16 Bit and YT/MP3/Spotify on my main system is night and day. I can also detect that CD quality is slightly better on a Bluetooth speaker and low cost ear buds.
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