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  1. I played files directly from the Pro-ject StreamBox S2 Ultra (connected via USB to a hard drive), and via Roon to the same Stream Box and could detect absolutely no difference whatsoever between the two. I did the same test using Qobuz (the streamer connects directly) and no difference also.
  2. I demoed the W8 with an SIA025 - it’s a perfect match, the two feel made for each other. Same with the W13 and W5 which I have tried it with. The SIA030 is even more impressive. At shows Sven used to run Trilogy amps - so no surprise that these sound excellent with Boenicke. I ended up driving my W5 with a Trilogy 925 integrated - a fabulous combo.
  3. I take Ethernet out of the router to a Cisco 2960 switch sited next to it, in a room away from any Hi-Fi. From there via an SFP input in the Cisco it takes optical to the ER. I have two systems employing an ER and was running the second system from a second local 2960 switch using the optical socket to deliver to the ER locally. However I have just bought a more recent Cisco 2960 C series switch (they are not much more than the old model) which has two optical inputs and replaces the old Cisco next to the router. So now I can connect both ERs directly back to this single Cisco via two length
  4. I have two systems with an EtherREGEN (ER). One system improved markedly with the ER. it improved particularly the bass resolution, and a pleasant softening of a little digital noise that was causing some grain which manifested itself in things such as sibilance. I was so impressed that I bought an ER for my other system which it also improved but not to the same degree, a more subtle change. I have not tried either ER with an LPS. Interestingly when I installed optical network fibre between each system's Cisco switch (the Cisco 2960 has one optical input) and the ER, the improvement wa
  5. I have tried three. This single mode SFP- https://www.fs.com/uk/products/48929.html This is what I am currently using. And this multi mode- https://www.fs.com/uk/products/22138.html which I tried with OM1 and OM4 cable. The two cables sounded the same. Your SFP is like this one, a multi mode SX. I also tried this multi mode SFP but it did not work with my EtherREGEN, which require 1000 mbps speed - https://www.fs.com/uk/products/23583.html I prefer the single-mode over the multi mode, a little more preciseness to the sound. Though I am not sure if this is the SFP, which is a l
  6. Yes I have, and surprisingly it does improve the sound. You do need a Cisco 2940 compatible SFP transceiver module at each end. I have heard people rolling their SFPs and getting changes in SQ, though I have not done this.
  7. I’d be interested in the effect of the Isoacoustic Orea. I have had great success putting my dac on a Townshend seismic platform. You can hear the improvement clearly.
  8. Congratulations Greg! One of the finest speakers in the world.
  9. No you can’t bypass the active bass. The W11 is a passive version of what I think is the same body. I’m not sure why you would want to bypass it? The active bass is incredible with its completely sealed unit.
  10. I like the Supra as it is designed as a subwoofer cable. I can't comment on this Chord cable. Have you tried ringing David? Monday - Friday him or his office always answer the phone even if the email response may be slow this week.
  11. It is not on the website, you have to email MCRU. David, who owns MCRU, can get you anything but you have to request it.
  12. Yes that is the cable. It is available from MCRU who can supply any cable from the Supra range. Great business to deal with too. These cables sound better than the XLR-XLR ones I had before and are one tenth of the price.
  13. I found the Supra blocks from MCRU, complete with the Supra main cable, are very well built, have excellent wall attachments, and offer a degree of filtration which improved the sound of a DAC I run through it. I was so impressed I now have three of them.
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