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  1. Hey @abd1. I think you’d be fine with your amp. I have a 100W Vitus amp with a massive transformer and it copes just fine. I had W8s on demo and settled on W13s and both placed similar demands on the amp. Sometimes on very quiet classical passages if I want those bits loud it will be near full volume but there is not thing wrong with that, the amp and speakers are very happy. Good luck with your search.
  2. He is a hifi blogger and vlogger. He is very good: an excellent communicator which is important, and he usually is interesting and thought-provoking.
  3. My elderly Mother and my wife’s elderly Mother (both are around 90 years old) are down here for a few days. Last night Nat King Cole’s Christmas music was playing through the Boenickes. Nat’s vocals are recorded beautifully. I was in the adjacent room and heard the conversation “it really sounds like he’s here in the room singing to us, I just can’t believe it”, “yes I know, it is unbelievable isn’t it, we don’t need to go to his concert do we”. If you have not yet played Nat through your Boenickes, give it a go, it is startlingly good. (particularly the 1960s recordings)
  4. So where are the xlr cables from the speaker amps inserted in here?
  5. How do you drive the W13 bass amps from the 585 as I notice there is no pre-out on the amp?
  6. Cat8 and Cat7 definitely better than Cat5. I had a wonderfully wired up room with cat5 hidden under floorboards. I really did not want cat7/8 to make a difference. It was an electronic engineer friend who suggested it, apparently it has better shielding from RF.
  7. There is a fabulous 300W Vitus RI100 on eBay right now with 2 hours to go at a bargain (for that amp) £1.5k. It has pre-out and is an amazing amp.
  8. Interesting that Daft Punk RAM is your favourite album. It is one of mine too. Recently I was at a friends house who has a ridiculously high end Linn/Naim set up, way into six figures of UK sterling. We compared the Daft Punk album: CD through the NAIM CD555 against LP via the Linn LP12 (with loads of modifications). The CD was a better sound - way deeper and richer in the bass (vinyl has limited bass output due to the nature of bass frequencies in the groove). Other than in the bass department the sound in all other hifi variables was almost identical.
  9. Yes they change considerably as time passes. I think the natural wood must also be involved as wood changes naturally. Over time I start to relate to my Boenickes as musical instruments rather than loudspeakers.
  10. Argos call them worktop savers. £11.50 now. David Mellor ones for W11/13 are pricier (though thicker too):
  11. Granite chopping boards from Argos also work well as plinths for the W8. £9 each! For the W13 they were unfortunately not large enough - I found a company called David Mellor (who was one of Britain’s greatest industrial designers) which have a retail shop selling marble chopping boards exactly the right size for a W11/W13 with swing base.
  12. Getting the speakers away from the walls and in their own space seemed to be the key for imaging and depth for me. Sadly in my room they still remain too close to a back wall, but nevertheless still image far better than any other of the 15+ speakers I’ve had in my room. I found them less critical of toe-in with the sweet spot to be toed-in at an angle that meets 30cm behind my ears. At shows Sven always has them very wide with significant toe-in.
  13. Mark, What is the exact math and geometry of speaker placement you are going for which the device aids?
  14. That budget is tough if including a DAC as the amp including dac configuration is a fairly recent concept in the quality end of hifi so it excludes most second hand amplification. I know that it is beyond budget but Hifi News gave a rave review for the Gato Audio DIA-250 NPM this month - another product exclusive to Elite in the UK I believe. At 250W it has enough power for a Boenicke, and it also has a network streamer included. Seems remarkable value for money at £2900. Review attached.
  15. Yes you are absolutely correct, soundstage is never ‘recorded’. Mic placement in acoustic recordings, or sometimes in studio placement, may try and create a soundstage but it has no definitive objective recorded reality, unlike say an instrument timbre or tone.
  16. I have used HFC cables - they are very detailed and produce a wonderfully crisp sound which goes well with the Boenicke sound. In the end I changed to Townshend cable, so I have ended up with a couple of lengths of HFC CT-1E cable on my second system if you are in london and want to borrow it for a couple of days.
  17. I bought a second-hand Cisco 2960G, which is the smallest I could find (8 inputs) in this range which seems to be getting a good reputation in digital Hi-Fi circles. They are a few hundred pounds new but around £50 on eBay. It performs a lot better than a cheap Netgear switch I had which didn’t improve the sound. It comes with an internal mains powered power supply and is built very solidly.
  18. Thanks for the detailed info. It seems I may have to wait a while.
  19. Please could you explain how to run the Keilidh active? Do you simply run two stereo amps, with one set of cables from the first amp going to one of the two bridged top inputs on the speaker, and the second stereo amp wired to the bottom inputs? Do you need an external crossover too?
  20. I have found the relatively good value Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra to be very good indeed. It is designed by John Westlake, of M-Dac fame. It is a small Raspberry Pi based streamer, with no DAC. I have compared it to a Cromecast Audio and an Auralic Aries G1. It performs better than the Chromecast and I could hear no difference between it and the Auralic. I believe Westlake spent a lot of effort getting the switch mode power supply to integrate noiselessly. I did try the Streambox with a Project battery power supply and heard no difference so I think he has been successful here. As an aside, at the suggestion of an electronic engineer friend of mine, I found installing a good quality (Cisco) switch between the router and the streamer improved the sound noticeably. As did my engineering friend’s other suggestion of using Cat 8 cable rather than Cat 5, due to its better shielding - and again the difference is noticeable.
  21. I demoed many cables, I found some big names like top spec Tellurium and Transparent were bland. The two that stood out were HFC for speaker cable (but not interconnects) and Townshend F1 for both speaker cable and interconnects. The latter speaker cable is phenomenal.
  22. How do you think they compare to the ideals? I had Ideals in my room and w8s and w13s and would be interested in your comparison. A lot of shops do speaker cable on a 30 day money back basis so it should be possible to try a few.