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  1. Thanks Thomas, PT and SW music is next on my 'to buy' list since i've just finished with the Queen, Rush and Floyd. Now have a clear view of where to go and budget so thanks again one and all.
  2. As someone else mentioned i'd keep the 6100 and add a AEBox10 which will give you enough channels for now and some in reserve if you decide to change speakers at some point Although changing speakers will mean you need some more power amplification as well However if you change speakers in the future there are other 'non linn' options available that don't need so many channels of amplification in which case a AEBox6 would be sufficient. I've never heard the Exaktbox-I or integrated exakt speakers but my dealer has told me that they are not as good as separate amps and exakt box so that would be my recommendation (for what it's worth)
  3. In fairness i've been trying to do it for a few weeks but couldn't remember how to. Just stumbled on the right combination of random clicks to find the 'update signature' area!
  4. Thanks, i've ramped up the vinyl use and purchase over the last year or so since i managed to get a dedicated 'me' room, away from the family and reality TV! just that a lot of the vinyl i want is either not available or ridiculously expensive. I think all the Porcupine Tree stuff is pushing £30 which is a lot when i've already got it on digital, but will keep putting it on birthday / christmas lists and keep a look out for any sales, etc. online. Thanks again
  5. Hi all Having just purchased mu first LP 12 (it's a Majik with the Majik arm but ex dem so doesn't have the new bearing) i was wondering what the recommended upgrade path would be, i.e. chassis followed by phono stage, followed by arm, etc. Not going for anything yet but i suspect it's just a matter of time. Thanks
  6. A new passive floor stander, somewhere between the 140 and 'bariks and +1 for bringing back the pre-amps. Just think the power amps need a refresh
  7. Got a full akurate system (with majik power amps) using a standard pcworld anti-surge 6 way power adaptor and factory mains leads. Can't justify step up to akurate amps (another conversation for another day) and cannot afford step up to klimax kit, so if mains treatment will provide tangible benefit for modest cost then could be a go.
  8. Straight to the point Do fancy mains cables and power units make a significant difference to the sound quality? I can get it with interconnects and speaker cable, that's why i spent a bit of cash upgrading those a couple of years ago. I can sort of understand a mains power bar with filters, etc. to clean up the supply, but a mains lead?? If the consensus is 'yes absolutely, must do it' then can anyone recommend (at a sensible price point) a power mains bar and mains leads.
  9. Iron maiden - powerslave and 7th son Rush - hemispheres and moving pictures Ac/Dc - powerage Queen - Queen 2 and night at the opera Queensryche - operation mindcrime Pearl jam - ten Wishbone ash - argus Crippled black phoenix - no sadness or farewell Pink floyd - dark side Porcupine tree - in absentia Steven wilson - raven that refused to sing Marillion - misplaced childhood Status quo - hello Scorpions - love drive Black crowes - amorica ELO - out of the blue Extreme - 3 sides to every story
  10. Thanks all Changed the cartridge to an Adikt 5+ years ago and got a new belt at the same time. Always nervous of used LP12's i've no idea what all the old tone arms / cartridges are and where that would put me in the LP12 hierarchy - suppose it would be an upgrade on the Basik. Cannot justify £3k for a new majik LP12 so it's either used or try to upgrade the other bits in the system - just bought a new Atlas tonearm cable to replace the original supplied in the box cable - much better. That's why i was thinking of phono stage, but if consensus is 'don't bother' then i won't. Cheers
  11. Anyone got experience of this item? Thinking of it instead of the integrated phono stage in my AEDSM, Running a Linn Basik TT and trying to improve but LP12 is out of reach atm.
  12. pm me please if you have a copy to sell and best price thanks
  13. Ok, how about this BTIP (Bean Tray Isolation Platform) The infinitely adjustable levelling base is filled with sustainable, organic natural vibrational dampeners. The nature of the filling enables the user to finely adjust the level of the platform such that the turntable is perfectly level, critical for accurate playback. The top of the platform, made out of high quality poly vinyl monomer can be provided with a multitude of different patterns or colours. Don't miss out on this limited edition item, production run is limited to only 100 days so pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment. Only £200