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  1. I had a problem using usb into my D1050 from a Mac book pro, it kept dropping the right channel. It turned out the cable was too long (5m), replaced it with a 0.75m cable and all was good. Not sure if that helps ?
  2. Dali Zensor 1..... just good honest fun speakers. Made music sound good. Nowhere near as full as my KEF LS50,or as tonally gifted as my PMC 20.21 or as refined as my Linn Majik 109 but the Zensor 1 were just plain good
  3. Thank you Bencat.. the amp sold today so I’m now looking for something new. Along with new speakers 😁
  4. Related how and to whom?
  5. My favourite album at the minute is Last Ship to Paradise by Eat Static
  6. New to me is The Scales of Tahuti by Silas Neptune (offshoot of Ozric Tentacles)
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