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  1. Crofts look pretty when compared with Audio Innovations
  2. maybe Tune needs to have a rest for a few days or start his new hobby ?? Meant kindly. maybe something got removed ??
  3. Any thoughts on how Pass compare to JLH > John Linsley Hood designs ? (Ive heard the JLH class A 1969 10? watt driving electrostatics, blown away by how good the sound is for under £200 new)
  4. Red kites used to be endangered, not any more.
  5. Daily Wail getting into full elekshun mode Gone are the stories about old ladies suffering in the underfunded NHS Today its - Police to get powers to confiscate Gypsies caravans. Oh yeah ?, them and whose army ?
  6. Tis true, cant trust his judgement. Cant trust Boris either where does that leave us ?
  7. I suspect that Corbyn will be replaced before long, hes no spring chicken. Anyone fancy Dianne Abbott No, thought not.
  8. Our politicos get worse each election. Increasing numbers of people aren't voting FOR a party or candidate, but voting against the one they dislike the most. Trust ? Who can one trust ? Tories who'd sell anything down the river for a quickquid, Liberals who are too soppy to do anything much, or Loony left fringe of labour ? "New" labour were tory wets, they shut all the small post offices, damaging the well being of villages and remoter communities, as well as inconveniencing the majority. Its 30 years since we had anyone in parliament who had real drive and commitment to make change for the better. Now they all seem to be in it for themselves.
  9. I thought I'd sold these to Hong Kong, but its falling through. Combined costs of postage, paypal, postage insurance that will cover an amp, all too high. So still here, still my spares, still available. I'm willing to drive a fair way to help sell them.
  10. Most people have opinions that fit in all parties menus, this on immigration, that on taxes, this on homelessness, that on foriners taking the limited housing stock, we all love the nhs but think it should be better, but no-one wants to have to pay for it, the list goes on forever. I'll vote the way the Daily Mail tells me to, cos I'm too thick to think for myself
  11. Its the quality of the opposition that will keep him in power.
  12. You want an idealist, with principles ? Move to the right bit of london so you can vote for Corbyn himself. Hes an idealist who beliefs in his principles. Shame that half the Labour party and most of the country dont agree with him. Once more we the electorate are caught between a rock and a hard place. Spoiling ones paper points this out to someone, but doesnt achieve a lot.
  13. With you on the safe seat thing. My constituency (Hitchin+Harpenden) returned the MP with 53% of the vote, hardly safe in a 2-party setup, but all the sillies split the vote against. Its now so safe they could stick a blue rosette on a monkey and it would get in. The current incumbent for life went to Eton and doesnt employ sufficient staff in his office to reply to emails and letters he disagrees with. Lazy.
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