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  1. Here is the recipe for a good mix:
  2. Liquid Orbit, wow what a band:
  3. We get some good news and these nobs go up in arms, where were they a week or two ago?
  4. I am not sure if this is the correct thread to post this but here goes. Can anyone with a printer and the computer skills (I am hopeless with PC's) copy and print replicating the original sticker that came with the album The Wall, please let me know. I would love a copy for my album and I guess many who are missing theirs might also, so a nice little side line for someone maybe . Many thanks in advance.
  5. Simply stunning. Sound quality is off the scale. Neil Young/Homegrown.
  6. Stunning piece of kit Bazzer.
  7. This band is the dogs dangles. Liquid Orbit
  8. Has anyone got an early first pressing of Pink Floyd The Wall 1979 first LP pressing in EX/EX condition, for sale please.