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  1. I’ve got a 1989 Rega Planar 2, owned by me since new and fitted with a very low mileage AT95E, just re-adjusted to check geometry. I’ve played some vinyl on it tonight and it sounds great. It was my 18th present from my parents! Lovely condition and ready for eBay as I have too many turntables... this and an LP12 plus an Ariston RD11 in a Linn plinth (also for sale with options on cartridges - AT110 or Ortofon 2m blue). Happy to sell anything bar the LP12. Not looking for much money but need to clear out for the space. The Ariston is a peach - basically an LP12 and I couldn’t tell the difference visually or sonically. Specs: Rega Planar 2 with RB250 & AT95E Ariston RD11 in Linn plinth with RB250 and AT110 or Ortofon 2m blue depending on preference. This looks exactly like a 1973 LP12. Let me know if you’re interested and I’m sure we could work out a price. Hugh
  2. Just listening to my RD11 now... Roger Waters through Naim NAC62 and NAP140 to Quad II speakers.
  3. Not my listing, but this turntable might be of interest to some:
  4. As in, 'may you live in interesting times'?... Thanks - I'd love to take you up on that, wino. Sadly I'm still detained away from home. Not at Her Majesty's pleasure. It will be some time before I can do so but I will drop you a line later on in the year! Cheers, Shuggy.
  5. I thought I would provide a quick update - I've taken the plunge on a set of Quad 22L speakers for £335 delivered. Perhaps not the best reviews for them, but I'm looking for something fairly bright and their looks may work with Mrs Shuggy's taste (!). At that price I don't think I'll get my fingers burned too badly if I have to punt them on, so fingers crossed...
  6. Interestingly there's a set of Mk1 Kans on a well known auction site for not crazy money - perhaps that could purchase'n'punt step 1. They should make my ears bleed with the Naims...
  7. That's a great offer - thank you. I tend to be away for long periods but when I'm back I'll drop you and VanDerGraaf a line as I'd love to hear the KEFs... the Naim kit is on its way so I'll enjoy getting that set up (and trying various connector options before deciding whether to get the tonearm plugs changed) along with sorting out the VTA so I can get the Ortofon back in place of the AT110E. I may indulge in some dodgy auction site browsing in the meantime I don't mind taking a hit on P&P on a purchase'n'punt on approach!
  8. Cheers - you've maybe not read my posts?
  9. Thanks for the tips - sadly bake-offs etc are not currently possible so buying and punting on is the only way. That will change next year but one of the things that keeps me sane is buying second hand stuff on eBay to play with when I get home. Some good suggestions above - I'll get browsing!
  10. OK, so I've taken leave of my senses. As my previous post explained, I've rediscovered better quality gear in my mid 40s. Brief history for those that can be bothered... Used to listen to interesting set-ups in my late teens/early 20s including some names such as Linn, Naim, Pink Triangle, Rega. Had some budget kit and enjoyed it but never attained the sound I heard from other people's systems. Recently bought a lovely Ariston RD11 (in LP12 plinth, Linn springs, RB250 re-wired arm, various carts including Ortofon 2m blue, AT95e, AT110e) with Onkyo 9010 and Mission LX-2s. Denon DCD-520AE for the sliver things. I work away from home so have spent a week on leave at home listening, tweaking, swapping arms and carts and generally messing about with shims/VTA etc. I've now got two set-ups to play with and as I have been deprived of my main hobby for another 12 months (long story) I've been browsing this site, eBay and Gumtree. I've hopefully got a Naim NAC 62/NAP 140 on the way and will try them head-to-head with the Onkyo. The loser goes up to my study and the old Rega Planar 2; the winner lives with the Ariston. The LX-2s are a big limiting factor so speaker recommendations would be welcome. Criteria are: > New or second hand - don't care > Budget £500, must be able to be delivered rather than picked up as my personal logistics are an utter nightmare > Floor standers - or very elegant stands > Wood veneer (darker rather than lighter to suit the rest of the furniture but not 'cappuccino' or 'espresso' nonsense ) > Room is 5m by 7m with 3m ceiling height > Music is rock with some female vocal and folk I get too much bass with the LX-2s but the Naims may help with that. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Wow - what an active place this is! Thanks for all your replies. I'll have a look at the Kefs... ETA - Chesterfield is too far from Perthshire, sadly. Otherwise that would have been very interesting.
  12. Thanks - great to be back in the saddle. If anyone feels like recommending me some speakers that won't upset Mrs Shuggy (she likes brown furniture, so brown speakers with grilles might just be ok) then fire away. I would like to scratch my 30 year old Quad valve itch, but that's not going to happen unless it's in a man cave I don't yet have...
  13. Funny one, this. I retired my old separates stuff in 2008 when we moved house and various other things became priorities. So, 9 years of DIY (including kitchen fitting, tree felling and animal husbandry - plus rearing three unruly mini-mes) I've dug out the vinyl, binned the streaming service - or at least relegated it to the kitchen - and started to get a more into music. I've swapped my Rega Planar 2 for a lovely Ariston RD11 in a Linn plinth, and have bought an Onkyo 9010 (a lovely thing if brutal to look at) and have hooked it up to some Mission LX-2s to get me started again. There are some other things in there too, but that's the core. The problems have been endless. The Ortofon 2m blue is far too tall and the sound has been rubbish, so I have had to resort to my cartridge rummage box and have found an old AT110E (I've replaced the stylus) which has proved to be great. I've also had a go with a brand new AT95E but the 110 wins. The RB250 arm has an earth fault so I've had to swap arms with my old turntable. The new RB250 shims are on order so hopefully once they're in I'll be able to have another go with the 2m blue and ditch the 110E. But I tell you what - the Ariston sounds absolutely fan-bloody-tastic and I couldn't be happier!
  14. Hi shuggy,

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