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  1. I went shopping for a camouflage jacket at the weekend. I couldn’t see one anywhere.
  2. Latin ... Julius Caesar ... stays silent for 10 min, then nudges the guy next to him "'Ere, what's he on about?". "I don't know" says the other chap "He hasn't got to the verb yet" Truly wonderful, sentences with verb endings, are.
  3. Clear thinking from simon-g ... enter takeover organiser elect ... TheFlash ??
  4. I am glad you have shaken the habit ... but did we really have to hear all about it?
  5. Difficult journey that must have been.
  6. I can't stand Latin - it goes on and on ad nauseam.
  7. "Doctor, doctor .. .you've got to help me: I keep thinking I'm Tom Jones. Is that a common complaint?" "It's not unusual - it happens every day."
  8. Visual joke (re)told by my neighbour and good chum, composer John Worth (think Adam Faith "What do you want if you don't want love? Bay- beh." Attending a formal, celebrity dinner ... waiting for Tommy Cooper, the guest of honour ... who is late as usual and loves to make a grand entrance. Tommy breezes in, jumps up onto the table, undoes his flies, picks up a water jug (you know, the ones with lemon slices and lots of ice cubes on top) and introduces himself with: "Impression: Eskimo taking a pee."
  9. "Paleontologists have recently had a party to celebrate unearthing the largest ever dinosaur tibia. It was said to be quite a shindig." Given the historical context of this joke, I am not impressed with the logic: surely the shindig preceded the party? Sorry, sorry - I get it now - it's a chicken and egg yolk.
  10. I always wanted to learn French ... but never made the time. C'est la vie. [ Couldn't resist linking to this for the Frenchman advertising his new audiophile youtube channel: USB Wine, telechargez vos vins en direct des domaines ! - YouTube This addition is a recommended streamer upgrade for audiophiles who ascribe to the adverse affects of poor-quality power supplies, electronic noise leakage, USB jitter poisoning of asynchronous audio signals, Ethernet cable data corruption, overheating and CPU loading on media servers (play direct from RAM, already), ... and other aberra
  11. Bonne chance with your new channel.
  12. Bonjour Silvain. A moderator will probably move your post to Trade News, Advice and Discussions. I have begun looking at '10 Tips To Get Started in the Audiophile World' ... I've bought a cat An opening question for you, if I may: do you know where I can purchase one of these USB devices? USB Wine, telechargez vos vins en direct des domaines ! - YouTube I find music quality is much improved with a good French wine
  13. JackoUK


    Scrap - Sell - Upgrade ? I have: 405 Poweramp serial 10,085 (very early 405 I) 33 Preamp serial 87,373 (late) FM3 tuner serial 43,105 (late) ... from c1979 which worked fine for 20 years or so ... until life intervened with listening to music ... and still 'work' now. The capacitors and resistors are all no doubt shot to pieces. Should have added 'complete with original cables, boxed inc. original QUAD wrapping tape and (I think) all manuals'. What to do this late in the day? Scrap, sell, upgrade? Anyone herein interested in a labour of love?
  14. Catching up here, after rebuilding my system in 2017 when the BBC's trial of flac steaming was hot news. Looking at the situation today I found this site very helpful: Home Page - High Resolution Audio (hiresaudio.online) In particular the list of web browsers that support flac playback: How to listen to lossless FLAC Internet Radio with your browser - High Resolution Audio (hiresaudio.online) ... and the current radio station list: Radio Archives - High Resolution Audio (hiresaudio.online) Joy.
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