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  1. Hi all Putting CD2 as sold, many thanks to all for interest shown and patience in returning messages
  2. Keithyb So sorry to hear about your broken back and heart condition, it must be really difficult for you at this moment in time and wishing you a speedy recovery I would be looking around the £1,450.00 mark for Dac and VBS Thanks
  3. Hi Keithyb Thanks for the kind offer but would be looking for close to asking price, will have a think regards VBS, if I sold it with the CD it would have to be more than than the 1K offer I'm working in Bury so could deliver in person, free of charge
  4. Hi guys The CD2 was run off my VBS so no other power supply as such
  5. Morning Phil Thank you very much for taking the time to post, much appreciated Could I also add, the equipment listed is in excellent condition and even though not made anymore, have been barley used and boxed for quite a while. Everything comes with the double boxes etc.
  6. Hi all Selling my Bel Canto equipment consisting of: Ref1000 mk11 x2 £2,000.00 CD2 £1,000.00 DAC3.5VB & VBS1 £1,500.00 All in excellent condition, not much use and since been safely stored and boxed for over the last 6 years. Set everything up and everything is working fine before re boxing. All associated cables, remotes, boxes, outer boxes present and included I used to be a member on here previous but divorce etc so fell by the wayside and life moves on, also struggling to include pictures (seems to be a MB limit) so if anyone can assist and point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. I have also lost touch with pricing so please feel free to comment if way out or even way under Also have Finite Elemente stand, Analysis Plus cables and speakers if anyone would like further information Thanks in advance LRB255
  7. Have a 3.5vb with vbs1 battery if interested
  8. LRB255

    All in-one box offered to source a Mcintosh at quite a good rate below rrp
  9. LRB255

    All in-one box

    Thanks for all suggestions and advice, giving me some interesting research for sure and some great bargains 2nd hand to be had Also has anyone bought via Hifi Broker as they seem to offer some very attractive prices
  10. LRB255

    All in-one box

    Yes that’s the ones, 84d/BW|01||cb4aab4ad90146d13fb008d63f1d8a72|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|636765793434465648&sdata=A%2FzHRSO6zW65LltHRhTowW%2BFBv4fIFTP%2Fy3e6wk94M0%3D&reserved=0
  11. LRB255

    All in-one box

    Some interesting suggestions, thanks. Hegal looks interesting but would like to include a phono stage albeit I do have a Dynavector which I could use
  12. LRB255

    All in-one box

    Hi all Looking for some opinions/advice regards integrated amps. My circumstances have changed and I need to look at moving on my multiple boxes and go for an integrated amp setup as space is not of a premium (the thought of no rack and reduced cables would be most welcome as well) I would be looking at running a turntable, streaming and would also like to put the tv through the speakers, speakers being the Eclipse TD712, budget could be up to 5/6k if needed. I heard a Devialet 220 pro and Lyngdorf 2170, also quick listen to a Mcintosh 9000. Nice but way out of my price band :( Thanks in advance