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  1. Ah yes, were they Harbeth speakers as well, am sure they were and the whole system was magical sounding. Was so tempted to try a valve amp back then too I'm looking for an integrated myself, nothing too exotic but something solid and quality build to run my turntable
  2. Look forward to a review. Yes was Harrogate and Tommy. The AN setup was an integrated, think it was the Meishu Signature, silver? What turntable have you got
  3. Hi Marko, nice summary and interesting thoughts. May I ask what you think of the phono stage. Doug Brady isn't far from me so after lockdown am contemplating a store visit. Also if memory serves me right I think it was you I sold my MF copper classic to many years ago and also had the privilege to listen to your AN setup at the time
  4. Looks like from Europe, guessing there would be all sorts of extra tariffs importing post Brexit now
  5. HouseElf, not sure where I want to be really. Iโ€™m just looking for a one box solution so to keep everything nice and compact especially now I have a new partner as donโ€™t want to be seen taking over a room again full of boxes and cables ๐Ÿ˜Š Just so happens I have my old 52,seโ€™s to play with so who knows if all goes well then I could upgrade speakers down the line. My turntable which Iโ€™ve also kept is a decent spec so looking for some middle ground in a decent integrated to feed these and maybe a better speaker down the line, hope that makes some sense and probably wise words thanks ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Hi Mac I emailed back last night asking a couple more questions: had it been owned from new, what paperwork was with it and what was the current asking price as it was back in 2019 when advertised. Still awaiting reply Also found a 6 month old 480 with phono and dac cards for 6K, just awaiting reply to that one as well
  7. Thanks Terrycym ๐Ÿ‘
  8. ๐Ÿ‘ Do you know if an AD30 board can be upgraded to the 50
  9. Thanks, so would I be right in saying that the 470 would be fitted with an older phono, the AD30. Just enquired some more info. Will let you know how I progress, when lockdown eases hoping to visit a dealer not too far from me who deals in Accuphase for a 1st hand look and listen
  10. Yes, all accessories including original packaging. It also has phono slot, would this be same phone slot as newer present models top.pdf
  11. Well its still for sale, a 4 year old unit, very good condition with a couple of small cosmetic scratches and seems like a pleasant guy to correspond with rear.pdf front.pdf front.pdf front.pdf
  12. Thanks Mac, worth a punt I guess Email sent, just awaiting reply
  13. Thanks guys, great link, summary and advice. I listened to a SN3 before lockdown and was about to take my turntable to the shop for a further demo. The SN3 sounded great streaming during my brief initial demo Really like the aesthetics of the Accuphase gear (in pictures) and am in no doubt it will look even nicer in the flesh
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