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  1. Where is it on tidal. I couldn't find that actual album strangely?
  2. Pmcman


    My highest break is 92 about 10 years ago. If I play twice or three times a week I regularly make 30 and 40 breaks.
  3. Pmcman


    I played snooker yesterday as I do at least once a week. I've been playing for a number of years. i got to 75 and was on the last colour before needing to pot the colours, but I missed the last colour off the red. Would have been my first century break. Its a fickle sport if you play it and so much in how you think. If you are relaxed and stay still you really can play well, but if you get frustrated then it all goes to pot. Sorry about the pun.
  4. I think it's well arranged and still very musical, but there is something about that enchanting melody on the original ommadawn part 2, that just sets the whole album up and thus it's hard for any sequel to beat. But as a lone work return to ommadawn is still very good. I wish Mike Oldfield would write with other artists and come up with something fresh and new. For all I love the guy, and have loads of his albums, a lot of his more recent output has been a bit stayed and samey. He is probably in a very comfortable place he doesn't have to stretch himself and is just writing for himself and his army of fans. Not striving to make the next tb like when he was 19. He doesn't need too.
  5. I respect everyone's tastes and I say each to their own, but unsurprising as Americana it won an American Grammy. Julio Iglesias sold 250 million albums. When you eat a lot of spicy food, you can lose your sense of taste. When I was in Mexico last summer, I was listening to a lot of Michael Bolton 😂
  6. Ok, excuse me for being brutally honest of my opinion if I may. I listened to it all the way through and this is one of those albums that sounds nice with its simple feel, and she clearly has a great voice and the guitar playing is very nice. And for this I liked it - a bit. But that's not enough... It's just a bit boring as the songs don't have a very nice tune for me that really please me. It's all this style of going up the octaves with the melody, and then coming down again, which frankly has been done so much in this kind of country style. Also where she accentuates the volume between bars and holds onto the note. It's like something out of 1960s America, with a group playing in a bar in the middle of nowhere for a few people with tumble weed blowing around outside. The songs are the same and the variation is not great too. So if you want to replay the songs in your head and the construction of notes to get there, the bits that please you, you can't really. And then if you put it on, you get the same feel, not a pleasing set of notes and a tune. It's also for this pleasure, very melancholic and monotonous. This is another one of those albums about feel but doesn't have much song writer fervour and originality. It will be playing in a hi fi dealership but it's not really going to strike much of a chord on the level of a tune to many people.
  7. Yeah but you don't want to go through a horrible illness. Cirrhosis etc. Alcohol calorifically has loads more energy than fats.
  8. You must eat like a horse if you are still overweight by bmi and do all that exercise. Sorry for my petulance but just trying to present it in a funny way and anyway I bet with that exercise you are fit and healthy.😀 I'm doing a walk of between 13-15 miles every Sunday with the rambling group, and I run around 3-4 miles a week too. With controlling my diet and just cutting out sugar and keeping portions decent, the weight is flying off ATM and I'm in my early forties. Im trying to get down to a weight when I was in my early 20s when you look so much leaner and facial features look better, no double chin etc.
  9. the thing with bmi is it's used as a guide to which you can follow. But if someone is say 5 foot 8 and 15 stone, if they are concerned with health, it's pretty obvious they are at risk of diabetes and will be carrying lots of blood born fats, blood pressure effects etc. Even at 14 or 13 stone. If the same height and 20 stone, they are clearly putting life at risk and will be morbidly obese. Other than taking blood pressure and levels of blood fats, it's pretty impossible to know the effects of fat born substances on coronary artery narrowing until it's too late, and you have a heart attack. Also you can measure blood pressure but the damage it does over long term, that's hard to measure too. but some of these sports stars may or may not be putting themselves at risk. But my attitude is that if you are an average person with normal balance of fats and muscle, and you ignore the bmi guidelines you are putting yourself at risk simply because you are straying into weights that have health effects.
  10. The thing is the fat in the blood by poor diet can get into muscle, breakdown products of which prevent insulin allowing glucose in the blood into the muscles. This is part of the mechanism of type 2 diabetes attributed to being overweight. but it's also the levels of blood born fats - low density lipoproteins carrying cholesterol and triglycerides which are related to how much fat you store and diet, and thus coronary artery disease and thickening of coronary arteries which lead to infarction (heart muscle death or attack). So if you are storing less fat, and are not overweight, your harmful blood born carried fats like cholesterol and triglycerides (carried in blood in ldl) which can lead to coronary artery disease, will be lower. Also effects on things like arthritis too in being overweight. So I would be concerned by how fat I am as if I go back to being a bit of a porker I'm going to be carrying more of these bad blood born fats like cholesterol and triglycerides.
  11. I'd keep it to a minimum with this type of food, as charcoal grilling gives off nitropyrenes which are carcinogenic. That's why you tend to find the aussies have high rates of cancer from all their Barbies. But in all reality would probably be hard to overdo bbqs in the uk.
  12. The way I understand it it's just a measure of height relative to weight, so a body in proportion. It doesn't have any empirical foundation in relating to incidences of heart disease etc but obviously the more likely a person has a body out of proportion the more the greater likelihood of things like coronary artery disease. I'm might get cancer and all that crap at some stage, but I'm hoping my heart 'engine' and blood system is going to be the last that gives out, so I can be mobile. As for me it would be the worst thing to be fat and not be able to be very mobile, as I get older.
  13. I do this with love film, and did it with blockbuster before they stopped doing it, and really disappointed with that announcement. you get loads of films for your money is the point, in good quality, and the surprise too of getting discs in the post is a real chery upper. Especially when you get a film you like. Is anyone else going to be doing this?
  14. Watching Hatton garden job film later, probably watch sexy beast again after as I love that film. cant wait to go and see the new tom cruise film, American made, when it comes in in September. An interesting satire film about an airline pilot turned drug runner. I think done in a jokey way like that Scorsese film with di caprio.