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  1. For sale rare Marantz SC6 in nice condition. £400 (for you Spencer..:).
  2. For sale April Music Stello Ai500 integrated amplifier with DAC. The amp absolutely new, unplayed and box opened just for pictures. £1600
  3. For sale Black Rhodium Crescendo Bivire cable 2x3.5 mtrs. definitely too long for me....seems like a sleeping snake behind my speakers...:D £100 with included delivery.
  4. Finally you decided to sell...:) I am guy who meet you on beginning summer, bought cassettes from you...;) I am saw this CD player, pristine condition! P.S.I am thinking about it. My bloody Sugden CD21SE just go down....:(
  5. Beauty amp...:) Maybe stupid question, does the amplifier have a phono input, please? Can't see from the pictures.
  6. I am interested, where for collection, and when can collect, please?