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  1. My plans are ruined, but I will ask my friend for pick up. We definitely need it.
  2. Huh, next week I plan go to Nott, would I reserve two bottles 5ltr, one for me and one for David (g8ina)?
  3. For me as well 5ltrl, then cheaper delivery....:)
  4. Yeah, when playing cannot hear...but when you paid, for me big amount, hear every strange click or buzz.....:D By the way, Hafler amazing amp.
  5. Just confirm, this is a mechanical buzz. Interestingly, all should have amps, quad, meridian, exposure, sugden, marantz PM4, Advance and now marantz PM5, buzzed only Advance and MA5.
  6. What RCA cable with tonearm, please?
  7. Hello guys. I need advice. The last weekend I bought two monoblocks amplifiers, to test there were no options on pick up. At home, I noticed some problem which were not in the description - both amplifiers transformers humming. When the music is turned off, you can hear it from a distance of half a meter. I had before lots amplifiers, monoblocks as well (quad, meridian) never heard transformers buzzing. but I am not familiar with a class A amplifiers...:) Question, that humming is normal?
  8. Brilliant amp! I had two of them....highly recommend for who looking good amp for reasonable money!
  9. Genuine Tannoy crossovers from i12, like drivers as well from i12. I think somewhere I have a couple pictures....:) Here is my personal speakers fitted V12 drivers.
  10. Selling DYI Tannoy floorstanders. Custom made housing fitted 12” Tannoy drivers. Genuine Tannoy crossovers. Massive housing 1070x460x310 mm, around 37 kg one speaker. Collection only or can deliver under 150 miles for a reasonable fee. Asking prie £900.