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  1. Unique, rebuilt by Vintage Stereo, Lenco L75 Record Player. The plinth. The plinth is the sandwich-type and covered with natural oak 5 mm lamella. The record player chassis. The chassis is totally different like an original. The chassis is made by professionals from the solid aluminium blank. The result, chassis is heavier and less vibrates. The record player with the motor unit weight is around 30 kg, which adds even more stability and resistance to environmental vibrations. On the record player fitted Linn Basic Pluss to earn which will be fitted brand new Audio Technica VM95E cartridge. Custom made brand new removable lid. The sending by courier is complicated, because of weight. But possible. Will be sent in two different packages. We can produce to order, desired chassis colour, desired plinth size and colour, desired tonearm and cartridge or any your own idea is most welcome..:) The price varies depending on the configuration. This item price is £750
  2. Some problems with answer by phone. Will back very shortly from pc.
  3. Hello, i am interested in sugden...:)



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  4. Hi, sorry, the price like advertised, £100 included shipping to the France.
  5. For sale rare Marantz SC6 in nice condition. £400 (for you Spencer..:).
  6. For sale April Music Stello Ai500 integrated amplifier with DAC. The amp absolutely new, unplayed and box opened just for pictures. £1600
  7. For sale Black Rhodium Crescendo Bivire cable 2x3.5 mtrs. definitely too long for me....seems like a sleeping snake behind my speakers...:D £100 with included delivery.
  8. Finally you decided to sell...:) I am guy who meet you on beginning summer, bought cassettes from you...;) I am saw this CD player, pristine condition! P.S.I am thinking about it. My bloody Sugden CD21SE just go down....:(
  9. Beauty amp...:) Maybe stupid question, does the amplifier have a phono input, please? Can't see from the pictures.
  10. I am interested, where for collection, and when can collect, please?