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  1. Doobie Brothers 'China Groove' followed by 'Long train runnin.'
  2. It's called a 'vaXuia' ear wax remover. My Wife used to hate going to the Doctor's to have her ears syringed. Consequently she routinely left it until they were really blocked. This ear wax remover is much gentler and has been a boon to both of us. Hope this is of some help?
  3. Bought an earwax cleaner kit from Amazon. Our GP stopped doing it and we both get ear wax problems. Glad he did as we do a much better job. Just fill the bottle with Luke warm water and squirt it in gently. We do this after usung an ear wax softener for a couple of days. Bought an Ottoscope at the same time. Good investment! What's the point in having a HiFi if you can't hear?
  4. A neighbour who works on lift maintenance told me to clean metallic surfaces using Johnson's baby lotion. Have used it on my turntable and it worked well, non-abrasive. Speaker cones?
  5. The only person who would have been likely to travel in the back, was my Sister In Law. Around the same age as me, with added knee problems. The i3 accelerates really well, unfortunately we don't!
  6. Looked at buying an i3 four years ago and decided against it. The one we looked at had the range extender and fast charge, so on paper it looked good. Got to say sitting in it did nothing for me and getting in and out of the back seats was difficult. Age has its difficulties!
  7. Thought most of it was mined in Canada? Wouldn't mind invading Brazil, once the epidemic is over. Not so sure about Canada, think it's a bit too cold. So if you want someone to mind your coats, when you go into battle? Should be able to find me at a beachside bar.
  8. Did you buy a DIY Hypnosis kit? If you did could I borrow it?
  9. Be very afraid! A few years ago bought a pair of Living Voice speakers from Dave at Brighton HiFi Exchange. Met him near Brighton Station, he had just left a custom install half way finished. The Wife walked in and saw two large Gershman speakers in the lounge. He said she was less then pleased, to put it mildly. Said she didn't want the rest on display and wanted Dave to install it in the airing cupboard. So if you spend the 100K? Get a large class A valve Amp, at least it will help dry the clothes.
  10. Charly Antolini, Knock Out 2K, 45rpm vinyl. Certainly gives the speakers a workout. Read about it in a back issue of HiF-News, in a show report. As HiFi test discs go, pretty good. Live in a terraced cottage, so will wait until the neighbours are out, before giving it some welly.
  11. None at all. Did the same thing a while back, like you needed to tidy up the cables.
  12. Glad to hear it! The last I heard was she had absconded from care.
  13. Nice you mentioned Honeysuckle Weeks, lovely performances. Caring and stoic in the role of Sam Stewart. Came to rather a sad end! Good she lives on as Sam Stewart.
  14. Done quite a lot of work on my SL1210 MK II. Moved the transformer and the on/off switch function into an ABS box. Stripped the arm out, it's now in a fixed height position. Replaced the lid and hinges for Audio Technica ones, mounting centres are identical, but the hinge brackets are different. The lid is identical in size to the Technics one it replaced. This allowed me to use panel mounted RCA sockets on one of the brackets. Rewired from the arm to the RCA sockets. The plinth has a polished metal cover fitted. Think it looks and sounds great. So much so, sold my new SL 1200GR. Fitted with a Hana EL cartridge, the MK II sounds wonderful. No pics. sorry the file size from my IPad is too big. Think the total cost of rhe mod. came to just under £40.
  15. Learned my lesson the hard way at 16. Started work as an Apprentice Electrician. Definitely green behind the ears and the rest was a bit cabbage coloured as well. First day with an Electrician, he gave me some fuse wire and told we to wire up the main fuse and put it back. Did it and was really chuffed, then put it back in place. A bit of wire was sticking out, so I decided to break it off, in a cellar with a very low ceiling. Touched it and my head hit a joist with a thud. Lesson learned!