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  1. From them that's cheerful!
  2. Don't forget the '60s were the time of peace and free love, unfortunalely not in our street. Then came the Smiths and after listening to them. Everyone was too depressed to shag or fight.
  3. After listening to them suicide would be far more life affirming.
  4. In the days of HiFi Answers a Reviewer carry out a blind listening test on several amplifiers. One of the manufacturers disagreed strongly, even to the point of threatening legal action. He agreed to do it all again under the supervision of another reviewer. This time he couldn't tell any difference and subsequently had a nervous breakdown, he never worked in the industry again. Physiologists pointed out it could have been because he was stressed out.
  5. Does this apply more to people who can't hear the difference between cables?
  6. Used Blue Heaven cables for many years and they sounded pretty good. None of the flat line series of cables were screened. Always thought if you lived near any sort of powerful transmitter, stray signal pick up could be a problem? More likely to me a problem where you had it connected, between the turntable and preamp. Bought a Project Xtension 10 turntable, no problem using a moving magnet cartridge. Fitted a moving coil cartridge and the leads to the preamp picked up mains hum. Moved the cables and the hum stopped. Tried unplugging the captive mains lead to my DVD player and that also
  7. Thought Nordost cooperated with NASA regarding data transmission cables? If what I read is correct it led to the development of Nordost's flat profile (no longer made), audio cables.
  8. Going to put a nearly new Sony X800 M2 for sale on EBAY later in the week. Always used Interparcel, thought you couldn't book directly. Will give DHL a try, EBAY's own service is crap.
  9. Thanks I wasn't sure.
  10. Can you book directly with DHL.
  11. Not suprised! Your kit is so old it should be connected together using steam pipes.
  12. Should 'Psycho the Rapist', be one word?
  13. Think Phil O'Sopher. was the Irish bloke who tarmaced my drive.
  14. Will I be allowed to turn the light back on, so I can find the bottle?
  15. Don't you start! Did that and tripped over them, then the dog ate two bits of the wood. When I suggested to Ann she could lie on the floor in their place, no cooperation what so ever. What is it about Women that makes them so sceptical?
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