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  1. My current system, is the best I've had. Modified Technics SL1200 Mk II, recently bought a 1200GR, good but not that good. Hana EL cartridge fitted into an ebony head shell. Tried to imitate the Time Step mods on the turntable. Made an external power supply and fixed the arm in a set position. Installed and wired RCA Sockets, don't want to get into a cable argument? But the existing signal leads and RCA plugs were years old. Tried an SME arm and was disappointed, so stuck with the fixed Technics arm. Denon DCD-2500NE, great sounding digital player. Denon PMA-2500NE, what can you say? Not a weak spot in any of its functions. Vinyl preamp brilliant, DAC brilliant and a power amp with slam and subtlety. Then the icing on the cake, Monopulse Model A speakers. Would never have considered them, but for sale in mint condition from a dealer for £399. Value doesn't come better than that! Had speakers from Sonus Faber, PMC and many other rated makes, none come close.
  2. Could it be all the restaurants in the UK are still closed? The Eurozone economy has shrunk by 8.2%, although that's likely to be a gross underestimate. Just announced, to travel on public transport face masks must be worn. Wouldn't it be difficult to eat a meal in a restaurant while wearing a mask? Yet your post seems to suggest it might be possible? Generally you seem to agree with the Teaching Unions reluctance to reopen schools, due to the close proximity of others. You also support the Transport Industry Unions for the same reason Still it must be Dominic Cummings / Boris Johnson's fault? We now have that Sexual Intellectual Kier Starmer now has all the answers (Must be a Remoaner). He has supported the Government's approach until now. Would you Remoaners enlighten me? Us Brexiteers are labelled as racist, by you! Yet the only ones going on about the Hong Kong Chinese are you.
  3. Could be anywhere close by. Every third house or flat near you is connected to the same line conductor. Had a 60 Amp mains filter, made for preventing mains bourne interference on Airport runway lighting. Never really needed it, unfortunately I no longer have it. Or you would have been welcome to it. A friend living in Port St. Lucy in Florida fitted one to his incoming mains supply and reckoned it worked really well. They are very prone to lightning strikes in the rainy season..
  4. Yet another thought ? Disconnect all the equipment connected to your Amp and reconnect them individually. Leaving at least a few minutes between each reconnect. Could be an earth loop problem with your interconnects.
  5. If and it's more than likely, the electrician won't have a clue what you are on about? What would you expect her to do about it? Another thing to think about? Are the laminations on the Luxman Amp's power transformer sufficiently insulated from each other? If not eddy currents in the transformer's iron circuit would cause what you have described. Regarding tests with a multimeter, if it is set on the DC voltage range and the reading shows a couple of volts DC? What next?
  6. He did say when powering it on or off.
  7. Always the chance of damaging the speakers. If you are able to take the top off and expose the power button. Try spraying it inside with contact cleaner, worked for me!
  8. Hi did! When my daughter was at Uni and came home, we used to call the fridge 'The Alexander Fleming Memorial Cool Box.' If we tried to throw anything of hers out, we were told she hadn't finished with it! When she went back the culture in our lives, were put in a plastic bag and into the bin.
  9. Miele would be top of my choices. All our large kitchen appliances are now Miele. Got a Mate who used to do sub contract electrical work for councils in London. The only machines that could stand up to use and sometimes misuse were Miele.
  10. Sorry to lose you? Certainly be an ass(et) where ever you go. 🤡🤡🤡
  11. You refuse to recognise the United Kingdom? You live in Mayfair? Travel out in any direction until you come to the Sea. It's called the United Kingdom.
  12. Good God! You really should stop watching fantasy drama. Someone has got to tell you! Game of Thrones isn't real! Shorn of EU Safety Regulations, horror of horrors. Opticians removing your eyeballs and selling them on EBAY. It's true, It's true! All Boris Johnson's fault. Covid-19 started at the Torie's London Headquarters, it's called Wuhan. Well known they have banquets and eat bats. If Kier Starmer gets into power, there will be an opticians at both ends of every street.
  13. It was such a bitter and divisive campaign and we have seen it played out on this blog and others. Never seen such division in our Country. Things are still the same with the Remainers still wanting to overturn the Referendum result and the Leavers fearful they may succeed. The two major events in our Political and Social life, both have no right or wrong answer. Brexit is catnip to some and arsenic to others. Covid-19 what was the right thing to do? Plenty of 'experts' coming out of the woodwork now telling what we should have done a month ago. I will give you Saturday's lottery results on Sunday. Doesn't help one bit before the numbers are drawn.
  14. Don't think it's a matter of some sort of hold he has over Boris? If you remember a couple of weeks ago a Tory Minister drove a fair distance, to leave food outside his elderly parents' door. The Press jumped on it and Boris said it hadn't broken any guidelines. So with the Dominic Cummings situation, Boris has been consistent. The question that needs asking. Is did Cummings once he got there with his Wife stay in Social Isolation for the required timespan? The Press loathe Cummings, but he is not their ultimate goal. They want Boris so bad it hurts! If Boris sacks him or he resigns, the next question will be. "When did Boris know Cummings had decamped to Durham and why wasn't he sacked on the spot?" The media and a large minority in this country will never forgive Boris for Brexit. Get rid of Boris and they will ty to halt the current negotiating stance and go for the EU Commision's idea of what Brexit should look like. Subject to all the regulations and any decisions from the European Court. Taxation and regulation without representation!