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  1. Great post! What a state when tne best they can do is Trump and Biden. Bernie Sanders legacy are the young radicals, who won't follow the traditional Democratic Party line. If you look at Biden's record over the years. African Americans - Predators. Voted for the second Gulf War. Was a supporter of legislation that jailed mainly young African American men for life. Quite often for minor offences. The cages on the Mexican border were put there by Obama and Biden. Trump's wall is just continuing the barrier put up by Obama and Biden. So exactly what are Americans voting for? Perhaps more of the same, which ever way they vote.
  2. Agree with a lot of what you have written. But the more remote governance is from the people, then Democracy is less effective. So add 27 other groups of mendacious people to the Tories. Then domestically we had the Blair/ Brown Labour Government. Who out Toried the Tories. 'Prudence' Brown what a joke! Sold off our gold reserves at a rock bottom price. Then we had the NHS & Education PFI binge. Financial bulemia and we are still vomiting up money to pay for it. City centre schools and hospitals sold off to property speculators. Norwich as an example, hospital bed numbers crashed and the replacment hospital is situated on the southern outskirts of Norŵich. Difficult for many older and poorer people to access. So you can go on as much as you want about mendacious Tories. Don't like them, but experience has taught me the Labour Party are even worse.
  3. Yet all four Politicians you named, voted for the referendum. So unless they were lying and unscrupulous? They then must follow the democratic mandate, given to them by the British People. Think the key word in Burke's declaration is 'disinterested.' How can you be sure, none of them had an interest in remaining. Even so they voted for the referendum and by doing do commited themselves to obeying the result.
  4. Like you I thought it was a bad day when Rory Stewart, left Parliament and politics. The other three refused to accept the democratic principle of obeying the evil of the people. Phillip Hammond was arrorant beyond belief and should have been kicked out long before he was! Regarding Le Baron's comment on right wing extremists. Does he believe over 19 million of us were and are extremists? The Brexit vote was biggest in the poorest areas. Was it because these people thought they had nothing to lose? What gets me about many of you who voted to remain, is how you never think of yourselves as enemies of democracy. Maybe the label 'Extremist', should be hung round your necks.
  5. Don't totally agree with your comments on moderate Tories being chased out. Think you believe anyone associated with Brexit must be a right wing extremist? Regarding America, Biden has raised over $140 million in the last week. It in the main comes from rich business interests. We see internet media companies interfering in the Presidential Election. Dangerous times for democracy over there. One thing is certain, the rich contributors will expect payback if Biden gets in!
  6. With your HiFi maybe you have strayed from your genetic roots? May I suggest you sell the lot and buy: Linn streamer. Hegel Amp Korma Speakers Some cheap cables from EBAY ITM.
  7. Mark deals in much more then vinyl. Bought stuff off him and he took time demonstrating, before I made a decision. If he is still in the same place? The listening area is quite big and I think in what used to be an old Coop store. He also manufactures cables under the Missing Link brand. Think he started his working life off as a metallugist? Mind you, because he is associated with cables, it might be put some of you off buying from him!
  8. Bought many times from TKMAXX and generally good quality at a reasonable price. The only problem is our local TKMAXX rarely seems to have repeats. So a bit frustrating if you find one you really like. Will look out for the one younlike.
  9. Why? Seems like you've never heard either? While the Living Voice speakers are sensitive enough to be driven to loud levels at low power. Doesn't mean they aren't suitable for a wide variety of SS Amps. From what I remember of the Pulse III, it was too smooth and not dynamic enough, unlike the Leema Tucana. The Living Voice speakers sounded superb driven by a variety of other SS Amps. Including Chord and Primaire amplification. Had the speakers for around seven years and over this time they were driven by many SS Amplifiers. The only Amp I remember being more gutless driving them was a Copland CSA28. Was it the hybrid design?
  10. Couldn't agree more! Just gone back onto 5 expresso. Will give the 4 Italian style beans a shot, next time I'm in there. A recent convert to Aldi's coffee beans, after using expensive beans, some costing over £40 a kilo.
  11. Awful! If you are looking for a musician of integrity and honesty, no one comes near to him. His London and Paris concerts are heartbreaking. He proves there is more to music then technique.
  12. Had a Pulse 3 for a couple of years, driving Living Voice Speakers. The look was was very Sky set top box. The sound was OK but nothing to write home about. Got a Denon PMA-800 NE, in my second system and for me much better that the Pulse 3. Got the PMA-2500 NE in my main system and I'm extremely happy with both Amps. They will certainly bring your speakers to life. The PMA-800NE will give you all the power and vibrancy you want.
  13. A couple of weeks ago was in Aldi and saw bags of coffee beans on the shelf, expresso rated at 5. Tried them and they are really good. Very creamy and give a good head on cappuccinos. Tried beans from several places, some expensive and some not. Worth a try and if you don't like them, it won't have cost you a lot!
  14. Totally agree! Before buying my Denon PMA2500NE Amp. I looked as usual at several different makes and read a really good review on a McIntosh integrated. Like you thought it looked cheap and nasty, although never viewed it in the flesh. Found a review on a German website and the reviewer couldn't figure out why it had knobs that looked like they came off a cheap 1960s transistor radio. Recently agonised over a Rega Planar 8 and a Project Xtension 10. Bought the Project on it's looks. The Rega looked identical to the cheapest turntable they make. Any consumer item, not just HiFi should look good as well as performing. Too many tines over the last 50+ years have I waited in anticipation, opened the box and thought is that it? My vote for the most useless and boring bit of HiFi, I've bought goes to the Avid Pulsus preamp. Knew I should have bought a Primaire preamp instead and didn't. Another point with the Pulsus, was those stupid little switches underneath for impedance matching. Had to use my glasses screwdriver to change the settings. Never made any difference to the sound anyway. Another sale on EBAY and £400 out of pocket.
  15. In Aldi the other day and bought some Alcafe Expresso Beans (5). Surprisingly good and at less than £2 for 227 grams, well worth a try. Nicely rich and creamy!