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  1. For me, this list changes as I discover more great albums.If I had to choose a top 5, and this is in no particular order, I'd go with:1) Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division. Never heard anything like it. An album reflective of Ian Curtis' thoughts and feelings.2) Low - David Bowie. I'm a big Bowie fan. For me, it used to be all about Ziggy Starsust and Hunky Dory. As time goes on, you appreciate how much the man had balls. Always flirting with the unknown. Low took me 5 listens for me to get it. The depth of this album is fantastic. The atmospheric last few songs are a treat.3) The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths. "Morrissey is miserable" they said. There's great humour in this album. It's a work of art.4) Surfer Rosa - Pixies. Many say Doolittle was their best album. I'm sorry but if you produce a song as good as 'Where Is My Mind', that will automatically propel forth any album it appears on. Wonderful 'alternative rock' album.5) Nevermind - Nirvana. It's raw and full of angst.This was a hard list. I'm a big Beatles and Led Zeppelin fan. To exclude some of their albums was difficult. At the same time, there were many albums that could have made my list. No doubt, my opinion will change in 10 years time.What's your top 5, and why?
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