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  1. I know this is a 'dead' thread but hopefully might get a reply. I bought a pair of the Vogue Classic which eventually arrived a few weeks ago and I'm wondering what specific effect the Troels Gravesen crossover has?
  2. I dont use wireless much but I kept losing signal at the far end of the house and had an idea there was something interfering in the signal path. I separated the 2g and 5g channels and connected the kitchen tablet to the 5g channel and the problem has gone. I have a few legacy devices tied to 2g but I think the main problem is the microwave causing dropout. Worth a go before you splash any cash. Also try and find Inssider for Windows which will analyze your channels and traffic, and advise of any action to take to improve things which is also very easy to do in the router.
  3. Those LS look beautiful.. I think I would've bought them but Wilmslow Audio are just finishing off a pair of Vogue Classic speakers I ordered a month ago. Front firing which was a must-have for me as they have to go close to rear walls, hopefully they'll sound AGATL.
  4. When I digitised my vinyl many decades ago I had a Technics SL7 linear tracker, previous to that I had a GL78 which was good but inconsistent compared to the SL7. I would go with the 'borrow or rent a top TT' advice and do it.
  5. FWIW I replaced (wherever I could ) the stock valves with Mullards in my Vincent SV237 amp and KHV-1 headphone amp (ECC83). Differences were very subtle but more noticeable in the midrange detail. This is where my ears seem to be 'frequency focusing' these days, for the price they're worth a punt. Edit the bass end sounded more defined after the swapout but seemed to lose a bit of its leading edge in my set-up, however... after trying an Arcam D33 and the Vincent DAC7 to replace an Audiolab MDAC I went with the Vincent which utilises the AKM DAC chip and has a tube/FET switch but that wasn't the only reason for choosing.
  6. Will the Mac allow a video input from the Shield? If so that would work a treat. A TV is not required just a screen, tablet, etc. The other option is 'casting' to a receiver but I don't think we're going to get that far.
  7. The manual? What TV?.. I think some clarification would be good here. Yours would be the first studio I went in with no screen. You must have a screen somewhere.
  8. I have no idea about Bluesound or Mac hardware. Plex will run on your Mac, Android tablet and everything else, it is not OS specific. You will need a screen of some sort so a cheap tablet or whatever would suffice. The one thing a lot of people find hard to comprehend is that Plex can be installed on different OS in your home network, but they will all talk to each other and play ball. For free. I've heard Plex on Apple hardware can be a bugger to set up but they want you to pay for farting so nothing new there.
  9. There is only one hardware media player for audio and video rips and that is the Nvidia Shield, in my own and many many others opinion. Ready to go as a Plex server and can be used as a Kodi server, just point it to your hard drive. Job done. Edit setting up a Plex or Kodi server does not duplicate your files and you do not need additional HD space, it just makes a 'register' of your current files.
  10. You should be running Plex server from the NUC.
  11. Well uzzy.. some wonderful quotes in there. Stay safe, we can beat this shit
  12. The point is fourlegs you have invested a lot of money into something. To justify that is up to you, whether it sounds better to others is not.
  13. Oh I'm serious. I'm fed up of all this bullshit.