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  1. You should be running Plex server from the NUC.
  2. Well uzzy.. some wonderful quotes in there. Stay safe, we can beat this shit
  3. The point is fourlegs you have invested a lot of money into something. To justify that is up to you, whether it sounds better to others is not.
  4. Oh I'm serious. I'm fed up of all this bullshit.
  5. So fourlegs I await your comment, if any.
  6. Nooo I meant the wall they are pointed at
  7. Dexter.. lets go round to his place 20K? Someone has a lot of moolah and/or bullshit.
  8. paulkebab

    Ooh, no

    I rest my case. fk off
  9. paulkebab

    Ooh, no

    Thank you Rabski, my sentiments indeed. Just before I get nasty to our idiots.
  10. paulkebab

    Ooh, no

    Never mind all that I want some proof. mentt would you just do one please.
  11. Sell all that shit, I had wobbly vinyl 30 years ago.. bastards.