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  1. I had a Grundig TS945 back in the early 80's with which you could overdub any track, had lots of fun with that but I bought it mainly to record radio shows via a supplied dongle, and a normal mains timer. I didnt think it sounded better than my turntable, the closest tape got to that was with a Nakamichi Deck 2 with TDK metal cassettes. I had real trouble A/B testing that setup.
  2. Ooo nice, maybe Steve is still contemplating a nice mk lll?
  3. Thank you very much anyway. It might progress, you never know.
  4. Yes and network/internet capable too, I just don't use it enough and would rather have another hifi nut get some proper use of it.
  5. As new, unmarked in original packaging with original unused accessories. I used it on holiday once and it's rarely been used since, apart from a quick play and recharge every month or so. Reset to factory defaults and includes a 16g micro SD to start your collection. If you need any more pics etc just ask. £235 inc postage in UK only.
  6. I have a hardly-used Fiio X5 III with all original packaging, I used it once on holiday and its not really done anything since, this is more than just an mp3 player though, but if you're interested PM me.
  7. Local files only? Have a look at the Nvidia Shield. Plays anything local, and I mean anything up to 4K video resolution. I have 18Tb running through it via Plex and it serves my whole house. Now, because it serves video the output is HDMI, but I got a converter from Amazon - HDMI to optical which serves my hi-fi setup, £15 or thereabouts. Don't take my word for it though, do some research on Gargoyle.
  8. Critically acclaimed as their best album but not my absolute top ELP album, lots of memories however.. like my wrists being able to follow Palmer's beats! Seems to be the in thing to describe hardware so its ripped CD to FLAC> Nvidia Shield>Vincent KHV-1> Oppo PM 1/ Shure SRH 1450
  9. I'm selling my IPL S2tlm floorstanders but not interested in a swap. Oak veneer finish but they really need re-doing and I have new sheets of oak veneer, however the old veneer could be taken off and cabs sprayed gloss black. PM if interested.
  10. It was just a wild guess, messing about with EQ sort of tamed the issue but never fully cured it. A run of REW showed more accurately what was happening via waterfall graphs ( although I don't in any way claim to fully understand it! ) so further messing about with timing actually made more difference than any of the EQ settings. The EQ settings were sort of right in that the volume level of the afflicted frequency range was reduced hence a partial cure. The room is not symmetrical and also has a large open fireplace for the sound to bounce back into and back out again so an educated guess pai
  11. Couldn't live without mine, also cured a time-domain issue on one channel.
  12. Completely agree. My 'go-to' headphones are the Shure SRH1540, very comfortable and light. If I wanna go 'serious' its the Oppo PM1's, a bit heavier but still comfortable, can handle ridiculous amounts of power and have amazing detail but not so much that you feel on the outside of the music. I have to EQ both pairs slightly down in the midrange but my ears are degrading now. What I can say is the Grado 325's have a lovely detailed sound but they got quite harsh pretty quickly in my ears relative to input volume, so I moved those on. The best thing about headphones is there's nothin
  13. I know this is a 'dead' thread but hopefully might get a reply. I bought a pair of the Vogue Classic which eventually arrived a few weeks ago and I'm wondering what specific effect the Troels Gravesen crossover has?
  14. I dont use wireless much but I kept losing signal at the far end of the house and had an idea there was something interfering in the signal path. I separated the 2g and 5g channels and connected the kitchen tablet to the 5g channel and the problem has gone. I have a few legacy devices tied to 2g but I think the main problem is the microwave causing dropout. Worth a go before you splash any cash. Also try and find Inssider for Windows which will analyze your channels and traffic, and advise of any action to take to improve things which is also very easy to do in the router.
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