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  1. No one? Might be the wrong forum hey.
  2. Looking at getting a pair but not 100% convinced to spend the money yet. what do you think of them? what do you use them for?
  3. Went to Bartlett's in London yesterday to check out the Ruark MR1 mk2s and see what other gear they had. Ripper little speaker but not quite what I'm after in terms of quality. Spoke with them for a while about different options and determined that with simplicity of setup in mind, I'd be better off getting a well tuned set of active speakers that have almost everything with them, no faff. Tried a set of Dynaudio Xeo2's and I was finally, pleasantly surprised. They're right up my alley. I was right to be reluctant to try them because I realise now I need to spend more to get the quality I'm after. But man, the price tag! With that said, I can sense you all with a load of better options for my money so have at me, what sort of amp+speaker combo (with bluetooth) would you spend your money on if the budget is now £1200?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Jamie, the Jim Rogers JR149's look beautiful mate. I just listened to the Q Acoustics 3010s, 3020s, Wharfedale Diamonds and Dali Spektor, and I've got to say I wasn't all that wow'd. Edit: Just checked out the Thorens TD150 mk2, really love where you're going with this setup.
  5. Even I knew that. Leading toward the second hand route, I need to delve deeper to get some better gear. I was resigning to the fact that I could get some ok stuff to start out with and worry about going down the rabbit hole later. Still need to build a vinyl collection.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I've certainly come to the right place for advice. What I'm getting from most of this is that you're not really wowed by my selection of gear, I thought i was on the money for starting out but I might my better off putting some time into researching and looking on the second hand market. Right now I'm not too concerned about the 'rich sound' appreciation factor that comes with top-class systems, the fact that I can reconnect with my music and increase appreciation by purchasing and taking care of vinyls is enough for me. I'll take a look at the Mission Cyrus and Teac A-H500 but they're not the smallest of amps. Anyone had experience with an Amptastic amp? Or am I speaking to the wrong crowd? https://www.amptastic.com
  7. You're on they money Lurch and if I had more knowledge of gear I'd do exactly that. Problem is I'm starting from scratch so unless I smart up quick, I can only really go on current reviews and testing at my local Richer Sounds. For me right now there's no difference between a lazy susan and a Gerrard 401.
  8. Hi guys, I've come to the forum for advice after recommendations of being one of the best UK hifi/audio forums around. I'm finally looking to join the vinyl gang, it's been a long time coming. A lot of gear has changed since I first did some research on this so I'm brushing up on what might be some decent entry hardware. My budget is about £500. My mind is in two at the moment, I don't need to fill an auditorium, just an average 5x5 size room but I do want it to be a very unobtrusive, small footprint system. Here's what I've pieced together for best quality with little footprint: Pro-Ject Audio Systems Primary Phono USB Hi-Fi Turntable £228 Q Acoustics 3020 Compact Bookshelf Speaker £179 Total £407 What I'm looking for is an amp to suit, I don't have a lot of cash left over so I've been looking at mini T amps. The Topping TP23 gets a mention in THIS article on The Master Switch. They actually recommend the Orb Audio Mini-T but it's not available in the UK or costly to ship. It will save me a lot of cash and seems to get a good wrap but its about the only recommendation I can find on it which is why I'm coming to you. What are your thoughts on cheap amps for this setup, keeping in mind the smallest footprint possible? Or Should I go the ultra-compact route, forget the amp and speakers and get a pair of Audioengine A2+ Speakers? And upgrade later in life when I want more from my vinyl. All thoughts welcome.
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