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  1. Hmm, looks like a lesser bling edition Ruby looking at the pictures with no XLR’s. Pity.
  2. Spoke to PT today and there is a few months lead time on the SA-10 due to component sourcing for manufacture. Almost feels like made to order.
  3. Thanks, I will give them a call. Cheers.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I will look into it and do my usual online investigations. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the link. I have read it and it appears that the SA-10 is a quality player for both CD & SACD. I believe the Ruby is a step up from my SA-14 and then the SA-10 Is a step up again. What draws me to the SA-10 is the XLR outs which are supposed to make this unit stand out with regards detail and sound stage and as I have recently changed my pre amp to a MBL C11 I can connect via XLR. It is something I want to try but it is an expensive test but as Lurch has stated I could use the distance selling laws to my advantage. Cheers.
  6. I may be in a similar position to you as I run Kef Reference Model 4.2’s which may have a similar sound to your Harbeth’s. I did notice a substantial improvement when I upgraded my CD-17 KI Sig to the SA-14 S1 SE with regards to CD playback. I am wondering if I would get the same improvement if I upgraded to the SA-10 from my SA-14 for SACD an CD? For me this would justify the cost. Cheers.
  7. I was considering this option but decided against due to hd info not being transmitted over coax or fibre to a dac. Cheers.
  8. I still have m LP’s and CD’s but stupidly gave my cassette’s away. I have mostly owned Marantz for CD/SACD playback but it is an awful lot of money for the SA-10. On a positive it would be the last player I would purchase. Hmm.
  9. Thanks for the information as I was not aware of that restriction. I have not ventured into the streaming options as I prefer to physically own a copy of the medium I am listening to although I can only imagine that the quality playback is as good as SACD etc. It would be a viable alternative and would also be the less expensive option given the quandary I find myself in wondering how I could sell the upgrade to my immediate boss.! Cheers.
  10. Looking further into this option I have discovered that the SACD HD information is not broadcasted via the coaxial or fibre outputs from the SA-14 player according to the owners manual which would negate the external dac option for me, although I have no doubt all other formats could be deemed as better sounding. I have a few sacd albums and would want them to replay in all of their hd glory. Looking more likely that I will need to purchase the SA-10. However, I don’t know what I could tell swmbo to pull this off.! Cheers.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences thus far. I was hoping for a night and day difference with regards the SA-10 to help me justify the expenditure. Like all things it appears not to be a cut and dry situation. I just wish we had a dealer locally so I could carry out a home demonstration. Hmm.
  12. Thanks for the response and insight into the Hugo TT2 which I will look into. Just out of interest how did the SA-14 compare against the Ruby? The reason for looking into the SA-10 is the XLR outs as well as the possible better presentation of sound but that would be matched by the Hugo.
  13. Evening all, I was wondering about the SA-10 and has anyone compared it to the SA-14 S1 SE? I currently own the SA-14 which is connected to my MBL C11 and the sound is good but I fear a rather expensive upgradinitus is on the horizon and have been looking at the SA-10 for the last 2 years. I’m wondering how much better it can be but because of my location I cannot carry out a side by side comparison at home. Has anyone had the chance to listen to both and offer me their opinion? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi Julian, sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. I used to have Sony covering CD duties and then ended up going over to Marantz. Started with a CD-17 KI Sig (still have it in the bedroom system) and moved to a SA-14 S1 SE which is still in my main system. I rate the SA-14 under the guise of value for money but I am probably biased to the Marantz sound having lived with them for over twenty years. I am trying to pluck up the courage to go for the SA-10 but am sure SWMBO would not appreciate the outlay.! Just wanted to put some options into your equation as the Marantz spinners are very good and worth an audition. Good luck with your search as Wammers do have some rather nice kit. Cheers.