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  1. You could have just looked at some charts and saved yourself some time.
  2. Amazing. The important thing is that you are happy with the end result. I'm glad I only had one demo and heard one set of speakers...
  3. Very close! I'm not sure about a phono stage. I believe it was optional and I've no idea if it has it or not as it's not something I have used. It's in fantastic condition, original box, etc.
  4. Bloody hell... ordered last week, arriving this coming week...
  5. I am sure there are plenty of people with excellent technical knowledge there, but the ranting and what appeared to be a predetermined opinion that they set out to prove was a bit off-putting. The bit in bold is the most important bit and something we should all agree on. We all have different ears and different sensitivities and if someone finds a particular component works for them then they are right. If it doesn't work for someone else then they are also right.
  6. I am going to, I was just curious to see what double-blind tests Keith had done to determine that the M-Scaler does nothing, as it was quite a bold statement. It seems that his statement is based on the thread at ASR. I doubt it will do nothing but, as ever, whether it is worth having is entirely subjective. I think that is what this focus on measurements misses - they are trying to make this entirely objective but we are talking about listening to music and it has to be a subjective decision, albeit that some measurements could be useful. Some machines speak to us and connect with us on a level that's not intellectual and some people are more sensitive to these things than others.
  7. Keith, it's really quite rude to say that everyone here believes all marketing from manufacturer's. It sounds like you used to be quite naive. So you listened to the DAVE with and without the M-Scaler and you noticed absolutely no difference in the sound? Or you just heard them together?
  8. That's not really a discussion. I am still interested to know what DACs you have heard it with, or is your opinion based on the ASR 'discussion'? I really don't want a laptop and if it's indistinguishable then the streamer will do the job just fine.
  9. That was my understanding and it doesn't seem like anything I need at the moment. The Auralic Vega G2 is 'a Roon Ready endpoint'. A brief search seems to also indicate that my Aries Mini can be used with Roon. So I've got that going for me...
  10. What DACs did you try the M-Scaler with?
  11. I agree about the interface being important Keith. You refer to a streamer as a 'stripped down computer' as if that's a bad thing. Surely it should only have what it needs for the purpose that it serves.
  12. That might be one of my favourite comments so far.
  13. NAD's not for me Martin. For streaming, what would Roon give me that Lightning DS doesn't?