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  1. Shouldn't you support your bricks and mortar stores? I'm sure they would appreciate that much business and there should be one that will let you home demo. Let us know how it goes.
  2. Why not do it like @tuga and not use cables?
  3. Why would you be looking on their website? Do they sell them directly?
  4. Nearly 50 pages and the OP still doesn't know what DAC to get... oh, wait.
  5. You clearly haven't quite got the hang of the forum yet. This thread ceased to be about you a long time ago.
  6. Which begs the question... why are you putting so much effort into it?
  7. @TheFlash If only there was a forum where people could bang on about measurements and convince themselves that's all that matters...
  8. Done that and the difference was there.
  9. Logic is what will have determined the solution. What you want is measurements. You’re not entitled to them and I would guess that if you are presented with measurements that show a difference you will simply say the difference is too small to have any impact on what the listener will hear, so it’s probably pointless to provide them.
  10. I would suggest you wouldn’t necessarily notice it but you would notice the difference in sound quality when it’s removed.
  11. Assuming nothing has changed since I last looked, the difference isn't in what they do at different prices but the cable materials and connections used - different materials and connectors have different price points. Shocking...
  12. Maybe you could clarify what exactly is in your system? It would be interesting and help to provide some context. 100K is a lot of "cheap and cheerful".
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