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  1. Does this same principle apply to third-party power supplies that are not approved for use by the manufacturer? There goes your pimping thread @TheFlash, along with this very thread!
  2. Not even Volvo would have thought anyone dreamed of owning one.
  3. No problem. My response wasn't really about whether you want to use wired or wireless - I was simply saying that Sablon cables are rather good.
  4. Grab it if the price is right. Their ethernet cable makes a surprising difference as well and they are nicely made. I'm using the 2020 usb and ethernet.
  5. I'm using a Samsung 950A and it's actually pretty good.
  6. I leave mine plugged in all night... It can be warmed up before I get in it, which all uses electricity. A to B is a dull way of looking at cars.
  7. I got one because it was tax efficient and cheap to charge. It’s no longer cheap to charge on long runs, the journey takes 40% longer and I can’t stand it so it’s going. Back to proper cars for me while I still can.
  8. You mean like our glorious leaders flying with all of their staff from all around the world for a climate summit? Haven’t they heard of telephones and video conferencing?
  9. It won't last long as I've already left and moved to the Czech Republic.
  10. Yes, that vote of yours really makes a difference. Is the student's champion, Nick Clegg, still enjoying his position at Facebook? I've no time for any of them and it's got worse since they deemed it perfectly acceptable to have business interests while being in positions of power. Awful people, without exception (it's just a matter of degrees). I probably shouldn't have had that third coffee...
  11. Changes will only happen when they can be monetised. Do we really think shipping parts all around the world to build EVs and then charging them, dealing with batteries, etc, is better for the environment than using different fuels for combustion engines? EVs are very profitable - even charging stations represent a huge margin for the providers now that they've done away with the initial rates. It's nice to see Porsche investing in this. There was an interesting video on Harry's Garage showing engines producing water. That seems far better than EV. Turning amps off might make people feel good and save some pennies but there are far greater issues to deal with and turning those amps off isn't going to save the planet in my opinion. Not that climate change is something that can be entirely avoided anyway. Sure, it all adds up, but these things compared to the other issues and ever increasing populations, requirements for food, etc, are of far greater significance.
  12. What? I thought globalisation was supposed to be good (and not just for shareholders). Container shipping pumps out some seriously nasty stuff.
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