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  1. Thank you for that. I hadn't dismissed your suggestion and the DAC looks very interesting! But.. it is currently out of stock and apparently will be discontinued soon.. however I havnt dismissed it all together
  2. Thanks for comments and suggestions I've enquired about the above My dilemma now is that I have the Atlantic plus here on demo (coming to an end) and have to say I love it. It creates alot of space and air around each component of the sound it really gets close to my analogue source Id be very happy with it in my system .. but... It's very much at the very top of my budget And I'm wondering how close something like the AN DAC 2.1x or the ANK 2.1x would get me to this sound .. as the 2.1x kit listed is nearly a 3rd of the proce of the Atlantic Any thoughts from anyone that may have heard all 3?
  3. HI could i get a quote for the following. aqpologies if some have been asked for or already gone elbow - little friction adelle 21 nillson - harry and liam gallagher - why me ed sheeran - divide nillson - a little schmillson in the night norah jones - come away wiht me coolio - gangsters paradise the streets - agrand dont come for free coldplay -parachutes florence and the machine - lungs nwa - straight outta compton ian dury - new boots and panties adelle 25 jamie t - trick jay z - black album christine and the queens toploader onkas big mocha dizzee rascal thanks
  4. Hi all Will shortly be looking for a DAC for my mostly vinyl system Have a Couple to audition this coming couple of weeks. Namely An 1.1x Sig Lampizator Atlantic plus With that in mind I wondered what may be around pre-owned.. Very interested in something like an audio note DAC/dddac/ entry level lampi/boarder patrol Open to offers and suggestions Many thanks
  5. HI tried to message you about these but it wont send. can you pm me please many thanks