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  1. Hiya, Could i ask, where did you send this to be recapped? Thanks Rick
  2. I have recently built my own power cables using very similar components to MG cables. If push comes to shove, i could make you something up out of the extra bits i ordered? They would be made with high quality 2.5mm shielded cable, decent plugs, decent IEC etc and fully tested by myself (I am a charted Electrical Engineer). I think i even have some silver plated plugs / fuses / IEC's left over if you wanted something a bit posher. Just as an option if you are struggling. Cheers Ricky
  3. Hi all, I currently have a MiniDSP DDRC-24 and would like to upgrade to a SHD (mainly for the form factor) Does anyone have one they they would like to part with? Thanks Ricky
  4. Hiya :-) Can this be used as a straight from cd player? I.e can it play cd's without ripping them first? Thanks Rick
  5. Personally I would love to hear them, I am sure something can be sorted out with the rooms.
  6. I am not quite sure to be honest. We turned up, walked over to the bar to grab a drink and were told it was a private party and that the Wam had booked the hotel for the weekend. The bar staff went and fetched another fella and he confirmed that it was a private party. I explained that we were there for the show on Sunday and were led to believe that we could have a browse and a chill on Saturday night. This didn't wash and we compromised on us being able to watch the football in the bar area. To be fair to them, we didn't look like your typical hifi fans. We are both heavy set, my mate had a cap on and was roughly shaven etc. I think the chap was concerned that we would rob the place as he was saying he didn't have a clue who we are and was explaining that there was a lot of expensive gear in the rooms (obviously that couldn't be further from the truth as it was our 3rd year at the event and its our favourite of the year). I just want to save the same embarrassment this year if i am honest as it felt a bit judgemental. Cheers Rick
  7. I was told a similar thing last year but when we turned up on Saturday night for a browse we were told that it was for people who were stopping there only :-(
  8. Will there be rooms available for the non exibitors on Saturday night too? Me and my friend stayed at the hotel just up the road last year but fancy getting a bit more involved on Saturday night this year. Thanks Rick
  9. No problems mate :-) Thanks for the response. I would happily buy new but it looks like they come with soldered links instead of the jumpers for changing the volume control use. Tip
  10. Slightly - I don't suppose this is still for sale is it?
  11. Hi all, Are there any rooms available for visitors ? I would love to have a walk around on the Saturday night with a Brandy. Cheers Tip