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  1. Absolutely brilliant . Funny as hell. Didnt realise until the end my childhood first loves son directed it. Hate Mills , He's so good at everything.
  2. Make sure you cut off you month free trial at least 5 days before hand or you will get charged. They are French. bit like Naim 🚽
  3. Believe and pay for what you want. Take no notice of Wat I say..Its just my point of view . So many sites are now doing what HDT started off doing. Up scaling everything and people still don't get it 🤕🚽🙃😂
  4. The good friend that introduced me and many others to that brilliant album when it was first released passed away a few months ago.. Needs to be played LOUD for Del.🍺
  5. Just checking your not being Ironic above again before my next post?
  6. True , Went off topic days ago when refugees from Linn forum started posting about Sgt Peppers and getting personal.
  7. Have you ever seen Mark Live with his different bands or on his own ? He reached a point for me around 5 years ago where he should of taken a couple of years off time out.
  8. Like the artwork but after a good listen to the promo CD . I think this is where I draw the line under MUSE. Its my Muse album cut off point. Its just to same old same old. That said I bet the live shows will be exceptional .
  9. My most played since the day they were released are Wild Life and Ram can't choose between them. Wild Life is a masterpiece IMO . Ram is just a very special wonderful lovely album. McCartney comes in a close second for its loveliness .
  10. I Have been a big fan of Rival Sons from the moment I first set eyes on this LP cover artwork. Another band I would loved to have seen play live.