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  1. hi, honestly,I dont know.You can stream music from computer etc .I just attached the manual.Hope this help stream_iii.pdf
  2. Up for sale Leema acoustics stream 3 cd player/ dac in very good cond ,few very light marks on top,made in UK in 2017.Price is £320 free delivery! The Stream CD player / DAC has extra inputs (USB, coax, 2x optical and MP3), so can also be used as (separate) DAC for other external sources, this is also phenomenal in terms of musicality, warm and unbelievable detail and free of a digital edge. Comes with printed manual,power cable,cant find the remote(will be included if I find it) anyway you can order one direct from Leema factory or use a universal remote. Specifications Drive Audio optimised tray-loading Philips VAM assembly Digital to analogue conversion: 16 x 24 bit / 192 kHz Crystal CS454x multi-bit delta sigma converters Analogue output level 0 dBFS (0 dB Full Scale) :Unbalanced 2.3 V RMS Digital output:SPDIF RCA phono coaxial Frequency response :5 Hz - 20 kHz +0.0 / -0.4 dB Output Noise :> 103 dB below 0 dBFS Distortion @ 1 kHz 0 dBFS :< 0.005% Crosstalk (10 Hz - 20 kHz) :Better than -90 dB Total jitter:< 300 pS 1 kHz jitter < 30 pS Resolution:-100 dB +/- 0.2 dB Crosstalk (10 Hz - 20 kHz):Better than -90 dB Power Supply Six fully regulated power rails Weight:10 kg Dimensions (W x H x D):435 mm x 90 mm x 330 mm This CD player features an all-new slot loading transport which is controlled by Leema's own custom firmware providing secure and reliable disc handling and the best retrieval of the digital information stored on the disc, with less jitter and digital error than could be achieved off-the-shelf drives and software. The new Leema Quad DAC is a further refinement of Leema's own highly successful MD² Multi-DAC giving a shorter signal path and even better performance. A new feature for the Stream III is the addition of four digital inputs. These allow the connection of external digital components so that the award-winning performance for Leema is reknowned can now be extended to achieve stunning results from a whole range of digital devices such as Sky TV, the Sonos music server, and the Sony PS3. The new Stream III features a USB digital output which enables bit-perfect digital archiving. Leema's new Navimech system provides delightfully simple and intuitive control. The elegantly svelte fascia is machined from solid aluminium to the exacting standards of Leema's state-of-the-art metalworker, who spends his time when not producing Leema panels, machining critical engine and suspension components for the leading Formula 1 racing teams.
  3. JVC XRCD fantastic recording,original product !25£ inc delivery.http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/music/reviews/rev095.htm