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  1. and signing out with a couple of absolute bangers from Holy Fuck
  2. OK, that was surprisingly good; well worth the price of admission. Now on to another half decent Album -
  3. A well designed, well maintained TT, of any flavour, will do exactly what a well designed TT should do. IME, price is a factor too, not definitively, but you do usually get what you pay for in this game. I have owned many, many TT's, high and low end, could happily have lived with some of them, band (not so many), idler and DD, but have come to the conclusion that DD is for me. Equally as important, to me, is removable headshells, as changing cartridge is nothing short of a chore.
  4. My money is on Vinyl and band lead digital download / distribution sites such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I also love the Cassette medium, but that's me.
  5. Sorry, do I know you ? You appear to have lost some Radiance
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