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  1. Adaptors will still have the uk plug + schuko,so prob sound worse. tbh prob better off fitting schuko in place of uk plugs if possible. You can have if req a uk plug\fuse on lead feeding block. Recently been using a gigawatt power strip for av, for ok cost (£200) it is a well built does what it says on tin product. re connectors I gather iego are good vfm, I use all Oyaide but can be expensive. best two way schuko bar (not many two way)I found is the furutech ncf duplex, I got my one modified from Akiko audio, not cheap but effects are wholly positive.
  2. Loved my pair, as you say like power, had mine with quad 909 very nice.
  3. I schlepped one of these from ship to ship for six years in the eighties, can’t believe how many cassettes I use to carry around.
  4. Kevin used them (using veneered 15mm green chipboard) stacked 4 or 5 deep I think. Made for a very inert lump. I did have similar under my Kuzma in mid naughties. thought thinking was the irregular structure broke up energy, and like carbon fibre the lighter the better. Though five of the plinths definitive used was a bloody heavy lump. i now go for opposite extreme, low mass and minimal contact without using spikes. The brinkmann come with granite plinths so no choice there. the one I still use is only 1 cm thick and very light, so dissipates energy quickly. It’s on stillpoints s
  5. Still use a thin veneered chipboard board that got from definitive 15 years back. Seems to release energy and has virtually no sound of its own, has seen of several expensive alternatives. Made from green fire resistant chipboard.
  6. Not my taste (I don’t like spikes) but impressive, ocd done properly! My rack is similarly dominant of presence, just shinier.
  7. The mana kit looks like the audio equivalent of a stealth bomber, the sme looks awesome.
  8. Still remember stacking singles and the stylus that flipped over, happy days.
  9. When I say not heard full potential, what I mean is they clearly show and benefit from each system upgrade and I’ve yet to not hear improvement with every upgrade. After trying few speakers with 025 found the w8 ticked all my boxes, detail without sterility, musicality, tonally correct,and unfussy about musical styles. And they can boogy, happy to turn up wick without hardness, the way they fill space without giving away their location is spooky. Went ott on supports but I think it works superbly, tried few options, the 2in thick black walnut bases were ordered from a local carpenter,
  10. My first love, I hooked two together in mistaken belief I would get stereo.
  11. Secret to dance is confidence, if you do it with enuf bravado it’s contagious. If in doubt go large.
  12. Wow, considering relative newness of brand this is a huge fan\owner corner. Love mine, don’t think I’ve reached the full potential yet.
  13. Still think worst example of unimaginative rhythm (four to the floor) is the dance music industry, prob is have you seen five thousand white guys trying to dance to anything that is not a simple four four beat.
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