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  1. The Rab knows his stuff. Many amps are not worth the effort of nos tubes, they are often ‘voiced’ to sound best\ok with modern products, or their affect on sound is no more than ornamental. I think pathos are not one I’ve tried but their circuit is unusual, not sure if it responds to nos kit. At top end all usual comments about German tubes holds true, valvo are a good bet, unfashionable but good value. Personally in last three amps I ended up with 2 each seimens and amperex, I like the blend of poppy amperex and soulful seimens . Prob most expensive as well. Order of use depends on what I’ve got, at moment its seimens longplates and bugle boys. A good value option are rca tubes , the 82 clear tops are Musical bargains, and 83 black plates are good value. Both fraction of cost of euro produce.
  2. Keeping one as a just in case spare.
  3. it’s heavy enuf to have its own gravity well, I’m sure I’ve seen pets been dragged towards it. Ps I still have rel leads and multi pin connector
  4. It’s size of a small chest of drawers, takes some hiding!
  5. Gone to the man in green
  6. Had this monster lurking in spare room for too long. Free to anyone willing to pickup, it weighs about 130lbs all in, black ash works fine, no box but has glass coffee table top
  7. One of few bikes both where both my feet touch ground [shortarse]
  8. I have two, I think silver plated, pay for post and put fiver in poor box and it’s yours.
  9. What about 47 labs, don’t know prices, but sound wise gorgeous with Homs
  10. Had much Entreq, grounding is there thang, cables not so much, it’s why many dealers only stock grounding kit. In end I thought Entreq effective but sucks out musics energy with noise.
  11. Do you mean this, I have two wattgate type,
  12. Townsend racks, great idea terrible build and reliability. Tbh love his kit and owned most Pioneer stuff, but fit and finish really poor. my gripe is mega money kit that arrives in flimsy packaging, if Resolution audio can do it [opus 21] so can others
  13. REM’s best? That or new adventures in hi fi,
  14. Considering I just Sold a Entreq challenger power cord for more that the cost of the Sugden, it must be a bargain. I’d have but more pressing deals to do. Good luck.