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  1. Great cart but need funds to fund repair of my much loved vdh grasshoppper which needs collapsed cantilever mended.
  2. Can be used as floor standing speaker supports or under kit on rack. Has peek bars and three legs on each support,,were £500+ new I recall. £175 now.
  3. Bought as a spare but never used, with box and docs, £350, half price .
  4. You should see the old brown rubber silver cable, looks like 1950s light flex.
  5. Trying to hunt down some kondo spc, copper cable, preferably the older brown jacket type. 3m + thanks
  6. Been away sorting health and system. Richard and I are talking again, he has been a gent thru all this. Just a couple of msgs we have exchanged to show how things have progressed. Hi Richard In replacing loom with dnm wires (the balanced i\c for £100 slaughters or matches anything within £1000) found they seem to have a affinity with vitus, (who’d have guessed) granted the hfc provides more detail and tighter images but dnm Match is so musical you forget about hifi, I will in time replace but not in such a hurry now. Also took big leap and went sideways speaker wise and swapped the ideas for a pair of ex dem Boenicke w8se (Same new retail cost) much more suited to my tastes. They look like toys, really small. I feel they let vitus breathe, slightly easier load but same sensitivity . But main diff is tonality, in class A you’d swear it was big single ended valves in the room, but with real wallop and presence. The system now is shockingly good, even internet mp2 radio6 is addictive thru nyquist. the kit you supplied was good no question, but I feel their was a lot more hiding behind the hfc cabling, just took a very long time to realise my lovely £25k cabling loom was for me strangling system, it’s diff to admit that big a error in purchase and accept the cheaper alternative was a better fit. Audio jewellery? Anyway that is I think a fair result for us all, maybe proves we all need to listen more, and trust ears. Ta 4 help getting there. ‘Ok good news about the Bardot Laurie and points taken on board about the system. I am so glad it's all working out so well now‘. Richard thanks to those who stopped me saying ott things, I was in a bad place earlier in year. hopefully things can only get better, ta flo
  7. The Rab knows his stuff. Many amps are not worth the effort of nos tubes, they are often ‘voiced’ to sound best\ok with modern products, or their affect on sound is no more than ornamental. I think pathos are not one I’ve tried but their circuit is unusual, not sure if it responds to nos kit. At top end all usual comments about German tubes holds true, valvo are a good bet, unfashionable but good value. Personally in last three amps I ended up with 2 each seimens and amperex, I like the blend of poppy amperex and soulful seimens . Prob most expensive as well. Order of use depends on what I’ve got, at moment its seimens longplates and bugle boys. A good value option are rca tubes , the 82 clear tops are Musical bargains, and 83 black plates are good value. Both fraction of cost of euro produce.
  8. Keeping one as a just in case spare.
  9. it’s heavy enuf to have its own gravity well, I’m sure I’ve seen pets been dragged towards it. Ps I still have rel leads and multi pin connector
  10. It’s size of a small chest of drawers, takes some hiding!
  11. Gone to the man in green
  12. Had this monster lurking in spare room for too long. Free to anyone willing to pickup, it weighs about 130lbs all in, black ash works fine, no box but has glass coffee table top