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  1. Timbo21

    Amp crackles

    Thanks for the consideration
  2. Timbo21

    Amp crackles

    Yes, I thought power section too because volume didn't affect. No idea about capacitors, but sounds valid. It works perfectly well, just a bit annoying.
  3. Timbo21

    Amp crackles

    There’s no way to bypass the pre and just access the power amp unfortunately
  4. Timbo21

    Amp crackles

    Hope someone can give me some pointers on this one please. My amp is a Pathos Inpol 2, which is valve pre-amp and solid state class A power. When I turn it on I get intermittent crackles on the right hand side. They're more of an intermittent bubbling type of crackle, not the high static type. Once the amp is warmed up they cease. I have swapped the L&R valves over and it stays on the right. Also, if I plug LHS speaker to right terminals it's still there, so def the amp. Volume doesn't affect it, and doesn't matter what input. I have tried disconnecting everything, bar the speakers.
  5. From my experience, playing files from a computer can sound pretty poor. Depending on how 'choosey' you are about digital playback it may not be as good as your Arcam CD player. It took quite a lot of changes before I arrived at a digital system I was happy with. I now have a Bluesound Node 2 with USB HDD attached (sounds a lot better than files played from my MacBook via USB), feeding a Chord Hugo 2 via coaxial spdif, all bought second hand. In the end you don't know until you try. Therefore, it may be prudent to buy a second hand DAC that is fairly popular, and that you know you can easily sell on should you not like it. Finally, I would suggest that once you arrive on said DAC, if you are not happy with the sound, then try the spdif digital coaxial output from your Arcam CD player. That will give you an idea if it is the DAC you don't like, or whether the digital feed from your computer is the culprit.
  6. Perhaps in 2021 I may consider an upgrade. Would probably go the active route for the SCM50's, but in no hurry. I enjoy very much what I have. There would be a few to consider, but since I'm from a studio background the ATC's have that appeal.
  7. It's funny. There really appears to be zilch on it. Maybe standmounts for those who want to store a few CDs underneath ...
  8. I'm intrigued at the difference between the standmount versions vs the towers from the SCM50 models upwards. So far, I've not seen any difference in spec, or what exactly the difference is. Unless I'm being blind (quite possible) ATC say nothing on the differences (hopefully not embarrassed on that). Plus have not found any threads addressing this. Perhaps because there aren't any? Then why do the different versions?
  9. No, funds only stretched to the iFi. I previously used an MCRU on a 2Qute, which did improve it.
  10. Yes, love a bit of RF I've got an iFi on my Hugo 2. The bass was definitely more defined and separated. I would say the Chord PSU made it sound a bit mushy in comparison.
  11. I have found the iFi PSU's work well with Chord Dacs; a bit more focus generally and better definition and separation with bass
  12. It sounds like you picked this up in person? You say 'He replaced the arm and all good.' Was it all good in the shop, and you heard/saw that? Or, did he just say it was all good? Did you actually demo it in the shop to begin with? Maybe I've missed something, but this dealer really concerns me. How on earth did you end up with an arm that dropped like a brick to begin with, when it doesn't sound like this was shipped via courier? He is now suggesting you fork out quite a lot £'s extra for the ATC cartridge.. If you picked it up in person and transported it correctly then I don't see why there should have been problems if the dealer had fully tested it working in the shop. The digital force gauge from Amazon and protractor from vinyl engine definitely seems the way to go first of all. There are plenty of protractors on Amazon too. I've found the Ortofon to be very easy to use and effective. Have you checked the cantilever on the Shure? Not bent to the left or right?
  13. I am half way through the Innuous review in this month’s Stereophile. They have taken the utmost care to deliver seperate clean power to various aspects of the streamer. It’s impressive stuff Chord have decided they wanted to deliver a product at a certain price point. Obviously many find the power supply just fine. It’s a successful product. Nick has found a way to push the Dave’s performance to new heights. What’s wrong with that?
  14. I was listening to one of my electronic dj mixes last night (I unusually like anything from Deep House to 70’s rock, to classical and even a bit of jazz). I have a lot of room treatment in my cabin and it was practically like listening to surround sound last night. I added a couple more 100 x 600 x 1200 panels on the ceiling recently and I can really turn it up now without it becoming shouty or harsh. The Hugo 2 really is very clean.