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  1. It sounds like you picked this up in person? You say 'He replaced the arm and all good.' Was it all good in the shop, and you heard/saw that? Or, did he just say it was all good? Did you actually demo it in the shop to begin with? Maybe I've missed something, but this dealer really concerns me. How on earth did you end up with an arm that dropped like a brick to begin with, when it doesn't sound like this was shipped via courier? He is now suggesting you fork out quite a lot £'s extra for the ATC cartridge.. If you picked it up in person and transported it correctly then I don't see why there should have been problems if the dealer had fully tested it working in the shop. The digital force gauge from Amazon and protractor from vinyl engine definitely seems the way to go first of all. There are plenty of protractors on Amazon too. I've found the Ortofon to be very easy to use and effective. Have you checked the cantilever on the Shure? Not bent to the left or right?
  2. I am half way through the Innuous review in this month’s Stereophile. They have taken the utmost care to deliver seperate clean power to various aspects of the streamer. It’s impressive stuff Chord have decided they wanted to deliver a product at a certain price point. Obviously many find the power supply just fine. It’s a successful product. Nick has found a way to push the Dave’s performance to new heights. What’s wrong with that?
  3. I was listening to one of my electronic dj mixes last night (I unusually like anything from Deep House to 70’s rock, to classical and even a bit of jazz). I have a lot of room treatment in my cabin and it was practically like listening to surround sound last night. I added a couple more 100 x 600 x 1200 panels on the ceiling recently and I can really turn it up now without it becoming shouty or harsh. The Hugo 2 really is very clean.
  4. I think the valve pre amp on my Inpol2 is a good match with my Hugo 2. I notch the output down a few clicks from the max 3v output and it really sings. With another amp and speakers I may feel different. @Fourlegs Are you listening through your ATC 150ASL’s? Is the DAVE going straight in, or have you a different pre-amp. Or, is it the Spendor’s? If so what amp combo with them? Thanks
  5. The first mastering place I worked in had DCS ADC/DACs. That was in the early 90’s. I’ve still got a couple of albums from that time and the conversion sounds great to this day. At the time I felt DCS were a little cold/hard sounding, more so with the DAC. But the clock was just rock solid, no digital smearing. It was only many years later I was aware of their consumer range.
  6. No, I meant that it would be possible to achieve the same performance of a Linn Klimax for less money by going seperate DAC/Streamer. (I must check how things read more carefully). I had one of the original Akurate DS, and I liked it but wasn’t enamoured and so sold it on. My current Hugo 2 / Node 2 combo easily beats it. I have an iFi psu with my Hugo 2. The iFi really defines the bass and tightens up the soundstage as a whole, so I think Chord DACs really need improved power. I’m a supporter of your system. I have heard the differences in coaxial cables, even when swapped direction. Just the other day I swapped a Chord Blue pwer cable for my Chord Indigo feeding my Pathos Inpol2 and the blue was just duller. If I had the cash I would probably end up with a very similar front end to yours, since I have the foetus version of Hugo 2 and iFi
  7. @Fourlegs Have you ever tried Linn Klimax DS? I get the feeling the same performance could be achieved through seperate DAC/streamer for less.
  8. Would be interested what amps and speakers. I always thought the Linn Klimax DS would be the ultimate digital front end, but considering my recent experiences with a Hugo 2 and iFi psu, I feel your set up is more than likely to beat it. Have you not tried the Node 2i? You'll get proper MQA
  9. You have a gift with words 😂
  10. I do love Meccano Keep up the good work
  11. Wow. Well, I really recommend the OP get's bigger speakers.
  12. Subs don't really add a massive amount of bass to most stereo systems unless you have a bass management system that can split the low end so that everything under 80hz is being sent. Otherwise, you're just tastefully underpinning your speakers around 40-50hz area. That will add extension, but it won't add more bass punch the way a floor stander will.
  13. Yeah, USB from my MacBook just sounds bad with anything. I did try a LPSU & it was way better
  14. The ATC SCM40's previously mentioned are a sealed design and don't have ports. Therefore, they could work in your room and less likely to cause boom problems, since sealed speakers are often easier to place nearer walls. If you wish to keep your amp, then the passive versions of the ATC's may be in order, and probably about the correct price range to match with your amp. There are floorstanders that will work in your room size. If your dealer doesn't do ATC's see if he has any sealed floor standers for you to try. If not go elsewhere. Your amp is quite a lot more expensive than your speakers, and those Harbeth are tiny. The speakers are the obvious weak link, throttling the rest of the system.