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  1. Hi g8ina, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. My acquisitive nature will probably eventually be my downfall - I'll take a punt that they are the right ones; so I'll have them! Let me know how to pay and the postage (and at least one) pint are yours. Best wishes David
  2. Hi. I have already downloaded the service manual, which is supremely unhelpful as far as the mechanism is concerned - the only information it has on it is in the parts list, where it says it is a Sony CDM14BL-5BD25. This doesn't match any other part numbers that are given for Sony mechanisms, and doesn't produce any useful search results on Google (though some discussion). It would seem that this may have been an OEM part specifically for Arcam (and maybe others). But this doesn't tally with the fact that all searches for a mechanism for the Arcam CD82 come back with the KSM 213 CCM, as in the second picture! All I want is to be able to find a replacement for the mechanism in my CD82! I have emailed Arcam, but no response as yet (I hear from others that they are not always very helpful).
  3. Hi. I bought a Diva CD82 second hand a few years ago, and the laser module failed recently. I am a professional engineer, and so was quite happy to replace this myself. I decided to replace the entire laser mechanism. However, all the replacement CD82 units I have found on line are different to the unit in my player, which actually looks like a CD62 transport unit. I've attached pictures of each to illustrate the problem - the one with the open corner mounting holes is the one that every search result on Google/eBay shows as the CD82 mechanism; yet the one in my CD82 has the closed corner mounting holes, and seems to be the transport used in the CD62. Has the previous owner of my CD82 changed the transport, or did Arcam once ship the 82 with the 62 drive? Any help gratefully received.
  4. Hi. I have a KA-405 amplifier that didn't work on the right channel when I got it. I traced through and found that one of the HA1457W amplifier chips had blown. This I replaced, and both channel's signals now appear at the power amp board - but still no R channel output from the power amp board. I found that both output transistors (2SA1105 and 2SC2580) in the R channel had blown. I replaced these, and voila! It worked! … for 30 seconds. There was then a lot of smoke, and both the output transistors had blown again, along with the 2SC1567 NPN driver, and R36, R42 and R46 had burned out, quite spectacularly. I removed the faulty output transistors, replaced the NPN driver and resistors, and checked the voltages on the board, comparing them with the working channel. All seemed ok, and no other devices had blown. Thinking I must have inadvertently shorted something during testing, I replaced the output transistors, and in trepidation switched on. Exactly the same thing happened again. I can't face checking every single component on the board until I know there's no other option; so I wondered if anyone has any advice, or, even better, has come across this problem before? Any help gratefully received. Many thanks.
  5. Hi all. As a result of some highly insightful and helpful advice, I am now no longer searching or one of these arms! Thanks for looking. David
  6. Dear Graham, thanks so much. I am in the process of registering on AoS, and will message him as soon as I am in. David
  7. WANTED: Hi. I am very keen to purchase an Audio Technica AT-1007 tonearm for a '70s revival' project I am undertaking! I missed out on one on eBay recently, and am kicking myself for not raising my bid. Any condition considered - even if the arm is incomplete. Many thanks in advance!
  8. Hi. I am very keen to get hold of a decent example of the Audio Technica AT-1007 tonearm. I narrowly missed out on one on eBay recently, and kick myself for not increasing my bid in time! If you have one that you might sell (happy to consider one in any state), I would love to hear from you. Thanks!
  9. Hi. I'm new to HiFiWigWam, and it looks like a great place to browse (and to empty the bank account!). I have recently embarked on a nostalgic hi-fi trip into the 70s, and am refurbishing a somewhat sad-looking Sugden Connoisseur Craftsman III turntable. But I need to have another one in order to cannibalize bits between the two and hopefully end up with a good finished item. Any chance anyone has one (or even parts of one) lurking somewhere that they want to sell? Please do get in touch if you have, or know where I might look! Thanks.
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