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  1. Most mortgages, including fixed, will have the built in ability to overpay by up to 10% p/a. Some more than this. If you've 4 years left your exit penalty will be likely 4% of value so not worth considering at present.
  2. Depends how much we're talking and how much mortgage you've got. One option is an offset mortgage. You have your savings in an account (instant access) but get zero interest. Instead you do not pay interest on the equivalent portion of your mortgage. This can save bucket loads of interest on the mortgage and you can end the mortgage early.
  3. It's still fully supported and will continue to be.
  4. The 851N can be got as a refurb from CA direct on ebay. New warranty and brand new condition including cellophane on screen etc. they come up every month or so. I recently picked mine up. £900 delivered. Very happy with it. It's a leap up in SQ over CXN I had before. Also has excellent DAC in it too.
  5. An interesting thread. I must have a play with some software at some point soon. Always refreshing to hear of excellent service, help and improvement achieved when speaking and dealing with others who know their craft. For me - behind my sofa to the left is a cutaway wall where the room has been opened up. It's been like this since we bought it. This means rear wall is differing depths depending on where you look, which must have an impact on SQ.
  6. Cool! I haven't even got past the first post... but me too... sorry for thread derail, but what have you got?
  7. Perhaps we're crossing wires. By syringing in the current sense (as that's what the doc/nurse calls it), it is an electric water squirting device - possibly what you mean? But it feels like 1,000 devils trying to burst out of your ear and I hate it!! Far more interesting is an ear vacuum. Perhaps I'll hate that less. Putting olive oil etc. in ear is fine. So some home-based squirty type ear-based bag of wonders, I can't see being anymore eardrum violent than the 'syringing' I would normally have. Plus i would be doing it.
  8. Probably banking on ebay idiocy... There are loads of things that sell for bonkers and highly over inflated prices. Someone with a hankering for "product X" and a few whiskeys to the wind late on a friday night and "hell yeah, let's do it", only to wake up in the morning, with a sore head and a thinner wallet. I've sold quite a few things (hifi and miscellaneous) on Ebay. Some of them have sold for, what I consider, frankly stupid numbers after bidding has ended. Yet still positive feedback. Crazy. I have to agree though that as a BIN on ebay and well over value, that's pretty poo. But possibly someone will buy it, not realising it can be bought cheaper elsewhere - maybe that's what they're hoping for. Damn! Some people either have overly large wallets, or just no idea of what the going rate is for items.
  9. Thanks Bazzer. I will try that instead next time. However, for now I'd prefer a go myself. Currently I'm as best a possible trying to be super-antisocial due to covid as I'm an asthmatic. If I get to the point of deafness in one ear again then of course I'll go to the nurse. But I'd rather, for now at least, have a crack at it myself.
  10. Would you mind please posting a link to what you use/recommend from Amazon? There are five million and one options on there! I've had my ears syringed many times and have a repetitive blockage issue which crops up every couple of years. Currently I can feel my left ear starting to cause an issue and I don't want to get into a one-sided deaf state again. I absolutely HATE having my ears syringed!! I just cant stand the feeling, it makes my skin crawl!! So with Covid currently, plus the fact I cant stand it, I'd like a go myself. My nurse advised against stuff like Otex and only olive oil was recommended. So I'm thinking if I grease it up, then hit it with some amazing super-ear-machine (your recommendation is required), then I'll be back to listening to ants fart in no time 😂😂😂😂
  11. Also good for conducting double blind tests - just put it in your eyes 😂 of course dont really do this!!
  12. Well here's an offer for you. You may take or leave it if you wish. I have 2x chromecast audio's in my drawer. I'd like to keep one... I need to post Lawrence the speaker spikes I bought the wrong size and which I put on spirit of the wam earlier today. Will be doing this monday. If you'd like to try streaming. PM me your address and I'll post you one. If you like it then keep it and pay me the £22 I paid. If you dont, post it back and you've lost nothing. You can get lots of free streaming trials - so a risk free go at streaming. You will need a 5mm headphone jack to RCA cable to connect it to your amp.
  13. Equipment no. However, I have a couple of CD's with extreme emotional value to me, but that are probably not worth anything: Limp Bizkit, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavoured Water... bought for me many years ago by really close family friend, who since passed on. Strangely the other is also another Limp Bizkit album, which me and by best friend from school used to play loads, who's also since passed on. My one inanimate equipment love is not hifi....'s "Kylie", my Cannondale SuperSix Evo full carbon, highly modified bike. She's a beauty. ❤
  14. Just logged in and loads of PM's! First was @Lawrence001 so you have first refusal. PM me address and I'll post them to you.
  15. Arctic Lake - See Inside EP new EP which has dropped