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  1. I cannot get on the Gothic Audio website. Not sure if my browser or if the website is down.
  2. Hi folks, RA YellO... I bought this with the intention of putting it into a second system I was going to build. Plans change and I am no longer going to build a second system, for the moment anyway. Sold as faulty spares/repairs etc. It works fine, but please note the first plug socket (on the left) has a jippy socket cover. Therefore for use with the right hand three sockets only, or you could strip the cable and reterminate it as a power cable instead. How's £25 plus post? The 1m cables alone go for more on eBay. Bristol location. Cheers,
  3. Unless I've missed it then then is no info re CD prices, bundles, postage etc? It would certainly help your sale chances to advise of this. I've looked at the list and I might have a few.
  4. All good for me. Can you reboot it or reinstall latest update (that's something I'm not sure of answer to as never had to do)?
  5. Think I'll head up too. I've just emailed to sort out tickets. I'll go on the Sat. I'd like to hear the Alchris. Also just get my ears around some speakers. Perhaps I might get to meet one or two other wammers too
  6. Have a bump just for having your records stored with an alphabetical I to N that you can't reach. Wow, love it!
  7. Saw those. They are laughably expensive for how battered they are.
  8. Google sucks with all their advertising. I browse on my phone. Also be very careful with updates to apps and rejecting stupid requests for data. Many of them want to track every aspect of everything you do. I always review and mostly reject these.
  9. Very interested in your thoughts of this combo. I do not have same amp, I have an A21a Signature, but similarly have been considering a switch up and changing speakers.
  10. Me too. It also displays weirdly without logging in. Classifieds is not accessible and the main recent posts stream shows only new signups then old posts from ages ago. Basically it's buggered.
  11. This is one of the best and most informative posts I've seen. Top wamming Jules! As a reader (who also does not have a vinyl player, so a total vinyl virgin, if you will) that was highly informative. Also slightly thought provoking, if I might myself enjoy vinyl. I'm sold by the bolded statement above...
  12. Sound like she loves them. They are definitely keepers
  13. Missed this. Maybe int. Would be width dependent and I'd need shelf space dimensions to check the kit would nicely fit. Ping me a PM once your ready and a pic please (as I can't see whole thing). Cheers,
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