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  1. Don't worry about it. Remove grilles and listen to some tunes. It takes around 18-24 months then they'll have all blended in. I had this with some lighter wood speakers and by time I sold them they were uniform all over.
  2. Send me a PM once you've managed to drop, pack and weigh it to work out postal cost and I'll give you my address info and can transfer you the cash.
  3. Yes please. That would be great. Thanks.
  4. A very kind offer Sir. If there is any way it could be packed I'd be very happy to cover the postage, plus a few extra quid to buy a nice bottle of wine etc. as a thank you.
  5. L.A.B - III found this by accident. New Zealand's top selling reggae band. Decent. track two in the air is awesome.
  6. 'full working order from what we can tell' Please confirm circumstances of this sale to not know if this works or not?The value will differ hugely if it does or does not work.
  7. Foo Fighters - There is nothing left to loose
  8. I cannot get on the Gothic Audio website. Not sure if my browser or if the website is down.
  9. Hi folks, RA YellO... I bought this with the intention of putting it into a second system I was going to build. Plans change and I am no longer going to build a second system, for the moment anyway. Sold as faulty spares/repairs etc. It works fine, but please note the first plug socket (on the left) has jippy socket covers - i.e, when the long top pin goes in it should open the live pin holes, but on this one socket they are always open. All plugs work. So you could either use as is, repair it, or strip the cable and reterminate it as a power cable instead. How's £25 plus post? The 1m cables alone go for more on eBay. Bristol location. Cheers,
  10. All good for me. Can you reboot it or reinstall latest update (that's something I'm not sure of answer to as never had to do)?
  11. Think I'll head up too. I've just emailed to sort out tickets. I'll go on the Sat. I'd like to hear the Alchris. Also just get my ears around some speakers. Perhaps I might get to meet one or two other wammers too
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