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  1. @Aristillus Yesterday Senneheiser were selling B grade HD599 for Β£78 delivered which seemed good value if you're not wanting to spend too much. Not sure if they'd have any left or if that floats your boat. But just in case...
  2. Wrong. Never too early to think about Christmas. I appoint myself official Mr Christmas as I absolutely love it... Only 91 days to go. Get festive πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
  3. Also regarding test result speed... For my nephew who got sent home on Fri with symptoms. Got a test Sat eve, results by Sun eve (all clear thankfully). But his mum is NHS. For my Mrs colleagues, all keyworkers as she's in a school. Some of them and 5 days later and still no results. How can they possibly track and trace effectively if they dont know who has it as they cannot update people quickly enough? These folks cannot update those they may have had contact with, and therfore who themselves could have it, with any kind of speed to warn others of their potential infectiousness. The whole thing is one big joke.
  4. Multiple schools here with whole year groups in isolation. My oldest amongst that until the end of this week. Hardly surprising as every school drop off, or pick up queue I've seen has parents nattering away, no distancing etc. and may as well be licking each other. Some schools are already being issued iPads across the whole school as a "learning empowerment" (no a prep for mass home schooling again). Despite the rates climbing significantly many people are still not wearing masks, generally speaking.
  5. I have found these very subtle indeed. Almost a pointless feature imo.
  6. Arctic Lake - What you may find (EP) So new they are still mostly unknown. Wowsers what a voice. Spine chillingly beautiful. Edit: so good live, when I took my mum along she cried... When the hairs on your neck stand up at incredible vocal skill...
  7. @gryffeHave fun with the new toy... and in time for the weekend and no doubt a good listening seshπŸ‘πŸ‘ They're awesome bits of kit 😁
  8. You'll have it for the weekend, prob sat at latest I reckon. A fun weekend for you 😁😁
  9. They said that to me too. 2 days πŸ‘
  10. Ditto. Bought mine as 'refurb' from CA direct 3 months ago on ebay for 900 bucks. Minty new condition and warranty. Happy days. @gryffe
  11. I'm your man. I.bought one off here a week or two ago, but it's not for me. No dragontail but I did buy a usbc (android) to usb adapter. I'll take some pics later and PM you.
  12. Pleased for you! Let us know what you think of the comparison of CXN vs 851N. There is a thread of this somewhere you could add to... I love mine and you're in for a treat πŸ‘ (and I was already very pleased with my CXN, which is a quality bit of kit)
  13. "Expensive... was on special offer and was only Β£150" πŸ˜‚ ...Buy her something nice to cushion the blow. Anyway good luck on the hunt, sure something will turn up πŸ‘