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  1. Fugees - The Score this was actually the very first CD I bought. I just googled the date, twenty five years ago. Gosh, that's gone fast.
  2. Sorry OP, off topic, but loving the lava lamp Jon 👍 I've recently bought a salt lamp and have been thinking about picking one of these up for other side of room. They look awesome. Anyway, back on topic all. 🤣
  3. I have the Sig. It is imo a fantastic amplifier, it just does things right. Others will describe far more eloquently than I can, but my best description is that it paints beautiful musical pictures in my living room. I've lost all interest in tinkering. My box swapping is gone. This is going nowhere. I happily sit for hours (and sometimes dance wildly round the living room 😀) listening to music. Not ever thinking about hifi, or kit, just with a massive grin on my face. Musical, hell yeah! Best piece of "kit" I've bought. As for power. Obvs it needs partnering correctly, but the 23w
  4. Still wanted. Or alternatively, if anyone's got a V3 and is not using the headphone function, how about a swap with cash either way depending on spec/mods? My V2 was modded before I bought it, then straight away further modded when I bought it, all done by Robert and is now, I believe, maxxed out. PM to discuss.
  5. Here's a pic of one, there are two.
  6. Sorry Lawrence. Missed this. No idea what takes them as I was a plonker and just bought the wrong thing! I did mean ECH81. I'll attach a pic now if that helps. Anyone have a use for them?
  7. Incubus - Morning View. love this album.
  8. Day one of pubs being opened. Mate sent me a pic of a delicious looking beer with the moisture running down sides of glass, taken from a beer garden. Was mighty jealous. Decided to ad-hoc try to find a pub not fully booked to get an ice cold one in the garden. Back of the net. Managed to sit and have a lovely beer in a pub garden with the family and a pizza from the oven. The garden was rammed with people (all distanced). Feel super lucky and appreciative to get one in. Small things. 👍👍
  9. PM incoming. Ignore that, I've re-read and missed it. Lol
  10. I just booked some more tix... Whoop whoop... One of my two lockdown promises to myself, was this (Collie B) plus one other (which I'm not sure will ever happen, but if it does, at any cost, in any UK location - I'm now on it like a rash). I just literally danced round my front room in excitement 😀😀😀😀😀 I now have a few things booked from end July plus. -All night jungle rave. I will dance my tits off at this. A full let-my-hair-down, I've not been out forever, 20,000 steps before midnight is guaranteed 😂 -Fun lovin criminals. Will be quality, as always. -Collie Budd
  11. Thank you Sir. However, quite a bit more than I'm looking to spend at the mo. This one is too high up the chain for me. The mini sub, also 'vision' are what I'm after.
  12. GLWS Mark. I've previously bought a set of ProAc 118 Studio's from Mark. An absolute gent to deal with and they arrived fantastically well wrapped. Buy with total confidence folks 👍
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