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  1. Standard 3 bed semi. Front room has the router in here. I've put one in my kitchen on the furthest away wall by garden and one upstairs in the front master bedroom. Solid wall construction and they are communicating fine.
  2. For the money that's a great deal. These are very good. I have a CXN and love mine. They sound very good. Have a bump on me. GLWS.
  3. Now delivered and installed. Setup a doddle and done in couple of minutes. Cheap and easy solution. Happy days.
  4. Most first aid kits carry burn gel in them. If you have one (?) then take a look and get some on there. If you don't then it is something definitely worth picking up and sticking in the cupboard for any mishaps. All the best and hope you sorted/better soon.
  5. "No darling, we dont have enough money to have a baby and for me to get another pair of these speakers"
  7. Don't think so, that's loads. I've just done a speed test now using Ookla app and my speed is 110mbps (Virgin), which I think is pretty decent. So unless you've got ultra fast broadband then that would be ample.
  8. I've just bought 2x extenders on ebay brand new for £11.45 each delivered, with up to 300mbs speed. They should arrive in next couple days. Seller is sincu972. I'll report back how they work, but they are cheap and its relatively simple tech so I imagine they should be fine. I did previously buy a netgear extender as mentioned above, but this was more money and I've never managed to get it to work. Think it might have got bashed in transit. Will let you know how I get on...
  9. No thanks. For that much I'd rather hang onto it, or put it on the bay. There will be another £1 sale in a few weeks. My price is already very fair IMO.
  10. That's a cracking price, for what is a cracking amp (I am very biased - see sig) 😂 . They often go for 600 and above on the bay. Welcome to the club and glad you are pleased with it👍 Maybe once all this is over we should organise an Arcam bake off where we all bring different ones along to see older vs newer vs class G etc. Be interesting to see how they differ.
  11. I've had this when selling a Linn LK140 amp some years ago. Ad was very explicit in my UK ONLY wording (in caps) and the cheeky fecker bought it with an indian address. I then cancelled sale and refunded. However about 5 mins later same guy re-bought it with a London address saying he'd forgotten to update his address to new address in London. So posted it, then got a message after posted that was cousins address. Turned out okay in the end and the cousin took it to India on next trip.