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  1. metlor

    TV cover

    Hang a nice rug over it 🙄
  2. It's been modded by Audio Synthesis so you may well approve.
  3. Thanks for explaining things, if I hadn't picked up a new cd player recently I would be buying this 😯
  4. So by adding a ssd loaded with audio, and either a phone or tablet as a controller you would be up and running ? I picked up a second hand laptop last year, loaded all my cds, installed j river, but l gave up due to the disc noise and the hassle of booting up time/windows etc. I imagine your set up does it with much efficiency
  5. Hi Oliver, it's not that it doesn't make sense, just a little complicated for the non technical among us. It's a dac, with a variable output power supply, rca and balanced ? outputs. Best used with a small hard drive (is the samsung included) ? and controlled by the volumio software (from a tablet perhaps) Thanks mart.
  6. Google translate is available, but it may not help in this case ☺
  7. Would this be the same issue as connecting one pair of speakers the wrong polarity ? Shame you're not fully digital Oliver as the EQ solution suggested would be an easy fix.
  8. Well worth paying for extended warranty, cd drives seem a bit fickle these days. Richer sounds are good for this.
  9. Cheers Spider, I'll try and make it to the next one.
  10. You wouldn't want to stray from the path of hifi sobriety, would you Ian ? ☺
  11. metlor


    The RME 2adi dac is pretty versatile. Single (L+R the same) or dual (separateL+Rsettings) 5 band parametric eq. 20 storable presets, bass treble eq, balance, loudness function etc. It does take a while to figure out the navigation, but the paper manual is useful. The mini Dsp offerings will do the eq work for you. They may, I expect have a more sophisticated eq. I imagine the final outcome could well be similar if you're patient and have good ears. But the mini Dsp will eliminate any guesswork. I don't think I'd look to owning both though. I've ownd an RME for about a year
  12. Looks like they're the star prize in a tombola.
  13. Mark Grant has options for his HDX1 interconnects upto 10m !! May be worth asking his opinion
  14. The rubber feet add about 15 mm to the legs. I have mine set either side of a shallow chimney, about 68 " between the closest corners. They're about 15" from the back wall, firing across the width of the room, I have even less choice of where I sit. They sound very good on the end of a lavardin is ref, they do a good job of disappearing for their size. I understand the proac have a great synergy with class a amps. The moonshine album (good album and new to me 👍) is very much in the mids, the proacs may well have it here, but as for sounding flat on the heco im not sure. I thought it
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