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  1. I think that is a good point to end the discussion. Both points are true, but if asked the same question on a forum I would answer exactly the same way. Your point about remotes is very relevant and I can understand as you get benefit (lazyness ) from using it. I see no benefit to be had from balanced lines in hi-fi apart from just a personal choice - so be it.
  2. You still miss the point, this is not about the individual and his choice, that goes without saying, even as said before about owning a one box Bose. This is a factual technical matter, with argument to show that the use of balanced lines in hi-fi is purely a marketing effort, and explaining that. I used to build amps for large PA rigs and I would no more use single ended connections than drill a hole in my head, because that is their job, they are better at that, because of the circumstances of the job. The circumstances of the hi-fi job makes it pointless and irrelevant UNLESS it make the customer happier for some psychological reason.
  3. I think you miss the point, but I agree if he is happy then fine. The point of this thread I thought was not about him and his system it was about if balanced or unbalanced was best. I have explained the history, the reason it was invented and used, its hi-jack by the hi-fi industry. Learnt something on the way that someone is creating balanced gain circuits and has a patent. I don't know if that is better or not, but if a balun or a op-amp circuit has to inserted either end of the balanced line THEN FOR A CERTAINTY it cannot be better.
  4. But they aren't as far as I can see, it is all single ended with conversion circuits. To convert you have to use either a balun or a sum and diff circuit wrapped around an op-amp, more nonsense in the way of the signal for no reason but marketing.
  5. In this case not true as it comes from experience, if there was doubt I would say so, as with Mr Pass so I accept it is the case. If I am proved wrong I apologise, but on these subjects people have been trying for about 5 years - no coconut, but no apology of course. Variance - racks as hi-fi neccesity = wrong, racks as furniture you choose to have = right. The other two no excuse.
  6. Its on topic. Thanks for the compliment.
  7. I'll go first with the two in front of them Garrard 301 and AT 1005mk2 Bottom front Grey arm, looks original but as this is Japan could be a NEAT clone, my guess is a neat broadcast TT as well.
  8. Competition - name the TT and arms as seen.
  9. Well good for him, so he is not a band wagon jumper. So what is everyone elses excuse.
  10. Troll - good bait on the hook but wrong river.
  11. But the circuits they are connecting are single ended so how can there be an advantage - it is just marketing, a way to convince you, sell to you - "look I am clever and different".
  12. Yes But if your want them for some obscure reason who I am to stop you. I am just telling that thing known as reality.
  13. Obviously, some thing we do need and some things we don't. People make their own choice and if some choose Bose, in fact many more choose Bose because of convenience, good for them. BUT I thought this was a hi-fi forum, am I wrong? None of those things mentioned are about marketing, probably the nearest to be accused of that would be a BMU and it took me a while to decide to make or not, in the end I had to because of the benefit. Where as in the cases of racks, electronic crossovers and balanced lines I used them when I made pro-market gear so I for one (it seems other don't) understand why, and why they are a waste of time and money in hi-fi.
  14. IMO the problem and reason is marketing. The marketing are always looking for new angles and new stories. They have discovered a good source for these is the pro-market, it has specific problems that do not apply to us but stories and silly charts and equations can be made up for marketing purposes. The two main ones are balanced lines and electronic crossovers. It started in the late 70's early 80's with The Flat Earth which was a way of turning hi-fi into home PA systems, in yer face, agressive, but lots saw it as exciting, as big stadium rock was all the thing with massive PA's. Other things that came from it were racks, again marketing and expectation, to the extent that in the 80's cheap music systems were made to pretend to look like racks. Racks have now just becme a thing we expect to have, the marketeer hope to make balanced the same. At times people need to think out of the box, do we really need a lot of these things to get our music the way we want it - per usual marketing add ons just usually get in the way.
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