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  1. Arr me hearties, if ye likes reggae and dub then listen up. To celebrate 6 Music have a number of special programmes lined up featuring Don Letts Also I think they might be having a Trojan Records day on Monday where most shows will feature songs, artists etc.
  2. It was the SE CDPs that were responsible for lots of faults and returns. Just ask the chaps on Cyrus Unofficial - many of them went through this first hand and never went back to Cyrus after. They have more experience than ye. Nope my views on DACs are quite current thanks, including ye precious DAVE. Ye problem appears to be ye limited scope of what ye have heard, so I understand and accommodate ye naivety. Not provocative - I can be if I wish to be as ye know, I'm just pointing out the flaws in what ye think ye be hearing. If ye don't like it then fine.
  3. Yeah, the one that had loads of reliability issues Look, I understand ye think ye balanced, but ye have an unfortunate habit of coming off like a bit of a fan boy I'm afraid, at the moment I cannot tell whether it be intentional or not. Added to the fact that to anyone with a pair of ears Chord and Cyrus have their own flaws which ye seem unwilling to even hear or acknowledge.
  4. That is terribly naïve laddie, sorry. And so is that.
  5. Don't ye worry, even most of the owners on the Cyrus fan sites have moved on and replaced their Cyrus with different systems. Cyrus is okay for when ye first starts out, but once ye have heard a wider variety of kit then ye would never look back. Tis bake offs ye need to go to.
  6. Amplifiers not drugs ye scurvy junkies! Which does ye prefer? Which are particularly good examples of each? Ol' Black Beard prefers class A all the way. Risk of burning down me ship, but nothing comes as close to sounding like real instruments in front of ye.
  7. Heard DAVE, various Hugos, QBD76, 64 etc. All in a variety of set ups. I get ye are enthusiastic but ye need to accept the limitations of their sound. They all sound wrong, they all sound 'hifi' and never fool ye that ye are listening to real instruments.
  8. Ye missed in ye own opinion - that's just made up and not borne out. Chord yak on about the technology improvements they're making, and choose their own measures of success to demonstrate how they're meeting them, but all their DACs sound horribly digital and artificial to my ears.
  9. Artificial detail, and over emphasis on the leading edge. I get they're popular but that isn't an endorsement in itself is it really. Cyrus and Chord - ye must have rolled off ears laddie, or ye lives in What Caravan's acoustically dead review room
  10. Hmmm, enthusiastic support, but I still don't like Chord DACs - initially impressive but only seem to accentuate the artificial sound of digital music. Maybe its because Ol' Black Beard prefers his records, almost any DAC, and certainly not Chord, will come close to matching that sound.