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  1. As it is 1 persons listening pleasure i fail to see how anything can be flawed
  2. Yes. I would to confirm i didnt like it.
  3. Perhaps you could explain how it messes with the sonics. I can appreciate it is something to be avoided. But a loose counterweight spoiling the sound ?
  4. That proves bias exsists. If you accept the article. It deosnt prove expectation bias exsists. Expectation bias is a distinct concept it can not apply to aural phenomena. It is used in a lazy manner.
  5. 'Expectation bias' is an academic concept. It therefore as a restricted interpratation and should not be bastardise to erronesously use in hifi debate.
  6. Genesis and cd shall never be a happy marraige.
  7. People need to go away and read what expectation bias actually is and then figure out how it can possibly apply to aural phenomena.
  8. Danielquinn


    They need to sought out who is responsible for viewing the footage and who makes the descision. It is impossible to referee without error. It is therefore a solution to a none-problem
  9. It seems you are all culturally niave. Dont assume they way you are is the only way.
  10. Then that must because you are also. If you have to die. And you lived a long ,good life. Why is it sad when you die.I
  11. His state of mind wasnt altered by drugs.