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  1. If you are in the UK, talk to Kevin Green -> kevingreen@kgreen.co.uk
  2. Lee Harvey Osmond - A Quiet Evil Hard to categorise but i’ll go for dark Americana. Has contributions from some of the Cowboy Junkies.
  3. I love the Alabaster. In pure hifi terms, it’s nowhere near the best but it’s just so listenable and engaging.
  4. The Jay's Audio CDT-2 MK2 has four outputs - Coax, BNC, AES/EBU and I2S HDMI. I have used all of them but generally use either the AES/EBU or I2S with my DiDiT DAC. All of the outputs work perfectly.
  5. The CDT2 uses a Phillips CDM4, recognised as being one of the best and most reliable. They have stocks of the transport to last many years. Yes it’s expensive but i’m extremely pleased with mine which i’ve Had for over 18 months.
  6. First Watt. Nelson Pass builds (they are now built by Pass Labs staff) a small number (100 or so) of each model for sale as commercial models and then releases the schematics to the community for them to build DIY versions when they have all sold. I love my DIY Aleph 60 monoblocks.
  7. Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring I slightly prefer Spirit of Eden but this is more accessible. The sound really opens up on a good system. Peter Gabriel - So It's a great album on any hifi but can sound astonishing on a good system, especially one that can play deep bass. Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet Stunningly recorded live album. Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way A good hifi brings out the emotion of the voices. Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert Not as well recorded as most classical music but a good system brings out the sheer brilliance of the performance.
  8. I've got a highly modified pair of Class T monoblocks. They were bought as Summer amps when the heat from my Class A Alephs was too much but they are better in most areas; They don't quite have the sumptuous midrange but it's not far off. Modern Class D/T amps sound very good and they are much better for the environment and your electricity bills.
  9. I like the rDAC. It does up to 24/192 and sounds pretty good. If you want to listen to something a bit different, try a NOS DAC. Otherwise, look at the newer Chinese DACs like SMSL, Topping or Gustard (https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/devices-hifi-audio-dac-c-389.html). The Soncoz SGD1, by the designer of the Khadas board, looks good value for money too.
  10. My search for a pair of Summer amps with lower heat output than my Aleph 60 clones has ended with me being the owner of a pair of Evo 2 Class-T (Tripath) amplifiers that are bridged to run in mono. They have been heavily modified by Tony at Coherent Systems. They sound truly stunning and really show what the rest of my system can do.
  11. Another very happy Bosch owner here.
  12. Price reduced to £1000 plus postage
  13. Have a chat with Colin at Chevron Audio. I know he has fixed similar units in the past.