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  1. I still buy CDs. I use Spotify to find new music and then buy the CD or download, directly from the artist if I can. Bandcamp is a great source for new music. The streaming services are great for the consumer in the short term but they pay peanuts to the artists. Unless this changes, there won’t be much incentive for artists to record new music.
  2. Now sorted. Ordered from Blue Jeans Cables on Apr 1 and they arrived this morning (Apr 6) from Seattle on the West Coast of the USA.
  3. Does anyone have one of these they’d be interested in selling? Ideally looking for one that’s built in a nice box.
  4. I had my first COVID-19 vaccination (AZ) yesterday morning. No reaction so far.
  5. The Company I work for is based in Vienna and has people working remotely all over Europe. By being remote, we are not limited to only employing from the local gene pool, but also we can be family/life friendly. I will never commute to an office again. I'm lucky in that my profession (software development) can be done anywhere and Brexit has made us very popular with the US/EU as the £ has been devalued.
  6. Have you tried asking in the dedicated Linn forum? The link is at the top of the owner’s club page.
  7. Brexit has hastened our decline. Large scale manufacturing will never return to the UK as it's too expensive to set up and the market is too small. We have always been very good at specialist manufacturing but making it harder to sell to a key market will not have positve consequences. We will drive away high tech companies because we cannot supply them with skilled staff or provide them with easy access to a large market on our doorstep. If I were in the bottom 2/3 of society, I'd be extremely worried about how things are going to be in 10 years time. I'd like to be positive about the future
  8. https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/class-a-power-amplifier-by-the-wonf-ewa.251576/
  9. I owned one for a couple of years but sold it as I preferred my DIY Pass Aleph Class A monoblocks. It was a very good amp, especially when you turned the volume up! Very clean, clear sound with astonishing bass. Not a rocker like older Naims nor dull and listless like some older valve amps. I’m tempted to buy one of the newer SECA amps he’s designing at the moment.
  10. New to me Heco Direkt speakers with my @Edd9000 DIY Pass Aleph 60 Class A monoblocks. First impressions are very positive.
  11. I bought my Jay's Audio CDT2 from Willow Tree Audio. He was very professional and if I ever get round to buying a Terminator, I'd have no hesitation in buying from him again.
  12. Some nibbles but this stunning amp is still available.
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