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  1. Take Black sabbath i have been a fan all of my life and ozzy solo i can here more detail that i never heard when i first started with my first Hifi a specially black sabbaths first album which is my favorite black sabbath album that is mind blowing really . Music should always come first so when you get threads on cables on here and people arguing about it i think just put your music on and enjoy it
  2. I think Pink Floyd sounds a lot better when i started buying Hifi all those years ago so i must of done something right but the bands i follow have in a way made me buy better hifi so i can get as close to the artiest as much as possible .
  3. I have never brought outside of the UK before but will look thanks
  4. I still need a Pc as i use it normally for other things plus i have full membership for Roon
  5. I do not use any of the stream sites just use my ripped CD collection of my Pc but you can understand why i am thinking the Pioneer is good value for money
  6. when you look at the build at both models and both do the same
  7. Have looked at that but when you look at the spec on the Pionner n70 with dual Dac ESSs and separate power supply's and built like a tank the Cambridge looks cheap
  8. what the Pioneer N70 new for £750 ? it normally sells for over £1000-£1100
  9. well without spending to much i thought for £750 the Pioneer N70 would be a good option as its well built and designed so budget was going to be around £1000
  10. Because when i thought about it i do need a dedicated streamer to replace the Yamaha WXC50 and maybe my Yamaha CD2100 but at the time i never tried my OPPO for music but found out it sounds a lot better then the Yamaha WXC50 . So my thoughts where if its about the Dac that gives me this sound then just buy a Dac but then i am still left with the Yamaha WXC50 & Yamaha CD2100 and a extra box which would be the Dac . So now thinking of buying a really good streamer that gives me a good sound like the OPPO
  11. I am really considering this if i can get it for £700 but will it be the same SQ as the OPPO ?
  12. I like the OPPO sound when streaming from it using Roon as the end point but really want a streamer that sounds as good the OPPO does or better but the OPPO 205 is way to expensive to buy now . SO really when i think about it its a dedicated streamer that is needed that has the same kind of Dac as the OPPO and really i brought my OPPO for films not music
  13. Just came by this on a review has this been fixed ? Given the great design skills of Ben, I expected an exceptional DAC and that is almost what we got. There is great attention paid to keeping noise and interference to a minimum. All of this helps SGD1 beat over 200 DACs in SINAD (distortion plus noise)! Unfortunately, courtesy of design quirks in ESS DAC chip, we have rising intermodulation distortion in mid levels. A year ago this would not have mattered since all implementations suffered the same. But now, some companies have solved this or at least mitigated it to a great extent. I hope Ben takes another look at the circuit design and see if he can make the same fix.
  14. I do like the look of the soncoz dac whats the current model ? would it be better then the OPPO 203 Dac