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  1. I met blaze and the band after there gig and thought blaze sounded better then Bruce and i told blaze this but i could tell he did not like my comment when i said it but that is what i thought back then . The band signed my CD all of them of there first album together
  2. Anyone seen the new Dali opticon mk2 range yet ? Just seen the the Dali opticon mk2 8s have jumped up in price to £2599 at richer sounds and the old ones are £2200 and Dali have also released a limited edition black Friday Dali opticon 6 mk 2
  3. On some of the newer TV sets they use HDMI 2.1 which the bandwidth is higher and to get the best out of the new PS5 and Xbox they both use the 2.1 so a basic HDMI lead will not do
  4. I like wish you where here Division Bell The wall deluxe version The final cut But David Gilmore solo stuff is really good like live at pompell and rattle that lock album is very good
  5. Currently how I have it rigged the RME is XLR to my Yamaha A-S3000 then Co- axis to my OPPO but so far pretty pleased with the RME just understanding it better . but like using it without the EQ or any bass or treble settings just want a clean natural sound which I am getting just didn’t understand about the volume settings
  6. I’ve just started to read the manual
  7. I thought the output line gain sets automatically to the gear your using I think as I understand it the RME is a Pre amp as well as a Dac come headphone amplifier but is my Yamaha A-S3000 still in control of the Pre amp stage or is the RME ?
  8. For some reason not sure why but tried 100% max volume and 0 db when the music gets going on a peak i get some distortion when the music hits maxim peak so i am thinking i would have to adjust the line level volume below 0 db so it never reaches the max peak . will have to read the manual tonight
  9. There is a clipping meter at the bottom of the screen if you turn the volume up to max on the RME it then starts clipping on max volume unless i am hitting the wrong volume menu
  10. If i set the RME main big knob volume to max it starts clipping ..... found this on the RME forum ..... Re: RME ADI 2 DAC in DAC mode > Is there a DAC only mode in the RME ADI 2 DAC which shuts down the amplifier unit > and just acts as a DAC for the XLR outputs Its a preamp and without a preamp you would not get any signal out. The volume poti gives you the possibility to dial in the level that you want. You can turn autoreflevel off and select a suitable reference level for the outputs and then set the volume up to 0 dB. But .. are you aware of, that the SMSL SP200 doesn't bring you any benefits in terms of better sound ? 1. D/A conversion is already being done at the ADI-2 DAC with its SNR/THD values 2. adding additional devices in the "analog domain" (adding more circuits) won't make the sound any better If the purpose is only to support balanced phone mode .. Is this required by your phones ? Or do you think it would make the sound better ? 3. balanced mode brings maybe a few dBA SNR more, but which is questionable because not audible most phones like ie Audece LCD-3 have anyway separate cabling from the plug at the ADI-2 DAC to the two drivers on your phone. More is really not required. If you want to spend a few bucks more for balanced operation, then I suggest to upgrade to the ADI-2 Pro FS R BE. Then you have all in one box and more ... - new AKM DAC chip with one additional D/A filter - 2nd independend amplifier to support either 2 phones or balanced operation for 1 phone - the new remote - A/D converter which allows you to digitize analog audio material if you have - Besides ADAT/SPDIF input also an output and features like dynamic loudness are also supported on this digital output - an additional digital AES port which could be interesting to integrate the DAC into other recording environment The unit that you intend to buy would only make sense it it would have 1. digital input(s) 2. also a superb D/A converter on board But it does not have, so its only purpose is to add balanced phones to a unit which can't do. Balanced connections are mostly used in a studio where you might have longer cables and where this special circuit ensures to eliminate electric noise and uses a higher signal level to allow for much longer cables. To simply connect phones this is IMHO overkill and it does not make sound better, it simply avoids any potential additional noise (which most likely is not there anyway). Some people might think it sounds better, because with balanced cables you might get a hotter / louder signal and to our ears louder audio sounds better. So whatever comparison tests you might do later, you need to ensure equal volume levels. Blind testing is also important. This both to ensure not to become biased and misled by psychoacoustic effects. BR
  11. I got my RME Dac liking it so far ...The manual is big ! I have a question i want to use the Dac on a neutral setting without using the EQ i have turned this off and have the filter on sharp and no added bass or treble has been used as i believe the speakers should do there job without adding anything and so far good . The volume on the RME i do not understand what i am meant to set this on as i wanted my amplifier to be in control of the volume not the RME is this possible ? or is the RME Dac the Pre amp now and not the Pew -amp inside the Yamaha A-S3000 ? Yes i have a manual but need a quick answer from someone who has one
  12. Why not email Gaia for more info i am sure they will give it . There to much over thinking here the product works and lots of people are happy with the results start listening to some music
  13. All the info you need to no about Gaia testing ....
  14. One thing I didn’t understand on the Gaia website was on speaker weight as my Rubicon speakers fell in the Gaia 3s category but the website recommended the Gaia 2s for best performance . but I went for the 3s as this was correct for my speakers but puzzled me what the 2s would do better
  15. Do you tell your customers wait before you buy anything from me test it with REW first .....