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  1. I must of missed this poll but class A sounds a lot better then A-B class so would of thought this should of had its own category
  2. The great thing about music is most people like it what ever age you are or what country you come from its a gift so as much as i want my daughter to carry on from me i can not see it . She's a 11 years old she likes some of my music like Ozzy but she also likes Pop music which i do not but the main thing is I've past on my love of music on to her what ever she listens to it on the future it doesn't matter the bug there I've done my job but hope she will use my Hifi when i am not around if she understands how it all goes together and can left the amplifier by herself
  3. Because we are all ageing 40s ,50s and upwards that really understands music and HIFI and we are the generation of HIFI we are the only ones who care for what we like in our hobby we got brought up on it .
  4. I think the younger generation have moved on in a different direction what with iPad , phones , small devises that they listen to music on . what's different now is hardly any music stores no top of the pops so people can see the singer and vote by buying the music from a record shop like we used to and enjoy spending ages in the record shop when we all got paid but thanks to iTunes and the other streaming sites there is no need to own a record or a CD anymore . For me i was brought up with HIFI , top of the pops , music shops its been all my life a enjoyment that i have wasted a lot of money in buying hifi over the years but took me most of my life to find the right gear that i am happy with which i wished i did years ago but my goal has been a better sound and getting closer to the bands i love when i listen to them . HIFI as we no it is dying i am afraid its the way it is things move on but we do not .
  5. Yes the 2up is better then a 8005 but reckon the 2up would last the OP years as it is a lot of amplifier for the money it was just the cd player that burnt me and put me off
  6. Yamaha A-S3000 54.2 Ibs , Yamaha CD- S2100 34.4 Ibs so not sure what's going to happen when i am gone as i think my daughter will struggle picking the amplifier up that's if she understands how it all goes together as us lot are a dying breed owning Hi Fi like this .
  7. That is correct i brought a new Abrahamsen v2.0 up and a Cd player The amplifier is very good built like a tank but the Cd player never worked properly out of the box which was disappointing but can not fault the amplifier but what worried me was if it went wrong how would i get it fixed as the aftercare service was rubbish . So you take the risk if you buy one but still a good amplifier for the money .
  8. I look at that video and think to myself the hifi dealer had a wet dream when he walked through his door . I think people do not have to spend that kind of money to enjoy music as long as they think about how they put there setup together . I personal think that chap in the video is about hifi snobbery and just worrying about having the best in the world where most people get just the same enjoyment from main stream hifi and lets face it the hifi is only as good as the recording you play on it and the room you play it in which most of us have living rooms we have to share with our family's .
  9. Xentrix are still going but different lead singer now they are a great band but like all of there early stuff but the new album with the new singer is not the same as there old stuff
  10. To be totally honest i want to lower the box count to just my amp , CD player , streamer that is why i thought about buying the streamer from minidsp as it did streaming , Roon , and room correction in one box
  11. For some reason the RME Dac needs an XLR connection for the sound and a optical cable for the screen display signal on the RME Dac as the RME Dac has taking over the Dac inside the OPPO so for the CD player i have it connected using a Coax and XLRs to take over the Dac inside the CD player . If i just connect the XLRs only i do not get a screen signal on the RME display
  12. My OPPO is connected optically / XLRs running through the RME Dac and my CD player i am using Coax / XLRs through the RME Dac so thought if i could get SHD that does streaming , Roon , Dirac live i could take the OPPO out of the chain and just use my CD player ,and the SHD for streaming
  13. Not brought anything yet still looking
  14. You made a good choice i think to be honest the Dali opticons are the sweet spot of the range
  15. Its not got rid of it Its just not as bad on them 2 tracks but i just did not understand why i started to get the sibilance as i never had it with my old speakers only on my new ones . I have read sibilance can be in the recording in how they recorded the singers voice
  16. Thanks all for the help
  17. This bit bothers me .....extended high frequencies
  18. to be honest nonsense ones as long as they measure well but as Tuga has said the Mogami ones are nonsense but do own a pair
  19. Chord make just copper ones i see but as you go up the range they make them sliver lined
  20. I do own a pair of theses already but when i connect them up the top end goes a bit sharp so not sure if theses are sliver lined . i would have to message the seller to find out
  21. Just discovered something about my cables both sets of XLRs i own are sliver lined so i have put on a couple of sets of RCAs in the chain instead and now the treble is not so sharp . I like using the XLRs so need to look out for just copper made ones as i have noticed a lot of them are sliver lined when you look at the spec
  22. Yes I knew about no toe-in even through I’ve been to dealers who think it’s ok to have a little toe-in . My speakers are setup on the longest part of the room well away from side walls and 28’’ from back wall but do have a fake wood floor but have a big rug between my speakers . I was thinking of buying drac live to measure my room and to get the very best out my speakers and my setup
  23. Yes it’s a great album..... Are you saying it’s probably due to the album it’s self As thought it was a well recorded album . And do you think because my top end is quite open and detailed my speakers are finding fault with the recording
  24. Hi its this soundtrack on 2 tracks 6 & 7 and no not that i noticed on my old speakers and nothing has changed on cables and i have a downloaded copy of this album as well as a CD copy
  25. I can not borrow any cables as I do not no anyone locally to me I would have to buy them and as for isolation I use Gaia feet on my speakers. I haven’t got a dedicated streamer only using the OPPO as a end point streamer as I use Roon software plus I have the same Cd of this album I have I also have a copy for streaming which the same issue is there so doesn’t mater which way I go
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