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  1. Ok, Darwin Award attempt. Going back many years, I used to go to school on the train. One enterprising young chap stole a guards bag. Whilst wagging school and eating the sandwiches we found some orange discs with a lead strap on the back. These were sagely identified by one kid whose dad worked on the railways. “Signal detonators” says he. We made several attempts to set one off. Yours truly decides we are demonstrating a lack of commitment. I stand on a low wall carrying the biggest rock I can find. Lift rock as high as possible and throw at the disc directly below. Boom. I attribute my survival and complete lack of rock shrapnel injuries to an interest from bored angels. Gabriel: “watch how fast this ar**hole runs when he finds out how much of a bang these things make”. Feeling stupid didn’t happen for a while, I had to stop shaking first. As an aside if you have the time, Google “Lawn Chair Larry”. All time winner, IMHO.
  2. I have a positively ancient Tag AV32r which works fine for me. It's a processor only, but with the right kit has a 2-channel mode as you suggest, and it shuts down the channels not in use. Ebay one for less than £300. Add power amps to taste and away y'go. Not so sure it's as easy with an integrated AV amp. Take a look at this for cheap: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAG-McLaren-AV32R-DAC-preamp-Used-Great-Condition/123944519720?hash=item1cdbab4828:g:j60AAOSwXXBdqdJd
  3. Well they are away for analysis and replacement now. The good news is MA say they have replacement units if required. As for blowing regularly, I've had these for over 20 years and driven them with my 100x5r. Most of the time not at obscene loudness, but I suspect old age may have something to do with it (me and the speakers). Thanks for the input chaps, very interesting. I'll post findings when I get them back.
  4. Ha, you think that's bad? I used to have a pair of Kef 104ab's. I ran 'em with the grilles off and my 3 year old daughter decided very gently to push both tweeters in. Having received some advice from a colleague, and with drawn curtains I proceeded to suck them back out. Wifey insisted on testing the work by playing "Behind Closed Doors". Afterwards we told the kids the tweeters were buttons that stopped Father Christmas coming next time. It all worked out.
  5. Thanks for that chaps, very helpful. I've not come across Falcon before and they look a good bet.
  6. Not yet. That will be the job for tomorrow though!
  7. OK chaps, I'm the proud owner of a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 20SEs. Had them since new and love 'em to bits. No plans to change, however: One of my tweeters has stopped tweeting. I have them biwired and switching a few wires tells me the treble circuitry or driver unit isn't working. No physical damage I can see or recall. I'm intending to get things repaired if possible and can feel a trip to Wilmslow Audio coming on. If it's the crossover/wiring I'm assuming that will be easy to fix, but if drive unit is kaput then it may mean major surgery on both speakers. So before I do, are there any "experienced hands" out there who can offer some advice. What the problem is likely to be? Any history on MA20SEs? Would you know if there is a suitable replacement treble unit? Thanks in advance
  8. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    Fishing tackle? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Summit-Tackle-Stainless-Steel-D-BIT-bank-stick-spirit-level-drive-tool-T-Bar-/263832136495
  9. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    Mr. Red, you are very precisely correct. Fancy a go?
  10. One of the explanations of how viruses are created is that they are first "born" in the cells they are destined to infect. Genetic material replication error that your body fails to "mop up". Known as the Vagrancy or Escape hypothesis. And when I find the bugger who started the common cold, he is in Sh*t Street.
  11. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    OK, try this one. Mine used to have a Stylift on it.
  12. MarkJ

    My Archive

    I'm OK with the copy/paste bit. I was wondering how you found your content. Think I've figured it out. Go to "My Account", "Forum Posts" and copy them individually.
  13. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    It prints the patterns on the inside of a Westworld Android’s head?
  14. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    No idea, Over to the community!!
  15. MarkJ

    Quiz Time!

    You win my friend. Too easy obviously.
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