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  1. AntA

    System For Kitchen

    After auditioning the Naim Mu So QB and Bluesound Pulse 2i he bought the Bluesound there was no contest.
  2. You should have recorded her at it and played it back to her through the walls.
  3. AntA

    System For Kitchen

    That is a very good point Uzzy. I should have mentioned that his kitchen is a large kitchen diner and he will probably locate the system in the dining area. It does not necessarily have to be integrated a separate CD player would be okay. To be honest I don't think he would use use the CD much, I think he should just rip his CDs ad play them from his phone.
  4. I would appreciate some advice on all in one systems. My son is considering buying a Naim Mu-so Qb for use in his kitchen and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of them. Are they worth the money or is there a better alternative? The maximum he wants to spend is up to 1K. He needs Spotify connectivity, optical input and not existential but nice to have CD capability, Thanks for any advice and opinions.
  5. How about getting noise cancelling windows?
  6. Classic sketch, one which would not be allowed these days.
  7. Women can't bother their fluffy little heads with such things as HiFi. More interested in babies, kittens, baking, cushions and candles.
  8. I'm pleased to see Flaming Pie released as part of the Archive Collection. I'll probably get the triple 180g Vinyl. Can't believe the prices for the Deluxe 5 CD 2DVD £250 or the Collectors Edition box set £520. I would want it signed for that then I would definitely buy it.
  9. My top five favourite albums are in order: All Things Must Pass: George Harrison. In my opinion George Harrison was every bit as talented as Lennon and McCartney. All Things Must Pass is a out-flowing of the great music George had written over the years with the Beatles. I also think that Something and Here Comes The Sun are two of the best Beatles songs ever made. Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Beatles. It does not take much explanation as to why I have chosen this album. It was so revolutionary for its time and a work of genius. It is worth including for the cover picture alone. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Elton John: I only really like Elton john's early music and in my opinion this was the peak of his and Bernie Taupin's collaboration. Spilt Milk: Kristina Train. There is something about Kristina Train's voice which I just love. When I discovered her on Spotify I had ordered the CD by the time I had listened to the third track. Band On The Run: Paul McCartney & Wings. This was one of the first albums I ever bought. McCartney, Ram, Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway were all okay but then it all came together with BOTR.
  10. I totally agree with your approach Doug. In the past we had a terrace house and the old lady next door on one side was deaf which you may think advantageous. It wasn't as she had the television on full blast and it was like having the TV on in your living room. Fortunately she only had a TV in the lounge and not the bedroom. The other neighbours were great and we hardly heard a thing. I only had a music centre and I did not play it loud so not to upset the other neighbours. Next we bought a small detached bungalow and we loved not having to worry too much about the noise we were making, but then we moved again to a Neo Georgian semi detached house. The walls were paper thin, you could even hear doors creaking next door, that coupled with a yappy dog, TV on really loud in the lounge and in the bedroom late at night and launching the door at the wall when he let the dog out (I assume it was hard to close) which made all the radiators at the bag of the house rattle. We moved out after six months. Since then we have always bought detached properties even if they were smaller than an adjoined perhaps nicer house. We came to the conclusion that having your own four walls was worth the extra expense. Being detached has meant that when we had kids we did not have to worry too much about the noise they and we made. Then I got into Hifi and enjoy playing music loud when I can but as I keep the windows closed I don't worry too much. It can be heard outside but its not particularly loud so I don't tend to worry. I've never had any complaints. We are moving soon to the Cotswolds and house prices are more than where we live but we are buying detached again for these reasons. I would not like to live in a house which was adjoined to mine. I did look at moving over to a headphone based system so we may consider buying a semi but although very good you just don't get the same feeling for the music as you do with speakers. So I can totally understand Eddie Baby's position, he is detached and unless he has really poorly insulated windows should be able to turn it up a bit.
  11. A friend of mine owned one and it was a little sod. Always yapping, tearing up furniture and humping drafty the draft excluder. He took Muffin to the vet but was asked to wait outside because of all the commotion she was causing. When he got to see the vet he asked about improving the dogs behavior as Muffin had already been rejected from dog training classes. The vet said " Jack Russel's" are little sods, the best thing you can do is when you get up in the morning is give them a kick to let them know who is boss". He did not take the advice but a couple of weeks took Muffin to a sanctuary to be rehoused.
  12. This is exactly why I bought a detached house and never play my Hifi with the windows open. And I never play music in the garden on a radio.
  13. We got a Golden Retriever, she had a similar effect on the cats. Not a total success though as we now have to pick up after her.