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  1. AntA

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    This may be of some help too. Use Decon Neutracon for cleaning sensitive surfaces which must not be cleaned by acidic or alkaline cleaning agents (such as Decon 90). Use for cleaning non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, zinc, copper, brass, silver etc., soft glass, coated lenses, polymer and other sensitive surfaces. Decon works really well and you only a few mls to add to distilled water so it lasts for ages. We used Decon 90 for stainless steel components.
  2. AntA

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    I believe the Velvet Vortex also uses 40KHz if it is the GT Sonic bath. The Degritter costs over 2K so not many people use them.
  3. AntA

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    How are you placing the components in the bath? If you place them in a Pyrex beaker with a small amount of cleaning solution and then put them into 2/3 full bath in the basket that should limit the effect of the ultrasonic vibrations. I don't know much about clock parts but we used to use Decon 90 / water solution to clean components in the lab.
  4. AntA

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Wow, that is quick. What solution is the brass in? Is it just water and detergent? There are a lot of people on this forum including myself who have ultrasonic cleaners and I'm not aware of anyone who has reported an issue with it causing any damage to records. Although I do take the point that potentially it could. It would be interesting to subject a record to sustained ultrasonics to test if it did cause damage.
  5. AntA

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    I think the difference between cleaning records and brass components is that the record is not actually continuously subjected to ultrasonic cavitation as the record is continuously turning, rather than sitting in the bath for several minutes.
  6. The Eagles: The Long Run (Vinyl)
  7. I lost my heart there, San Francisco.....not Isleworth
  8. This letter from Frost to Barnier is very interesting
  9. Thanks everyone for the support.
  10. The continuing saga, I'm pleased to report that all the family are now back in good health. There is hope out there! I was getting quite worried.
  11. That sounds and interesting story....tell us more.
  12. It is truly amazing all the factors that have come together to make life possible, the position in the galaxy, solar system, type and size of the sun, atmosphere, position and size of the moon, existence of water, the metallic core of the Earth and probably much more. Given these facts it is a shame we don't do more to look after our planet, Because of the size of the universe I have no doubt there is life out there somewhere. Some will be more advanced than us I'm sure, whether they will want to communicate with us is a different matter. I must admit before I pop my clogs I would love to know for sure that there is life out there somewhere.
  13. The problem with methanol is its toxicity, I would only use it in a fume cupboard and wearing gloves. Its probably okay when watered down though. Vinegar is approx 3 to 5% acetic acid in water and should only dissolve water soluble polymers such as carboxy methyl cellulose and PVA's so conventional plastics such as PVC should be okay.