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  1. AntA

    TV cover

    You could try Photowall, you could choose one of their images or get them to print one of yours on Canvas or a poster. I've used them and they do a great job. https://www.photowall.co.uk/?utm_campaign=generic&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgtWDBhDZARIsADEKwgMQL_6cHHjcRPxiCWuQijkqj_HPV-JhF8VFCjs54Zz8yHGZJt-Uf2IaAkd6EALw_wcB
  2. My Grandmother once told me when I was small " If you can't say anything good then don't say it." What a stupid old cow.
  3. AntA


    I'm quite happy to drink alcohol free beer. I don't like the feeling of being drunk with the room spinning and being nauseous. I'm not t total but I never drink to access I stopped that in my late teens. I drink alcohol free beer if I'm driving and I don't fancy a sweet drink like Coke. Mind you I bought some San Miguel AF beer at Christmas and it was disgusting. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. AntA

    TV cover

    Get your needles out!
  5. AntA

    TV cover

    Perhaps you could crochet a nice cover for it like the one my gran had over her toilet roll.
  6. The Beatles: All Around The World (CD) I'm really enjoying this album, the recording obviously is not as good as Eight Days a Week The Touring Years but it is not bad at all. It is very atmospheric and if you are a Beatles fan and never got to see them live I would recommend it. It only cost me £10 on Ebay brand new and included delivery. Best £10 I've spent for ages.
  7. I agree with most of that, but what I don't understand is why exactly the same program has to be on both the BBC channels at the same time. It is not as though people with BBC1 don't have BBC2 or vice versa .
  8. I know it is very sad that he has died but do they really have to programs about PP on BBC 1, BBC2, ITV all blooming day. BBC have even cancelled everything on BBC 4. Good job I have my music. *When I say PP I don't mean Plastic Penguin.
  9. Don't know if this is of any help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Custom-Made-Headphone-Cables-Colour-Braided-Optional-Lengths-And-Connectors-/183619301282
  10. John Lennon: Walls and Bridges (CD)
  11. The Beatles: Let It Be (Vinyl) Having a bit of a Beatles session today!
  12. The Beatles: The Complete Silver Beatles (Vinyl)
  13. The Beatles: Revolver (Vinyl) In my opinion the 3rd best Beatles album behind Abbey Road and Sergeant Peppers.
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