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  1. AVI looks like it may be a going concern again. The page has indeed been updated “The Legend Returns Yes, we will be back very soon! It is our 30th Anniversary year, and we have been busy making sure that we will be around for at least another 30 years. We are returning with special editions of our renowned active loudspeaker systems, and we will be introducing new products to extend and enhance our long-held reputation for producing HiFi systems of great quality and superb performance. To all of our existing customers and friends, it will be great to connect with you again. To everyone else, a very warm welcome.”
  2. Paul McCartney: Red Rose Speedway Original Double Album (Vinyl)
  3. Yeah, it's okay but I didn't notice any Steepletone.
  4. Great idea, just got mine out to clean my purchases over the last couple of months.
  5. That is interesting. Did you not like the remixing?
  6. Anyone bought and listened to this yet? I've just ordered the 4LP set but was wondering if I should have got the CD / DVD set instead as I have read poor reviews of the vinyl.
  7. Just clicked on your Sound Cloud link. Really enjoyed the tracks you are very talented.
  8. I don't really watch much television, most of it is rubbish and the news is just depressing. I'm lucky enough to have my own room to go and relax and listen to music it can really help when you are feeling a bit down. I was out shopping the other day and there was a guy playing a saxophone he was really brilliant it made a boring shopping trip into an enjoyable one. I don't know if he was a professional musician but it would not surprise me if he was as they are having to get what work they can these days with Covid.
  9. We moved into our new house on the 19th August. You are right though any house will sell regardless of condition if it is cheap enough especially if it is in a desirable location. Generally though it is worth doing some work to a property if you want to get a good price but you need to look at other houses in the area and work out the maximum ceiling price for them and don't spend more than that. After all that is how property developers make their money.
  10. I have three, but the mrs also has Kylie and Madonna. Honestly they are not mine.
  11. Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (Vinyl)
  12. Absolutely agree your description is truthful and honest but if you were to buy a new amplifier for example would you just look at the specification and description saying it was perfectly functional? You are trying to get people through the door to show your property of to its full potential so the property details need to be enticing (and truthful). If you are looking to get towards the higher end of its value you need to get it looking in tip top condition. If you are not looking for top price for your property what you have done is fine but you may struggle to people to look at it. It's silly I know but having bins and wood (I think) propped up against a door at the front of a property give the impression of not being cared for. A front door and porch that need painting etc all create an impression of the property. My view is the house looks nice and in a good area but need renovation, I may be wrong but that is what the photos lead me to believe. It looks pretty much as it would when it was built. Not a bad thing but would reduce the amount a buyer would offer. The garden looks nice but you don't really mention anything about it. Please don't take my comments the wrong way, I'm trying to help.
  13. In my experience having bought and sold about fifteen houses over the years I have come to the conclusion that most home buyers with the exception of developers lack the vision to see houses full potential. If you are trying to get the maximum amount of money possible for your house it needs to be pretty much perfect so the buyer can move in without doing very much work. Here is a link which gives advice on how to dress a home to sell. I know it seems over the top but it really helps. As for your description saying the carpets are usable suggests they have seen better days. And I would not mention flooding in your write up as that would worry most buyers. They will find out about it when they do the environmental search on your property. You are obviously a straightforward practical sort of chap but you need to think like a salesperson. Look at houses prices in your area especially any properties similar to yours and put yourself in the buyers position.