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  1. Some cheap old battered Harbeth P3 ESR's and a Ming Da Piccolo
  2. It's a Swiss Army knife of an amp!! The phono stage is excellent but the real star is the dac which is a huge upgrade on my streamers built in chip. It's also the most living room friendly piece of kit I've owned.
  3. For what its worth I have the Ditton 33's on the end of a Rega Brio and they sound fantastic.
  4. .....plus it's a really special amplifier and I'm so glad to have it back
  5. Really relieved thought I was going to be left with a very expensive paperweight
  6. Update, Peachtree eventually got in touch confirmed my amp was still in warranty and put me in touch with a UK repairer. I sent it off turned out it needed a new pre amp module!! All fixed and returned within 10 days good as new.
  7. Oh dear. I've had a couple of Peachtree amps prior to this one and not even a hint of trouble. It's an expensive piece of kit, hope I can get it fixed.....
  8. Hi, thanks for this - ive tried it but the issue remains unfortunately. Well worth a try though
  9. Hi I've spoken to the manufacturer, they asked for the serial number to determine whether it was still in warranty and then....nothing
  10. Hi all I've had the above amp for about 6 months and bought it 2nd hand. It's developed an issue where it switches itself off after about 2mins of being powered up. Ive checked fuses which are ok and tried it in different set ups with different power supplies and no change. I've exchanged a couple of emails with Peachtree who started off helpful but are now inexplicably blanking me!! Has anyone had the same fault or got any suggestions? Thanks
  11. I had a mojo for about 12 months and did not encounter this issue
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARCAM-A65-PLUS-Integrated-Amplifier-New-/164787619820?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Quite tempted
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