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  1. Latest upgrade.....I bagged a Chord Mojo 2nd hand on fleabay for £220. Very impressed so far a big leap sonically for the price of a couple of nights out
  2. Yes indeed. Thinking of getting a chord mojo though to see what that does to the Aries sound
  3. I replaced my Bluesound Node 2i with an Auralic Aries Mini streamer which is quite a big upgrade for round about the same price
  4. I actually have noisy neighbours all round me, mowing the lawn at 8am, loud children on occasion from 6am worst is the parties with crap music shrieking women and swearing into the wee small hours. However my house is very well sound proofed so with my doors and windows shut I can hardly hear a thing, live and let live is my motto. I don't listen to music at ridiculous levels and nothing can be heard outside my house even if I did.
  5. My best hifi upgrade ever was buying a detached house.
  6. I've had one earlier this year and it failed to drive my ls50's, was swiftly moved on
  7. I must say the M10 and Atom are very very tempting only thing that puts me off a little is their lack of power.
  8. Just as it is for now, I will try a psu at some point and am toying with the idea of adding a chord mojo if I can pick up a second hand one cheapish
  9. Sonos Connect through a half decent dac still sounds good to my ears. Bluesound Node 2 or 2i are a big step up. Auralic Aries Mini another level up again. On a budget Arcam Miniblink sounds better than it has any right to.
  10. Ive just bought a 2nd hand Auralic Aries Mini and it sounds better to my ears than my Node sounds a lot fuller and deeper, less brittle (if that makes sense) more analogue. The Bluesound app shades it over the Auralic one but not by much and not enough to be a dealbreaker
  11. Well, I saw them on the actual Psychedelic Jungle tour in 81 - they were absolutely mind blowingly brilliant
  12. Dr John : Gris Gris Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots The Cramps : Psychedelic Jungle Bob Iver : 22, a million Captain Beefheart : Clear Spot
  13. Was wondering the same.... I can't find anything.