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  1. How this thread has turned out is my pet hate about hifi forums...
  2. Listened to Autobahn last night and it still sounds otherworldly and ground-breaking
  3. My Marantz CD48 jap crap? No way, sounds great
  4. Never had any brightness with mine through several amp cdp and tt swaps
  5. Great looking and I bet great sounding system. I have Ditton 33's and am a huge fan
  6. I have an SX535 that was given to me a few years back and it sounds fantastic, there are loads on eBay in varying states - there are also sellers on eBay and beyond who recap and restore old receivers. Definitely worth a punt for not a lot of money. I also have some beautiful Celestion Ditton 33 speakers in perfect condition which cost me £100 and would cost me many many more times that in the modern market to get better.
  7. That's £3500 - I was thinking less than 1k...
  8. I used mine with Acoustic Energy 305 floorstanders which I had at the time that were very good speakers with every other amp I paired with them... I felt the Oxygene needed a touch of eq to take it out of neutral. Wish I'd known about the Schiit Loki before I moved it on or tried it with other speakers.
  9. Hi, what speakers are you using with the Oxygene amp?
  10. I owned the amp and cdp 2 or 3yrs ago ( bought from Richer Sounds for 2k). I found the amp underwhelming for something that retailed around the 3k mark the cdp however was an absolute killer. I moved them on as a pair but wish I'd kept the cdp and am on the lookout for one as we speak.
  11. Atacama make really good stands that don't break the bank
  12. I work in the port industry and am therefore classed as a key worker OMG it's really challenging out there trying to keep working getting medical supplies and food into the UK. The men and women that work for me are showing great resilience and bravery in carrying on working while their colleagues go off one at a time. I've heard a lot of people complaining about self isolating well the alternative of risking your health and potentially your life working twice as hard as you did before is much much worse. Oh yeah and when we finish work there's no sodding food left on the shelves. My wife at the beginning was classed as vulnerable and was sent home from work, this has now been reversed and as a key worker shes now been taken from isolation and put back into work as most of her colleagues are now working at home and her dept is short staffed - one thing to come out of this thing is awful people and employers become even more awful and the good ones get better - this definitely applies in my poor darling wife's workplace. Hopefully she stays too young to be a widower. In other news my daughter is loving being off school, my middle son is working from my elderly Dad's house so he can look after him and my eldest boy is isolating for 2 weeks with his wife and kids as his mother in law who lives with them is sick with possible Coronavirus. He's a health worker and can't get a test. Despite the current stresses I'm staying positive trying to laugh as much as possible and at least I'm not stuck in traffic jams commuting at present. Music helps.
  13. Beefheart Clear Spot next up after Tony Allen
  14. Ha yeah I used to live in Saltburn and my Dad still does - I was there yesterday doing his shopping.
  15. I'm a key worker so enjoying the weekend before I go back to the mayhem. My Wife is classed as vulnerable health wise so off work my youngest is 13 so she's now off school and yes she's bored!! I work away through the week and wondering what the heck to do if I get it although I'm trying to isolate myself in my office as much as possible. I've just changed my weekday accommodation to a middle of nowhere farm so that will help. I'm in my music room currently working on my laptop (Will I have any staff left next week??) Listening to Uncut's free CD while I work with my dog at my feet, daughter asleep in the room next to this and my beautiful wife pottering around as she does. I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm just about to check out Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela's new album on Tidal as there's a track on the CD I'm listening to and it's the stand out so far. Take care be kind to each other and keep the tunes on