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  1. I had a mojo for about 12 months and did not encounter this issue
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARCAM-A65-PLUS-Integrated-Amplifier-New-/164787619820?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Quite tempted
  3. They were very much of their time, I bought the first 2 albums and saw them live but tuned out after Meat is Murder. I can't stand Morriseys whining voice now and Johnny Marr is so far up himself he's practically inside out.
  4. Well looks like we are starting to slowly come out the other end of the pandemic!! Hopefully you all got through it ok
  5. I bought the Roksan Oxygene amp/cdp combo a few years back for £2k when the rrp was £7k.
  6. Interesting, I'd demo first of course however there's no way I'd buy new @ £2500 I'd be looking at them 2nd hand for a lot less.
  7. It proves what can be had second hand for entry level money. To better it with a compact set up i'd have to go for say a Naim Uniti Atom plus Harbeth P3ESR at 3 times the price and im not sure it would be x3 the quality...
  8. My entirely 2nd hand living room system Peachtree Nova 125 amp - £400 Auralic Aries Mini streamer - £300 Chord Mojo Dac - £250 Kef LS50 speakers - £450 A very simple no frills compact set up that sounds absolutely sublime and cost £1400 all in.
  9. Bluesound node 2i would be a most appropriate upgrade in your system imo. You can also tweak the bass in the app which could help.
  10. I have a Sonos Play5 in my kitchen perfectly adequate in fact it sounds very good for what it is
  11. What an odd post. It's like the old python sketch - am i in the right place for an argument?
  12. I have some beautiful Ditton33's bought in time capsule condition 3 or 4,years ago for less than the Atacama stands they sit on. Warm punchy sound and very much suited to a smaller room. I've used vintage and modern amps to great effect, currently a Nad C320bee is the amp of choice and sounds just wonderful. They look great too.
  13. I had a Marantz cd63ki sig which was pretty special and my Marantz cd48 is equally as good. Cheap as chips too. Further up the chain I also had a Roksan Oxygene cdp which was really really good probably the best sound I've had from the format.
  14. My Auralic Aries Mini streamer looks so cheap and nasty I hide it under the sideboard. Fortunately it sounds great.
  15. The more recent Marantz amps and cdp's look like cheap printers to me.
  16. My Vincent/LS50 combo sounds great no matter what is thrown at it but with jazz it is off the flipping scale brilliant. My Peachtree/Dittons set up again is a very good all rounder but with electronica is jaw dropping
  17. Quite old Marantz CD48 is very very good
  18. I once sold an old mobile phone via Amazon and 12 weeks later the buyer contacted me for a refund because it had developed a fault. I also once sold a microwave for £30 via gum tree and a guy who came to buy it asked me for a guarantee.... I've been lucky selling HiFi kit and I've sold a lot of stuff with virtually no come back at all
  19. I have a few... Rumours (F.Mac) Abbey Road (Fabs) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Flaming Lips) Gris Gris (Dr John) Sketches of Spain (Miles. D)
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