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  1. CnoEvil

    I've made a thing!!

    Does the drawer now open more smoothly?
  3. CnoEvil

    I've made a thing!!

    IME. Getting speaker isolation right can have surprising results. Good job....and extra marks for the use of "filigree".
  4. Probably. I've heard most tales over the years. Personally, I have a Live and Let Live attitude to cables. I only posted that to add balance.
  5. I did an edit - as that test was done 5 years before he stepped down from HiFi+.
  6. I realise that - but what matters, is if the test was conducted in good faith, in which case the results are interesting. The issue where that test was done, was 2004 - your info was 2009.
  7. This was the Blind Test conducted by HiFi+:
  8. Tangentially related to the post above, C19 may have been lying dormant around the world, so has not necessarily originated in China:
  9. Exactly......though you don't want to Mask the sound.
  10. ...Remember to sing Happy Birthday twice, so your cable will remain Covid Free.
  11. Golden Ratio Hand Gel - What's not to like?
  12. If you found yourself in that situation - my suggestion would be an Arcam A49 - you like Arcam and it's a great match with PMC.