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  1. Isn't it lucky it's not your thread then. When the OP has a different front runner - then I'm happy to talk about that, if I'm familiar with it.
  2. FWIW. With either the LS50s, or R3s - Longer term, you should be looking at Amps in the £1500 - £2000 range, to hear what they are capable of. As you continue with your dems - as well as using your Amps - I would ask for something better to be connected. I'd be looking at Arcam SA30 / Rega Elicit R / Creek Evo 100A / Hegel H95 or H120 / MF M3si or M6si. With Kefs - avoid any silver coated cables - including on dems. This should give an idea of where you might head in the future.
  3. The R3s are great speakers - and maybe a little more forgiving than the LS50s. The LS50s are a very open window on what's driving them - which is why I like them with warmer sounding amps, like Arcam. Very neutral amps like Rotel, can make them sound a little uninvolving for some tastes. The A14 in particular is quite bold, but maybe lacking in subtlety and refinement. For my taste, I would prefer Rotel with warmer sounding speakers like Harbeth and Spendor Classic....and Kef R Series. I think you have a Yamaha - which will need to be tried with your shortlist. IMO. Amp/Spe
  4. What system was used for the dem....and what cables was it connected with?
  5. The LPZ Tweeter on the Spendor D Series is supposed to take a long time to lose its edginess.
  6. I don't remember the original LS50s changing so much - but it was a while ago now.
  7. Interestingly, Terry mentions the need for Metas to run in, in his recent review of them.
  8. Give them a good 100 hours and report back......there is nothing but good that can happen, if you liked them from new. It will be interesting to see if your view on break-in changes a bit. I pretty much agree with your initial description of the Kefs vs Spendors. They are similar, yet different.....and the ones you prefer, could be down to how you feel on a given day and what you listen to.
  9. I phoned my dealer on the day after he got his demo pair. When I asked what he thought - he said that at this early stage, he was not impressed....the Bass was lean and they sounded too forward and bright. He said he would leave them running - and that Kef had warned him they took a while to free out. By the time I heard them, they had about 50 hours on the clock - and liked what I heard enough to order some. I received mine just before Christmas. If I hadn't been aware of what they sounded like from new, I would have been very disappointed. What I heard was not as good as my ol
  10. @dave6v If they are new - and behave anything like the pairs that I have heard and many that I have read about - you need to assess again after 100 hours. They will probably continue to improve for a further 150 hours after that. I don't know how far into the room you can go - but when they have fully run in, you could try starting at half a meter from the wall and then keep moving them back and see what happens. As they get closer to the wall, they become warmer and smoother - especially if firing straight. Experimenting imo is somewhat pointless until they have freed out. Mine real
  11. Excellent. Are they in the 4m x 4.5m room and on HMS T1-600 (24.5"?) stands (which if filled, would be perfect)? I find, that in some ways, they had similarities with my Harbeths (which surprised me)....though they don't have that BBC richness.
  12. @dave6vDid you get them? Are they on dem or did you take the plunge? What colour are they and are they brand new?
  13. Be nonchalant and play it cool!
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