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  1. This is my chill for tonight - Classic stuff.
  2. I would be very careful about changing the Sugden/ProAc combination - you could lose the magic. If insisting on a change - my suggestion would be for Valves....but I don't think I'd be changing. BTW. Welcome to the madness.
  3. I suppose it depends on what percentage of our economy Manufacturing should make up. I believe at the minute, it makes up a little less than 17.5%, while the Service Industry makes up 80%. It also depends on whether we lose some Industry, as a result of Brexit (which is like a few steps back), as a result of the increased difficulty of trading with our nearest market of 450m people.
  4. ....and over what time scale. We've run down manufacturing in favour of Financial Services....and you can't just flick a switch.
  5. Here is my concern - While I'm a believer in both isolation and cables - on which you can spend significant money - They "can" become a sticking plaster for speakers, where you are trying to "fix" them with regards to your taste. It may work fine, but you can still end up with speakers, on which you've spent further money, which are improved, but not quite right. I'd rather start with speakers that you love - and then further improvement is icing on the cake. So, I'm not saying you shouldn't go down this route - only adding a note of caution.
  6. All the speakers you've tried are imo on the more forward end of the spectrum....whereas I have never heard a forward sounding Linn this a characteristic you are looking for? I can't comment on Gato speakers, as I've never heard any....but if I had to guess, they would be Ultra Clean and controlled sounding. Have you heard the current Kef R Series, which in my opinion, have scale, detail and are musically engaging?....though I think the Ref Series are ideally where to look - but at a (considerable) price. A left field suggestion - The new LS50 Meta are outstanding - and combined with their new KC62 Sub, would take a lot of beating. As you probably know, I rate the mixture of Gato and Harbeth....but that may not be a direction you want to go in. There is however, a good value pair of Super HL5 + on here for sale atm.
  7. For me, there would only be one question - Do they make music as enjoyable as the Keilidhs? They may have more detail, have better Bass, measure better etc. But that matters not one jot if they don't knock the Linn's into touch.....and any replacement for the Linns, should do exactly this, or why bother changing. What other speakers have you tried?
  8. My final comment - It was not the sentiment (which is perfectly reasonable), that I had a problem with, but putting such a definitive date on it.
  9. I gave my view and why I hold it. I only elaborated further as a result of being questioned by you. It is not for me to tell you how to feel - and that wasn't my intention.....but I am entitled to put my POV. If I had thought you only wanted views that supported your own, I would have refrained from commentating - and will not comment further.
  10. FWIW. If you have reservations and are to some degree, talking yourself into liking them - then send them there will be other speakers that work in your room.
  11. In March, he said the worst of the crisis over in 3 Months. In July, he said it would be over by Christmas - unveiling plans to return to normality. He is optimistic by nature and hates giving bad news - so these statements were much more likely to be his decisions, rather than Scientists, who would be much more cautious. It suits the Govt very well to have the Public blamed (the vast majority of whom followed the rules), as it shines the light away from the fact that they have been behind the curve at every stage, causing one of the highest death rates in the world.
  12. So how many of Johnson's optimistic predictive dates have proved correct?......though he is being more cautious this time.