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  1. Can you describe what aspects of the sound that you are not enjoying? It could be the Naim, or it could be the MF. I much preferred the Class A AMS35i to the hugely more powerful M6500.....and the NV800 was outstanding. Have you considered a Sugden Amp, or even an Arcam Class G (A49 or SA 30)? Pathos would be another decent choice. IMV. ProAc sounds best with Class A or Valves.
  2. When I heard John Carrick do a Dem of Atlas Asimi (hugely expensive Silver Cables) vs Atlas Mavros (expensive Copper Cables) - I much preferred the Mavros.
  3. IMO. The Silvers won't sound like Nordost. I used to have Kef Ref 205/2s, which could be provoked into brightness. Most of the time, I used Cardas Golden Cross - but also used Linn Silvers, which were surprisingly close. The Amp was a Class A MF AMS 35i. IME. Silvers are more expensive, because - as the Dealer says - they play in a different league. When I checked on Ebay, there was a new set, with packaging, for £140. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304170131568?hash=item46d1f3e070:g:dDwAAOSwl4dhWEnn I am not familiar with K10. I used to have the original Naim NAC A4, which is the same as K20. It is a solid sounding cable, which should be fine for you. The K200 is a good step up, but priced accordingly. I think Linn Black/K20 should not accentuate brightness - and be on the smooth side. A good upgrade can be had at a later date, if necessary, with Linn Silver/K200
  4. Please do. If you like what they do - but want a bit more excitement and detail....that is imo what you get from the Silvers.
  5. I have some of their Mains Cables, which I personally would rate and am happy to recommend.
  6. Linn do two I/Cs, described by the colour of their outside - ie Linn Black and Linn Silver. Linn Blacks come as standard with most Linn Streamers/Amps - and are often put on Ebay. If interested, I'd take NP up on his offer....maybe with the option to buy, if you like them. Linn Silvers - come as standard with Klimax level stuff - can also/usually be found on Ebay with a saving - ideally you want them new and boxed. They should be 1.2m long. IMV They are substantially better. Linn K20 S/C is the same as the older Naim NAC stuff and is fine - but their K200 (like the Silver I/Cs), are more detailed and vibrant. I agree with @radiant redthat at full price, they are a bit on the expensive side (especially the Blacks).
  7. FWIW. I would not let Nordost Cables near my system - not because they are bad, but because I don't like how they make the system sound. IMV. In the same way that Harbeth/Graham Audio are the opposite end of the sonic spectrum to Focal/Triangle; Nordost is the opposite to Cardas.
  8. If I'd known you were considering Sugden - I'd have given most helpful encouragement. IME. Linn Blacks are certainly smooth and are a good choice if system can sound a little bright. Linn Silver is substantially more vibrant and detailed - while avoiding edginess.
  9. Then you should be listened to, rather than me. I have heard a variety of TQ cables many times, but not with that specific combination. My first choice, for a combination of performance/cost, would be the Linn cables that I mentioned.
  10. As somebody who likes - but can no longer afford Cardas Cables - I would recommend Linn Silver I/Cs (all copper) and K200 S/Cs. I also like Atlas Mavros and TQ Cables or Colin Wonfor EWA Cables.
  11. You could well be right - it's not my specialist subject.
  12. At a guess: Transport DAC Clock Upsampler Power Supply
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