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  1. Montblanc, Sheaffer and Parker, would be where to look, if wanting something nice.
  2. Excellent! Remember, they don't begin to sound right for 50 hrs.....and then take 200 - 250 hrs to come fully on song. Ideally, they like heavy filled Stands (24 - 26") - and experiment with distance to the wall behind them. Often they work best with no Toe-In. They should go exceedingly well with Arcam - and be versatile with every sort of music. Let us know how it goes - warts and all.
  3. IMV. It's a fair claim. Name another small speaker in its price range, that has such progressive looks; has the amount of design put into the cabinet and has achieved such universal praise....and remained unchanged for a decade. Anyone looking at a Bookshelf speaker in its price, usually has it on a dem list, or has it recommended to be put put on one. Can you really say the same for the Pulse? What is radical about its design or its looks - and is it renowned the world over? Saying all that, it is not my intention to minimize the sound per pound of the Leema.
  4. You didn't. I made a passing comment about something I'd heard years ago - and said I'd clarify, by getting the full story. I did so and updated PP on what happened - which was something along the lines that when the initial Models were sent for review - it generated a demand that immediately exceeded the Limited Edition number, before they'd even started making them for sale - Then they encountered a production problem, which was costly enough, that if fixed, would not have the cost covered by the Limited run. It was then decided to sort the Production problem and ignore the limited run
  5. What huge claim? I said the LS50 was originally a Limited edition - and that changed after production problems made that uneconomical....as well as unprecedented demand, after critical acclaim. I also said it was a ground breaking speaker, which I believe it was, given its unique design and high level of performance for the price. I never said it was supposed to be a clone of the original BBC speaker - and neither has Kef, who have actually said that the LS50 was, as Tuga posted above "Inspired by the LS3/5A and conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of KEF. Like the LS3/5A, the
  6. It was the initial Limited numbers, that were the problem. The LS50 has now sold in large volumes, which will have changed matters considerably. Some of the technology of the Metas has been "trickle down" and the Meta part will be "trickle up" - so the R&D cost is spread. The LS50 has been some what of an iconic, ground breaking speaker, which will have been very good for Kef's PR - but putting a value on that is impossible. IMV. With the Meta, Kef have redefined what is possible for £1k....and the price rise is more to do with the value of the Pound, compared to 2011 - as i
  7. I'm afraid my Box Brownie broke - so no pickies from back then.
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