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  1. Having suggested you get another Gato - I am going to contradict myself and suggest you consider this:
  2. It might just have been mentioned re Stands.
  3. I can make anything seem complicated. It's a gift.
  4. IME. It depends what qualities you value. If scale and impact and filling a big room, are at the top of your list, then Floorstanders are the more obvious choice. You can of course get a Sub, but these come with integration problems....Then there is the problem of Speaker Stands, which not only add cost and may have aesthetic problems - but which stands to get; how much to fill; isolate or couple speakers to them; what height etc.....though if have a suspended wooden floor, may make it easier to decouple speakers from it.
  5. For me, who likes both, the advantage of Standmounts would be: 1. Speed and Imaging - often with a tighter Bass 2. Below about £2k, Standmounts are often less compromised than Floorstanders 3. Can be a better choice in smaller rooms
  6. Without your sudden unexpected need for cash, you'd be happily living with the Gato....so I would argue it's too early for a change......but as you say, there is always an argument excuse, that it is never too early for a change! Whatever you decide, it will be interesting to hear about it.
  7. ...and a New Gato has a 5 year Warranty and used ones have a transferable Warranty. They also give excellent Customer Service.
  8. @Jules_S IME. There is an awful lot to be said for getting something you know you really like and have lived with long enough to have confirmed it. Elite have a NPM version on sale. https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/gato-audio-dia-250s-npm-integrated-amplifier I think this one is also still for sale: I struggle to think of anything that I have heard at the price, which competes.
  9. You should get Elite to send you a Gato DIA250S (NPM version if want a streamer), with the option of returning it (or get the one on here, if still available). It really is surprising good and would be a great substitute in Hot weather and great boost for a second system. I am not sure that you were being serious - but I mostly am.
  10. I've just realised that all the Pianists I listed were Men, so to balance the books a little: Ingrid Flitter Anastasia Injushina Mitsuko Uchida The joy of Streaming services is discovering some of the wonderful talent, as previously I was stuck in the past, with Artists like Ashkenazi, Perahia and Radu Lupu.
  11. @Nopiano and @DomT FWIW and on a tangential note - I have been enjoying the work of the following Pianists: Nikolai Lugansky Simon Trpčeski Jean-Efflam Bavouzet Stephen Hough Nelson Freire Nelson Goerner Daniil Trifonov The above list is just in case you want to check some of them out (if you don't already know them).
  12. ...because so many Speakers are so Insensitive. Boom Boom!
  13. There are times I find my system sounds better than others....but in your case, it might be: - Your mood - less likely - The quality of the power on that night - The running in of components - ime. It is a thing - The warming up of components - don't underestimate the subtle effect of this - The weather - heat/humidity etc Anything moved about in your system? Any furniture changes/Curtains or Blinds opened or closed?
  14. I agree with most of that - and I too have always found a pleasant, though slight, warmth to the sound....and also noticed the difference from the original, almost immediately. It confirms my view that there was output at 40 Hz, which gives them outstanding scale for their size.
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