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  1. Which R Series you choose, depends on the size of the room and your taste. I would take the 7s over the 5s, and the the 11s over the 7s (if the room could take them). The R Series is a big step up over the Q Series. The Seizmic 110 is a Rottweiler of a Sub!
  2. That's exactly the right thing to do....and the winner of that lot will deserve its place in your system. I'd add in some Kef R Series and possibly some Refs. I got decent money for my old Linn gear.
  3. I preferred the old Linn Amps, like the Klout, to the current ones. I haven't heard the Fact 8s, but suspect it would be fine. Did you listen to other speakers before settling on the PMCs?
  4. It is completely rational to have concerns about the speed with which these vaccines have been developed....but it's worth noting, that due to the biggest (almost existential) threat to both global health and the global economy - there was an unprecedented world wide effort to develop a solution. Nothing else was more important, so it happened because it had to happen. It is my view, that even though the safety checks will be fast tracked, they will be thorough - because they have to be thorough, or the vaccine could cause more damage than the disease. The big benefits of the Oxford vaccine (as I understand them) are: 1. This "Jamie Oliver school dinner" type vaccine, can be transported and stored at fridge temperatures - which is something even developing countries can manage - whereas few countries can handle the fancy "Heston Blumenthal" vaccines, due to the exceptionally low temperatures they need to be stored at. 2. It has a 90% efficacy, where the first injection is a half dose. 3. The fact that a half dose is used on the first jab, saves precious vaccine and gives a smaller potential reaction. 4. This is a "traditional" vaccine, so uses very familiar, proven technology 5. It's more affordable, as it is being distributed at cost 6. Matt Hancock has actually bought considerably more of this, than he was originally advised to do - potentially the best decision he has made as Health Secretary.
  5. If we want our lives back, it has to be a Yes.
  6. Those amps that achieve it, often do. Those that can't, aren't going to promote the fact.
  7. I now think I prefer a Cable Thread that I don't understand - and wish I did; than one I do understand - and wish I didn't!
  8. Yup, that's my test - especially if it can also double into 2 Ohms....and if really lucky, able to cope with 1 Ohm, like some Electrocompaniet can do.
  9. I know I've heard it right - When Keith tells me I have.
  10. With me, it was when I had one of those Twin cassette yoks. My plan was to record from one tape to another - but I pressed the record button on the wrong one - and wiped out the album that I had.
  11. My guess is that it's due to the value of the £ vs $. Strictly speaking, the Metas are absolutely not worth nearly double - but that's why I made the comment about whether they were going to be the main speaker, or not. If budget was very tight, or they were in a second system - the original LS50s are a No Brainer; but if they are going to be in the main system for the foreseeable, then I still think the Metas are still the ones to get.
  12. This review is more in line with what I heard. I felt the improvement was clearly audible, worth the rise in price - but not as game-changing as Guttenburg made out. Whether it's worth changing the original for the Metas, would depend on the cost to change and whether they were your main speakers.
  13. Interesting Review: He compares the Meta with the original, with some equivalently priced GoldenEar BRX....and even with some Focals at 10x the price.