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  1. It could be a number of reasons, including high demand. Costs of transport are spiralling upwards - especially containers from China. Logistic problems as a result of Covid and increasing energy costs are feeding into the problem. Expect to see further increases across most things...and not just HiFi related.
  2. Kef LS50 Wireless 2 have had a considerable price increase, from £2250 to £2499.
  3. CnoEvil

    One Track

    One Track! Blimey!. I'm going with this track, which I first heard on a very dramatic scene in the "Blacklist" - and it stopped me in my tracks, to the point I checked it out on Tunefind. It is by an Artist called River Mathews and from his Album Imogen. It's a new take on an old song and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Enjoy.
  4. If you lived close by, he'd have said, "Come over for a listen". As it is, given he is sending you the speakers to try - he wants to pin down what is most likely to suit first time. Personally, out of Harbeth, ATC and PMC....I'd put them in that order. If I had a Sugden, Harbeth would be a close second to ProAc.
  5. I have some sympathy with what the Dealer said - and given he is a Harbeth Dealer, I believe he was genuinely trying to be helpful.....and I say that as a Harbeth owner. "Lackluster" is a little harsh....I would say they lack a little "bite" and maybe too polite and refined for some people, who like their Rock/Electronic "hard hitting" and exciting. IMV There are better speakers, if that makes up the bulk of your listening....but.....it is always worth hearing for yourself. Personally, I like the less aggressive sound of the Harbeths when playing those genres.....but I find many modern speakers too raised in the Presence Range. The Dealer has nailed their strengths, which is what drew me to them....but if I didn't listen to so much Jazz and Classical Music, I'd have gone with the Kef Ref 3s, which are more "modern" sounding
  6. Sorry, so they are - I had Ref 3s on the brain. I have heard the Blades, but not the Ref 5s - and given the scale of the 3s, the 5s must be quite something. Enjoy.
  7. @dizcotec The Ref 3s are terrific speakers. Congratulations. I very (very) nearly bought some in that finish, but got side tracked (seduced) by some big Harbeths that fell into my lap.
  8. The Node Streamer is not at all forward or analytical sounding - and Nad are not known for that in their Amps, either. IIRC. Their new version is also more powerful @ 80 Watts
  9. ECI 3, but particularly ECI 5 are robust, powerful and musical - highly recommended. One of the few AB amps I could tolerate with forward sounding speakers, like older Focals and the old Kef iQ/XQ/Refs. FWIW. I would put these Amps in the following order of (my) preference: 1. ECI 5 2. Arcam A39 3. ECI 3 4. Arcam A38
  10. Class G Arcams, have taken what Arcam do well - and added a drive and liveliness that removed the "pipe and slippers" sound signature that some models are accociated with. The A39 has enough output in Class A to make it both lively and musically engaging (imo). I was going to suggest Hegel - but wasn't sure if it was a direction you wanted to go in....but it would be a good choice and is often paired with Harbeth. Other brands that might be of interest would be Creek, Rega, Pathos and Electrcompaniet.
  11. What is your budget, including anything you have to sell? Since the problem is likely to be the Lumin - Would something like an Arcam A39/Node 2i work for you - or are you looking for 1 box?
  12. 1. The Totems do have pretty low Sensitivity @ 85dB....but not unusual for a small speaker.....though measured at 84 dB, which is on the low side. 2. You cannot equate the amount a volume knob is turned, with how near full volume it is. Some amps are calibrated that full volume is achieved by around 12 O'clock, while others are much more linear and progressive. I am not familiar with your Amp, so don't know how its volume knob is calibrated.
  13. If the Gato works for you with Harbeth - there's a 250S with NPM module for sale here atm
  14. IME. Harbeths are more "forgiving" than many modern designs - but not at the expense of detail. There are various flavours of BBC type design, with Harbeth, Spendor, Graham and Sterling etc
  15. Interesting - and why I was suggesting matching with the Gato. If Lumin is harsh - and plays brash sounding mastering - then the Harbeths will reveal it.....maybe not as forcefully as some, but still too much for the OP.
  16. IME. Stands can very much affect the sound of speakers.....whether that is Solid Metal/Open/Filled/Wooden - but I wouldn't commit significant money without hearing it first. I have certainly read that Harbeths (best on Open Stands) sound different on Something Solid vs TonTraeger or Hifi Racks. A cheap way to find out - is if Ikea has a stool that will suit the speaker.
  17. Could well help - but I have no direct experience. I use Something Solid.
  18. Harbeths may not be fatiguing per se - but are very revealing. If you like a lot of what they do, but want something a little less open - Spendor Classic might work. For a modern speaker - Q Acoustics Concept 300/500 also might work, if the Lumin can comfortably drive them.
  19. I'm just trying to figure what is going on and get a handle on your taste. Harbeths shouldn't induce listening fatigue. I don't find Gato 250S + Harbeth fatiguing - so if you do, that might help with giving a recommendation.
  20. I'm Right and You're Wrong.
  21. Can you try the Gato with the Harbeths and see if they still sound too fatiguing?
  22. @CrillboBaggins IMO The brand to beat with Sugden, is ProAc. If you can find something that works better, you are onto a winner - but ProAc is where to start.
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