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    B&W 802d

    Make sure you like how they sound vs Kef. Personally, I'd rather find the extra for some ex-dem Ref 1s, followed by Kef R11s.....but that is not really of use to you.
  2. As you are one of the old WHF Forum gang - you will know that my very constant position, has been that Linn make decent Streamers (and a decent, if expensive TT), but better can be had for everything else. I think the problem with the DS, is people often hear it in the context of a Linn system - and if that was my only benchmark, I wouldn't have bought one.
  3. This is exactly my point - You can't by on hypotheticals. What you can buy on, is what is currently available to you within budget - where you can compare and contrast....and then make decisions on what you hear. IMO. The first thing to do, is bring your ADS to a Linn Dealer and compare it to a Katalyst version. Without doing this, the conversation will just go round in circles. Delaying, in the hope that the hugely expensive Organik technology will become affordable, could mean missing out on a sound that might be more than adequate. Prices are only going to go higher, due to increased shipping costs and Red Tape. I can't see Linn bringing out an ADS/Organic, that gives 80% of the SQ of the KDS, for a price that is similar to the current ADS price, as it would cut the legs from the KDS.
  4. That would be my guess as well - with an ADSM, if available, possibly costing around £14,500 and an ADS £12,000
  5. That's because nobody knows. When Katalyst became available as an upgrade: MDS - Not available ADS/ADSM.....£1800 KDS................£3800 KDSM............£4200 Given the new Klimax DSM is £30k...don't expect anything with the new Organik DAC to be anywhere close to Katalyst pricing.
  6. You may find the Katalyst meets or supersedes your expectations....you get a performance that some say exceeds a £13k Klimax DS (non Kat), for £1800. I can't see Organik becoming affordable any time soon......but your ADS will be much more valuable with a Katalyst DAC and a Transferable (I think) 5 Year Warranty, as a Trade in option. I am getting such a decent performance from my ADS/K, that I have no wish to consider something that will almost certainly be too rich for my blood.
  7. These are imponderables that I can't answer. If you bought HiFi on what what might or might not happen; or what it might, or might not cost, in a few years from now - you'd never do anything for fear of making a mistake. IMV. It's about comparing what you have, with a Katalyst version - and seeing if the upgrade is worth it.....also bear in mind, it will be left like new inside, with a 5 year warranty.
  8. Does your ADS have a Dynamic Power Supply...which also makes a worthwhile difference? The Katalyst makes a significant difference (ime matches, if not exceeds a KDS without Katalyst) - but only you can decide if that difference is worth what it costs. I suggest you bring your ADS to a Linn Dealer and compare them.
  9. Here is an overview I posted a while ago, which covers various aspects, like Brands/Sound signatures/Types/Advantages and Disadvantages/Valve brands etc. It doesn't take long to have a skim through and may (or may not) help:
  10. Classical Music is all about getting to know what you like - and that is about more than just the Composer ie. What Conductor What Orchestra Which Soloists/Artists Which Record Label/Recording Quality Which genre, as in Opera/Choral/Chamber/Symphonic/Concerto/Sonatas etc etc. Given what you have listed - Mozart is the most easy listening, probably followed by Bach....and Wagner the most hard core. You will likely find you start having a preference for a particular instrument eg. Piano (Concertos/Sonatas/Trios etc). I'm afraid - you will just have to dip your toes in and see what you like.
  11. Absolutely this. IMO. The first thing to know - is what these actually sound like in a live situation. The balance is difficult to get right - and it's a bit like an old school mechanic tuning a Carburettor by ear. Too dull and soggy, is as bad as too bright. The system needs "grunt" to cope with the dynamic shifts, keeping the music vibrant/exciting and it needs to be controlled and detailed. IME. You need to avoid, edgy, forward or analytical components. The components that work for me are almost exclusively in Amp and Speakers. The right Valve Amp A Good Class A Amp An AB, with a high bias into A eg. Electrcompaniet Arcam Class G Class D are getting better and better - I really rate the Gato. Currently listening to Vivaldi Stabat Mater via Node 2 -> Gato 250S -> LS50 Meta...and it sounds authentic (if lacking in a little scale) BBC thin walled speakers work for me - as do some of the better Kef designs
  12. The only brand that I have heard, that I would consider getting a whole system from, is Audio Note.
  13. IMO. No - and I say that as someone who has owned an LP12; Karrik/Numerik; Kairn/LK100; MDS; ADS Katalyst. Source: (Digital and Analogue) - it is my preference Amplifiers: I like the older stuff. With the current stuff, the more expensive it gets, the less I like it. I find expensive Linn Amps cold and uninvolving. Speakers: A bit "Meh". Better can be had for less. The speakers improve when Active - but cost so much, that there are better vfm options available. Cables: I like their Linn Silver i/c and K200 s/c
  14. Heard a track on a series I was watching that I liked - so looked up who it was:
  15. It could be a number of reasons, including high demand. Costs of transport are spiralling upwards - especially containers from China. Logistic problems as a result of Covid and increasing energy costs are feeding into the problem. Expect to see further increases across most things...and not just HiFi related.
  16. Kef LS50 Wireless 2 have had a considerable price increase, from £2250 to £2499.
  17. CnoEvil

    One Track

    One Track! Blimey!. I'm going with this track, which I first heard on a very dramatic scene in the "Blacklist" - and it stopped me in my tracks, to the point I checked it out on Tunefind. It is by an Artist called River Mathews and from his Album Imogen. It's a new take on an old song and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Enjoy.
  18. If you lived close by, he'd have said, "Come over for a listen". As it is, given he is sending you the speakers to try - he wants to pin down what is most likely to suit first time. Personally, out of Harbeth, ATC and PMC....I'd put them in that order. If I had a Sugden, Harbeth would be a close second to ProAc.
  19. I have some sympathy with what the Dealer said - and given he is a Harbeth Dealer, I believe he was genuinely trying to be helpful.....and I say that as a Harbeth owner. "Lackluster" is a little harsh....I would say they lack a little "bite" and maybe too polite and refined for some people, who like their Rock/Electronic "hard hitting" and exciting. IMV There are better speakers, if that makes up the bulk of your listening....but.....it is always worth hearing for yourself. Personally, I like the less aggressive sound of the Harbeths when playing those genres.....but I find many modern speakers too raised in the Presence Range. The Dealer has nailed their strengths, which is what drew me to them....but if I didn't listen to so much Jazz and Classical Music, I'd have gone with the Kef Ref 3s, which are more "modern" sounding
  20. Sorry, so they are - I had Ref 3s on the brain. I have heard the Blades, but not the Ref 5s - and given the scale of the 3s, the 5s must be quite something. Enjoy.
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