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  1. 1 minute ago, hifinutt said:

    I once used a VERY high end silver mains cable on my amps .  it was much worse than the nice copper ones i had used. not always the best choice . its just worth experimenting 

    When I heard John Carrick do a Dem of Atlas Asimi (hugely expensive Silver Cables) vs Atlas Mavros (expensive Copper Cables) - I much preferred the Mavros.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, JJohn said:

    With the Silver I was afraid of ending where I am now with the Nordost. Also the dealer didn't have Silver demos, so the price difference was nearly 4x more. He also told me that the Silver played in a different league.

    He had strong good opinion on the Lynn K10. He didn't have the K20 in stock. Both are relatively cheap cables that seem to work well with Sugden - he had a few Sugden amplifiers in the past. I didn't order the K10, since they are copper color and I would prefer the K20 color. What do you think abou the SE+K20+P3's combination?

    Thank you again.

    IMO. The Silvers won't sound like Nordost. I used to have Kef Ref 205/2s, which could be provoked into brightness. Most of the time, I used Cardas Golden Cross - but also used Linn Silvers, which were surprisingly close. The Amp was a Class A MF AMS 35i.

    IME. Silvers are more expensive, because - as the Dealer says - they play in a different league. When I checked on Ebay, there was a new set, with packaging, for £140. 


    I am not familiar with K10. I used to have the original Naim NAC A4, which is the same as K20. It is a solid sounding cable, which should be fine for you. The K200 is a good step up, but priced accordingly.

    I think Linn Black/K20 should not accentuate brightness - and be on the smooth side.

    A good upgrade can be had at a later date, if necessary, with Linn Silver/K200

  3. 7 minutes ago, JJohn said:

    I agree 100% with your comparations. I took a look at Linn website but the only reference to black cables that I find is related to interconnects (ICs). Were you refering to ICs or speaker cable?

    Linn do two I/Cs, described by the colour of their outside - ie Linn Black and Linn Silver. 

    Linn Blacks come as standard with most Linn Streamers/Amps - and are often put on Ebay. If interested, I'd take NP up on his offer....maybe with the option to buy, if you like them.

    Linn Silvers - come as standard with Klimax level stuff - can also/usually be found on Ebay with a saving - ideally you want them new and boxed. They should be 1.2m long. IMV They are substantially better.

    Linn K20 S/C is the same as the older Naim NAC stuff and is fine - but their K200 (like the Silver I/Cs), are more detailed and vibrant.

    I agree with @radiant redthat at full price, they are a bit on the expensive side (especially the Blacks).

  4. 14 minutes ago, JJohn said:

    Hi, thank you for the tips and for your borrow offer, but I live outside the UK.

    The amp is 1,5 month old. I estimate 160 hours of playing time - don't know if it is enough. The remaining cables are burned, except the power cable which has only 60 estimated hours of current going trough - Nordost recommend at least 168 hours.

    FWIW. I would not let Nordost Cables near my system - not because they are bad, but because I don't like how they make the system sound.

    IMV. In the same way that Harbeth/Graham Audio are the opposite end of the sonic spectrum to Focal/Triangle; Nordost is the opposite to Cardas.

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Nopiano said:

    I’ve never heard a Sugden a21SE at home, but when I had a mad moment during lockdown and considered Sugden, everything I read backs up your statement.  

    @JJohn Is the amplifier brand new?  Do they mellow age?  I’m afraid a modestly powered amp and very insensitive speakers is a compromise, and ‘improving’ things has detracted not improved.  I’m sure you find an answer without reverting back, and the vDH cables are deliberately tone controls, so might help.  (I have a pair of unused Linn Black copper ICs you’d be welcome to borrow if you pay the postage).

    If I'd known you were considering Sugden - I'd have given most helpful encouragement. B|

    IME. Linn Blacks are certainly smooth and are a good choice if system can sound a little bright. Linn Silver is substantially more vibrant and detailed - while avoiding edginess.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, radiant red said:

    I would disagree with @CnoEvilregarding the TQ cables. As much as I love them, the combination with the Sugden and P3’s will only raise the problem further. 

    Then you should be listened to, rather than me. I have heard  a variety of TQ cables many times, but not with that specific combination.

    My first choice, for a combination of performance/cost, would be the Linn cables that I mentioned. 

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  7. I too would be a little wary of losing ADSM/K quality streaming.....so you could either hold onto what you have and use it as a Source - or sell it, pick up a used ADS, either with Katalyst, or adding Katalyst......or get a Power Amp and keep what you have.

    I am biased - so it's possible you will find a Streaming Source that equally suits your ear.

    Harbeth also works great with Arcam, Accuphase, Sugden, Pathos, Lavardin and Gato

  8. On 16/10/2021 at 14:15, Oscar P. said:

    My guess is the Organik for the ADSM will be 3k, but it will not arrive before 2023. It will be a trickle down (80% quality of the Klimax) version.
    If I had an old ADSM know, I would not upgrade to a Katalyst, but wait for the new Organik dac. 

    I know this is a game of speculation and your guess is as as valid as mine - but I can't see an Organic upgrade for the ADS being available for £3k. It would mean that you would get 80% of the SQ of their £30k KDS for potentially £4k.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Madvinyljunkie II said:

    A lot depends on what they cost to the public right from the start wether they suceed or not.

    I have been driving for 49 years and had 2 punctures due to tyre damage one of which was on 6 wheeled Stalwart ammunition carrier with five foot tall wheels caused by a lenth of steel tube half buried and the other was a nail in my car tyre.    

    So on that evidence I'm not really likely to get another any time soon and won't be rushing to buy some.                                                                                                       

    If they become the norm, they will become affordable.

    I get usually get a slow puncture, due a sharp object lodging itself in the tyre, at least once a year.

    Personally, I think the days of pneumatic tyres are numbered - especially for cars.

    I have seen the spare tyre go from being on a nice alloy rim, to a steel rim, to a "Wheelbarrow" tyre - to the biggest con of all - the tin of gunk, sold as a benefit.....so I agree with those that hate that.

  10. Make sure you like how they sound vs Kef.

    Personally, I'd rather find the extra for some ex-dem Ref 1s, followed by Kef R11s.....but that is not really of use to you.

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